Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $200

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Best Vacuums

We recently published our 2016 list of “Best Vacuum Cleaners under $100 and it proved to be quite popular. The list provided good machines that are very affordable - but the $100 limit also cut out some great vacuums. Moving the affordability bar up to $200 allowed us to include units with slightly better consumer ratings, longer warranties and even more features.

Our 2016 list of Best Vacuum Cleaners under $200 includes 7 uprights, 2 stick vacs and 1 canister. Manufacturers that made the cut are Oreck, Shark, Bissell, and Hoover. The models were chosen based on their features, performance, consumer ratings and cost. The final list is provided in the table below:

 Rank  Model  Type  Price (USD)*
1  Bissell PowerGlide Cordless 1534  Upright  160
2  Shark Rocket Upright (HV302)  Stick  190
3  Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro (NV356E)  Upright  180
4  Oreck U2000R-1  Upright  170
5  Oreck 2100RHS  Upright  160
6  Hoover Commercial Portapower  Canister  105
7  Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42  Upright  130
8  Shark NV22L Navigator  Upright  125
9  Shark Navigator Freestyle  Stick  85
10  Bissell Rewind PowerHelix 84G9  Upright  100

*Prices based on Amazon June 2016. Please note that pricing may change.

Bissell PowerGlide 15341) Bissell Powerglide 1534 (April, 2017 Update - we've removed this from our list due to an increasing number of mediocre ratings)

This is a cordless upright vacuum cleaner that is somewhere between and upright and a stick vacuum.  It does not come with HEPA filtration and has a rather short 6 foot hose.  But it has a small footprint, is lightweight and it maneuvers very well.  It also has "Lift-off Technology" which allows one to take the motor, dust canister and hose/wand assembly and carry it while vacuuming.

As it is not entirely a full size vacuum it isn’t a good fit as the sole machine for a large home (canister fills quickly and narrow cleaning path width). This unit is best for quick, smaller cleaning jobs. However, if you know what you are buying this vacuum can be brilliant. 

- 2-in-1 feature works well
- Very maneuverable
- Easy to assemble
- Has a small footprint
- Fast charge time
- Bagless with washable filters

- Hose is short
- A bit top heavy
- Hose attachment is friction fit (doesn’t “click” into place)

For additional information read our Bissell Powerglide 1534 review.

Shark Rocket Vacuum2) Shark Rocket HV302

Like the Bissell Powerglide above, the HV302 is somewhere between a stick vac and an upright.  It is similar in some ways to the Dyson V6 stick vacs except the Dysons are smaller, lighter and cordless while the Rocket is heavier and has a power cord.  Dysons are also more expensive.

Consumer ratings are very good for the Rocket.  Owners like that the machine has strong suction, is fairly maneuverable, and is effective at dealing with pet hair.  However the motor is at the handle end of the vacuum which makes it a little top heavy.  As a result, some owners feel that prolonged vacuuming can be bit hard on the wrist.
- Maneuvers well
- Effective on pet hair
- Overall machine is light
- Good for stairs
- Fairly strong suction

- Small dust canister that does not detach from vacuum
- Hair tangles easily in brushroll
- Top heavy and can be hard on wrist over time
- No HEPA filter
- Attachments don’t store on vacuum


For additional information read our Shark Rocket review.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro3) Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro NV356E

This vacuum carries a lengthy 5-year warranty and there are thousands of owner ratings online which are mostly very good.  It’s hard to argue with that kind of success.  The Lift Away Pro has the Lift-Away feature (like a number of other machines from Shark).  In addition, it is fairly lightweight and is designed for carpet and bare floors. 

It includes a special professional dusting bare floor tool, and most owners praise the vacuum for its strong suction, light weight, maneuverability, large dust canister and Lift-Away feature.

- Lightweight
- Strong suction
- Very maneuverable
- Lift-Away feature works well
- Seems durable
- Easy to assemble
- Suction can be lowered for more delicate vacuuming
- Performs well, especially for the cost

- Lots of plastic used in the vacuum construction
- Small crevice tool sometimes falls off vacuum
- Hose isn't very long

For additional information read our Shark Navigator NV356E review.

Oreck U2000R-14) Oreck U2000R-1 Commercial

It is important to understand just what you are getting if you purchase this upright vacuum.  It is very much a no-frills machine and it doesn’t have a hose or any attachments, but it cleans large areas of carpet and bare floors very well.  The U2000R-1 is a commercial vacuum but it is also quite popular with home owners who use it for residential cleaning.

The vacuum may have no tools or attachments but it has powerful suction and is lightweight at under 10 lbs.  It also sports a very lengthy 40 foot power cord.  The Oreck U2000R-1 is good bang for your buck and it is fairly affordable.

- Very lightweight
- Powerful suction
- Long power cord
- Cleans right up to baseboards

- Quite loud
- Long power cord can get in the way
- No hose or tools

For more information read our Oreck U2000R-1 review.

Oreck 2100RHS5) Oreck 2100RHS

The Oreck 2100RHS is a reasonably priced, no frills, bagged upright vacuum.  It is dubbed a commercial vacuum but, like the Oreck U2000R-1 above, is quite popular for residential use.

