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Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

The Bissell CleanView 9595 is a fairly inexpensive bagless upright but it still includes a nice array of tools and it carries a 2-year warranty.  The “OnePass” idea seems like marketing noise to us but owners do report that the unit has solid suction and good pickup. The power cord, hose and extension wand are all on the short side however.

Although consumer ratings are high for this vacuum it is important to point out that a fair number of consumer reviews and ratings were created by owners who received a sample vacuum from Bissell. While folks say that they maintain their objectivity under these circumstances, one can see how it can be somewhat compromised in some instances. 

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.5 stars out of 5  83
 Target  3 stars out of 5  2


We have not considered reviews from those who received a vacuum when compiling our list of pros and cons below.

- Inexpensive
- Powerful suction
- Easy to empty the dust canister
- Good on animal hair
- Light and easily maneuverable
- Easy to assemble
- Not too loud
- Turbo brush works well

- Attachments sometime fall off when bumped
- Not great at doing edges or getting into corners
- Power cord is a bit short
- Stiff hose
- Power switch is awkwardly located

You can read reviews for this machine on Amazon here if you wish.

OnePass technology seems to be mostly marketing speak and alludes to the fact that the machine has strong suction (true) and an innovative brushbar design that combine to provide good pickup.  The idea here seems to be that the pickup is so good you only have to do “one pass” of the vacuum to remove the dirt and debris.  Although their site indicates that the approach is designed to “clean more on the initial pass”.

The 9595 is a bagless vacuum cleaner powered by a 12 amp motor.  It uses cyclonic suction which is one of two dust removal methods used by bagless machines – the other being straight filtration.  You can read more about bagless vacuum technology and how it compares to bagged vacuum technology in our article “Bagged or Bagless Vacuum?”.  Cyclonic suction is noted for its ability to keep suction from diminishing while you vacuum – although one must ensure that the filters are clean.

Owners report that the dust canister on the 9595 is easy to empty.  This is a bottom empty dust canister and the bottom flips open at the push of a single button.  There are a few comments however that some dirt and debris can get stuck up near the inner cyclone assembly at the top of the canister.  This assembly can be removed, wiped clean with a damp cloth and re-attached if it gets too dirty.  The dust canister tank capacity is 2.2 litres.

The vacuum is marketed as lightweight but at 15.1 lbs it is not excessively light – although it is not heavy.  It is perhaps just slightly less than average weight for an upright.  The vacuum can be tilted back onto its large rear wheels for easy movement about the house, and it includes a carry handle which makes it easier to lift the machine up or down stairs.

The unit has two filters.  The foam pre-motor filter can be washed and after it is completely dry, put back into the vacuum.  The post motor filter is a HEPA filter and it should be replaced about every 3 to 6 months.  It cannot be washed but if it gets dirty one can just tap it against the inside of the garbage bin to shake off any loose dust/debris.  HEPA filtration is popular with those suffering from allergies or asthma as it removes very, very small particles such as dust mite feces, ragweed, pollen, etc. from the air.

Bissell 9595 Tools
Bissell 9595 Tools


The tools all store on-board the vacuum and they include:
- 4 inch wide turbo brush (for stairs, furniture and upholstery),
- 10 inch long crevice tool (for getting into narrow, hard to reach areas)
- Dusting brush (useful on shelves, lampshades, blinds, etc.)

There is also an 11 inch extension wand which frankly is quite short for an extension attachment.  The tools can be attached to the end of the 6 foot stretch hose.  The hose itself is also a bit short and some owners report that it is quite stiff and hard to stretch out.  The hose is however clear so that clogs can easily be spotted should they occur.  The power cord on the vacuum is 25 feet in length - once again a little short, and there are comments to this effect.  We usually recommend a 30 foot power cord, although many of the lower priced units don’t meet this criteria. 

This vacuum has been designed mostly with carpet in mind but it can also be used on bare floors.  There are 5 different height adjustment settings – set via a rotating knob on the top of the nozzle.  These allow you to adjust the distance from the nozzle/brushbar to the floor surface.  The brushbar on the vacuum is motor driven but it cannot be turned off.  Some folks will find this an issue when cleaning bare floors as it can sometimes cause dust and debris to scatter and brushbar bristles can also scratch very delicate surface finishes.

The power switch on this upright is a little low for some folks and you have to bend over to work it.  It is about a foot and a half up off the ground on the left side of the vacuum (when behind it).  Most owners would have preferred it was a foot switch or a switch on the handle –- essentially something more easily accessible.

The OnePass has a 13.5 inch wide cleaning path and a soft furniture-guard bumper around the perimeter of the nozzle.  The unit carries a 2-year limited warranty which isn’t bad at this price point where most machines only carry a 1-year warranty.

Vacuum Cleaner Manual
If you want to read about features, maintenance and troubleshooting you may want to check out the Bissell CleanView 9595 manual here.

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