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Tuesday, 08 April 2014
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Find the best vacuum for your cleaning needs before you buy. Check out our detailed and unbiased reviews.  With so many manufacturers and so many models to choose from, getting the right vacuum cleaner for the right job requires research.  At vacuum cleaner advisor we do that work for you!  We use many sources, dig deep for information and specifications, and also tap into what consumers report.  This data is compiled into articles and tables to help you make the best possible buying decision.

From canisters, to uprights, to stick vacs we cover all the bases.  And we score every machine that we review.  Happy reading...

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Miele Delphi Canister Vacuum

Sunday, 06 April 2014
Miele S2121 Delphi canister vacuum cleaner
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Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

The Miele S2121 Delphi canister vacuum is designed for bare floors and low-to-medium pile carpet.  It has variable suction as well as a host of other features. In addition, it has achieved an average consumer rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 suggesting that it is indeed well-liked by its owners.  The vacuum is also quiet, lightweight and not too large.  However, it does not come with a specialized bare floor tool (like it’s more expensive brother, the Titan) and some owners feel this is a drawback.


Hoover Steamvac Manuals

Tuesday, 15 April 2014
Hoover Steam Vacuum Manuals

We get a lot of visitors searching the site for Hoover Steamvac Manuals and while we have some in our Hoover steamvac reviews we do not have an extensive list.  So we have put together a more comprehensive list of steamvac manuals that we hope you will find useful.


Dyson DC59 Animal Review

Tuesday, 11 March 2014
Dyson DC59 Animal
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Avg. consumer rating = 96/100 

In some ways Dyson are the Apple of the vacuum world. They create innovative, exciting products designed to capture your imagination. The DC59 does not disappoint - it is versatile, light weight, portable and able to operate as an upright or handheld. It is bagless, cordless and has a lifetime filter, making consumables a thing of the past. In addition, the vacuum is capable on carpet, bare floors, upholstery and even pet hair. But you pay for such a product and at $500 it is one of the most expensive stick vacuums on the market today.


Eureka AirSpeed ONE AS2013A

Friday, 21 February 2014
Eureka AirSpeed ONE
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Avg. consumer rating = 73/100 

The Eureka AirSpeed ONE (AS2013A) is inexpensive and rather cheaply made but it has tons of suction. This is a bagless upright where compromises have clearly been made in an effort to offer a unit that can be found online (at some retailers) for as low as $55.  The power cord is short, the fit and finish isn’t great and the dust canister is small.  However the unit is very lightweight and consumers report that the suction is rather astounding.


Shark Rocket Upright (HV302)

Sunday, 26 January 2014
Shark Rocket Upright Vacuum
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Avg. consumer rating = 84/100 

The Shark Rocket is a relatively new vacuum cleaner and is somewhere between a stick vac and an upright.  It is similar to the Dyson stick vacs, like the DC44, except the Dysons are smaller, lighter and cordless while the Rocket has a power cord. Dysons are also more expensive.  Consumer ratings are fairly good for the Rocket but not stellar.  Owners like that the machine has strong suction, is fairly maneuverable, and is effective at dealing with pet hair.  But it is a bit top heavy and can be hard on the wrist.


Bissell Big Green 86T3 Carpet Cleaner

Thursday, 26 December 2013
Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner
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Avg. consumer rating = 97/100 

The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is a rare animal - it is a carpet cleaner with absolutely top-notch consumer ratings.  Many carpet cleaners turn out to be a frustrating experience for owners and we have never before reviewed one that generated an average consumer score in the 90’s.  The Big Green scored a staggering 97.1 out of 100 and owners report that it does a fantastic job of cleaning carpet and upholstery.  It is also very easy and straightforward to use.  On the downside, the Big Green is a bit heavy and it doesn’t come cheap.


How to Fix a Vacuum

Tuesday, 11 February 2014
How to fix a vacuum cleaner
How to fix a vacuum cleaner!


We’ve put together some useful vacuum cleaner troubleshooting tips that should help you fix some of the more common problems you may run into.  But remember - before performing any maintenance please turn the vacuum off AND unplug it!


Oreck U2000R-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum

Saturday, 30 November 2013
Oreck Commercial Upright
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Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

This is a no-frills upright vacuum designed to clean large areas of both carpet and bare floors.  It is a commercial unit but is frequently used by owners for residential cleaning as well.  It is very lightweight and quite powerful.  In addition the U2000R-1 has an ”industrial” length 40 foot power cord, but like many commercial machines it is loud.  Most owners feel the vacuum provides good value for your dollar.

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