This machine is very lightweight at only 8.2 lbs and it is easy to lift and maneuver.  It has a lengthy 35 foot power cord and a non-marring bumper but no hose. If you need a hose and attachments for overhead cleaning or doing stairs this may not be the right vacuum for you. When you buy this machine you get the vacuum, a manual, your warranty card and a vacuum bag.  That’s it.  However, it has powerful suction and is good on both carpet and bare floors.  In addition, the floor nozzle has automatic height adjustment.

- Lightweight
- Long power cord
- Easy to assemble
- Easy to maneuver
- Powerful suction

- Have to clean and dry outside bag occasionally
- Some comments that the belt can slip
- Loud
- No attachments


For more information read our Oreck 200RHS review.

Hoover Portapower6) Hoover CH30000

The CH30000 vacuum cleaner is also known as the Hoover Commercial Portapower.  It is a compact, portable vacuum with a host of attachments.  It is also very lightweight at only 8.3 lbs and it is worn over the shoulder via a shoulder strap.

The CH30000 is a bagged machine and it has a 3-layer cloth bag that can be reused.  The unit can also use disposable bags but this requires a bag adapter kit.  Consumers report that the vacuum has plenty of suction and they also like the lengthy 33 foot power cord.  This vacuum is best for bare surfaces or low pile carpet.  It also doubles as a blower, is made from ABS plastic and comes with a Manufacturer’s one-year commercial warranty.

 - Nice long power cord
 - Compact & portable
 - Strong suction
 - Long lasting cloth bag that is easy to empty
 - Reasonable price
 - Attachments work well

 - May lead to sore shoulder if you vacuum for a long time
 - Best on hard surfaces or low-pile carpet

For more information read our Hoover Portapower review.

Shark Navigator NV427) Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42

The Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is popular and reasonably priced.  This is not a “Lift-away” machine (like many other Shark uprights) and it does not have HEPA filtration.  But it performs especially well on carpet and pet hair. Filters are rinsable, there are brushroll on/off controls, and it comes with a pet hair power brush.

Owners like that the machine has strong suction and is fairly quiet.  However it is advertised as lightweight but is really more of an average weight if compared to most uprights today.  The NV42 also carries a respectably long 5-year warranty.

- Not too loud
- Strong suction
- Works well on pet hair
- Has brushroll on/off control
- Washable filters
- Easy to maneuver
- Respectably long warranty

- Not as lightweight as some expect
- No motor-driven attachment included
- Not all attachments store on vacuum


For more information read our Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 review.

Shark NV22L Navigator8) Shark NV22L Navigator

The Euro-Pro Shark NV22L Navigator gets great reviews, has a 5-year warranty and can usually be found for under 200USD.  The Navigator also has HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration which removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger.  This level of filtration is helpful for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

This vacuum also comes with brushbar on/off capability which is good for vacuuming on different surfaces (the ability to turn the brushbar off on delicate rugs or hardwood floors for example). The Navigator is bagless, comes with a 30 foot power cord, and has lifetime washable filters.

- 5 year warranty
- Has the ability to turn the brushbar on or off
- Washable filters
- Effective on both carpets and hard floors
- Easy and quick to assemble
- Easy to empty dust canister
- Filters are easy to clean
- Long extension hose

- No height control
- Power cord does not have auto-retract feature
- Not easy to vacuum under furniture
- Dust canister is a bit small

For more information read our Shark NV22L Navigator review.

Shark Freestyle9) Shark Navigator Freestyle

The Freestyle is a popular cordless vacuum cleaner.  At 7.2 lbs it is very lightweight and it has 2 speeds -low and high.  On high it will operate for about 17 minutes and on low for about 24 minutes.
The vacuum also has a motorized brushbar and is designed for cleaning both carpet and bare floors.  It is also fairly maneuverable and is and is effective at pulling up the likes of pet hair, dry cat food and kitty litter.  However some owners report that the power on/off button isn’t that sturdy and it may jam or break – although this isn’t a common problem.

- Lightweight
- Powerful
- Good at pulling up pet hair
- Capable on both carpet and bare floors
- Good battery life
- Recharges fairly quickly (compared to some other stick vacs)
- Swivel head nozzle allows for good maneuverability
- Compact
- Very easy to assemble
- Dust canister is easy to empty
- Motorized brushbar

- Does not convert to a handheld
- Does not come with any attachments
- Not the right tool for vacuuming large size homes
- Some issues with the on/off button jamming or breaking

For more information read our Shark Freestyle review.

Bissell 84G910) Bissell Rewind PowerHelix 84G9

This bagless upright gets pretty good consumer ratings and is not too expensive.  It includes a washable HEPA filter, several nozzle height settings and a turbo tool.  It also carries a 3-year parts and labor warranty.  However the brushbar, while motorized, does not come with an on/off switch and some folks may not like this when cleaning bare floors.

A very popular feature on the vacuum is the retractable power cord.  You don’t often see these on uprights.  The 84G9 weighs in at over 17 lbs which is a little on the heavy side in our opinion.

- Strong suction
- Not too expensive
- Retractable power cord
- Very easy to assemble
- Washable filters
- Dust canister is easy to empty
- Turbo brush attachment works well

- Short power cord
- Cleaning the filter releases a fair bit of dust into the air
- A bit loud
- vacuum hose is short


For more information read our Bissell Rewind PowerHelix 84G9 review.

Bissell PowerGlide Cordless 1534
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