Miele Vacuum Ratings

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Miele started by making cream separators in 1899 and they manufactured their first canister vacuum cleaner in the early 1930’s. In the company’s lengthy history they have built many products - from microwaves, to dishwashers to motorcars.

Miele vacuum cleaners have an excellent reputation and we have reviewed quite a few.  They have made our best vacuum lists repeatedly and are featured in our Best Upright list, our Best Stick Vac list, and our Best Canister list (which they very much dominate).  As a matter of fact the Miele Alize heads the Best Canister Vacuum list -– consumer ratings for this machine are excellent.  Miele vacuums are generally excellent machines but they are also expensive.

The following table provides a comprehensive list of our Miele reviews, the date of the review, the configuration of the machine, and the rating.  The ratings have been determined by averaging the consumer scores found on reputable retail and review sites (like Amazon, Walmart, Epinions, etc.).  The closer the score is to 100 the better.  You may also wish to see our overall vacuum cleaner ratings table.

 Vacuum Cleaner  Date Configuration Vacuum Cleaner Ratings
S4210 Oct 23, 2009 Canister  92
S4212 Oct 29, 2009 Canister  98
S163 Nov 6, 2009 Stick vac  73
S2-vacuum-cleaners April 3, 2010 Canister  95
Callisto July 20, 2010 Canister  92
Titan August 9, 2010 Canister  90
Neptune October 22, 2010 Canister  81
S168-stick-vacuum November 6, 2010 Stick vac  66
S4212-Polaris November 17, 2010 Canister  78
Olympus November 24, 2010 Canister  91
Twist February 21, 2011 Upright  79
Leo May 14, 2011 Canister  88
Capricorn July 25, 2011 Canister  94
Cat-and-Dog Sept 8, 2011 Upright  75
Bolero/(Dynamic U1 AutoEco) Dec 6, 2011 Upright  83
Capri Feb 16, 2012 Canister  94
S194-stick-vacuum June 6, 2012 Stick  83
Red-Velvet Oct 23, 2012 Canister  89
Jazz Feb 4, 2013 Upright  85
Quartz Nov 3, 2013 Canister  92
Delphi Apr 5, 2014 Canister  94
Alize Sept 28, 2014 Canister  96
Complete C3 Cat & Dog April 9, 2016 Canister  94
Complete C2 Limited Edition Sept 12, 2016 Canister  93
Compact C1 Pure Suction June 23, 2017 Canister  87
Compact C3 Soft Carpet July 63, 2017 Canister  95
Compact C1 Turbo Team Aug 31, 2017 Canister  92

As we review more Miele vacuums we will update this page so it is always current.

To view ratings for other brands please click on the appropriate links below:


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