Bissell PowerGlide Pet Bagless Vacuum model 2763


Avg. consumer rating = 77/100 

The Bissell PowerGlide Pet upright is getting some respectable ratings from consumers although not all of them are thrilled.  It comes with a lift-off feature that allows for portable cleaning.  This feature, far from being a gimmick, has proved to be a real asset when cleaning stairs or cleaning overhead.  Unfortunately the vacuum does not have HEPA filtration or manual height adjustment but it does carry a lengthy 5-year limited warranty.

March 2016 Update - We have updated the table and score for this vacuum in March 2016 (score dropped from 86 to 77).  It is not uncommon for a vacuum's score to drop over time and we see this quite a bit.  77 is a bit on the low side in our opinion however.

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Ratings Updated March 2016
 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4 stars out of 5  494
 Walmart  3.9 stars out of 5  124
 Overstock  4.8 stars out of 5  5
 Consumer Reports  2.5 stars out of 5  2
 Kohl's  4 stars out of 5  4
 Wayfair  4.3 stars out of 5  3
 Kmart  3.5 stars out of 5  228


A review of owner comments has provided the following insights into the 2763:

- Lift-off features works well
- Strong suction
- Quite maneuverable
- Easy-to-empty dust canister
- Does a good job on pet hair
- Easy to assemble
- Comes with 5-year warranty

- A bit heavy for some consumers
- Narrow cleaning path
- Hose is too short
- No shoulder strap for lift-off feature

Some vacuum assembly is necessary but it is reportedly very easy.  Tools aren’t required and the handle, hose and attachment holders essentially snap into place.

The vacuum can be difficult to push on high pile carpet because it doesn’t have height adjustment (at least it does not have manual height adjustment).  It is said to have automatic height adjustment but this doesn’t appear to provide the kind of clearance necessary for high pile carpet.  If you have large areas of high pile carpet to clean you will have a workout ahead of you.
The turbo tool – like all “turbo” tools – does not have a motorized brushbar.  “Turbo” means the brushbar is driven by suction, not by a motor.  These tools do a reasonable job but the brushbars sometimes stop spinning if too much pressure is applied when vacuuming.  When this happens the unit doesn’t work too well.  The pet turbo tool provided with this vacuum suffers from exactly this problem.

Unlike many machines today this upright does not have a HEPA filter.  However it does offer what Bissell call an “allergen” filter – to what extent this reduces allergens isn’t made clear.  We should note that simply having a filter in your machine is no guarantee of clean air.  In order for a filter to do its job all the air entering the vacuum must pass through the filter before it is exhausted from the machine.  This requires that air does not pass around the filter or escape through cracks or seams in the vacuum body.  Most machines are not built to these specifications – but some are.  Marketing terminology varies regarding this specification but it is generally something along the lines of “sealed system technology”.  It is our understanding that the Bisselll 2763 does have this feature, although it doesn’t seem to be a major factor in their product marketing materials.

One common theme in consumer comments is that the vacuum has tremendous suction.  Some owners warn that the suction is so strong it can be difficult cleaning area rugs as they have a tendency to stick to the vacuum nozzle.  There is no suction control on this machine so the motor cannot be slowed to limit suction.  The vacuum does pull up a lot of dirt and debris from carpet and bare floors however.

2763 Lift Off Feature
Lift-off feature at work on stairs

The PowerGlide Pet has an uncommon feature – lift-off technology.  Its dust canister, motor and hose detach and can be carried from place to place for portable vacuuming.  This is why you will sometimes see this machine referred to as a 2-in-1 vacuum.  A few other vacuums have this feature but not many.  The more popular are manufactured by Euro-Pro – the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro, and the Shark Navigator Lift Away Rotator are good examples.

The general consensus is that this technology is not a gimmick and that it is useful and works well.  Some lament that the lift-off feature on the 2763 does not have a shoulder strap which would make easier to carry as it weighs about 9 lbs.  A shoulder strap would also free up both hands when vacuuming.  Owners do report that the lift-off feature is great for cleaning stairs, for cleaning overhead and for getting into tight areas like closets.

This is a bagless vacuum powered by a 10 amp motor.  It uses cyclonic technology which is commonly used in bagless machines today.  This technology spins air very rapidly using centrifugal force to throw the dust and dirt into the dust canister.  This helps keep debris away from the filters and ensures they stay cleaner longer.  Vacuums using this technology also maintain suction while the dust canister fills (unlike a bagged machine which can lose suction as the bag fills).  However, the filters have to be kept clean or the suction can be compromised.  The pre-motor filter on the 2763 is washable.

A motorized brushbar with on/off controls allows the Bissell PowerGlide Pet to work effectively on both carpet and bare floors.  The brushbar is generally turned on when cleaning carpet and off when cleaning bare floors.  Some vacuums don’t have on/off controls and this can make them less effective on bare floors (sometimes causes scattering and can even scratch some surfaces).

The 2763 includes the following tools which store on-board:
- pet turbo tool
- crevice tool

2763 tool storage
Tools stored on board vacuum

The unit also comes with a built-in extension wand and a flexible hose.  The hose is only 6 feet long however and more than one owner has indicated some frustration in working with a hose this short.  In our experience a hose of 8 to 10 feet is best, and not entirely uncommon. Don’t be fooled by the marketing terminology alluding to the vacuum’s “extra long hose” – it isn’t.  But the lift-off feature goes some way in alleviating this problem as its portability extends the reach of the vacuum in some instances (like stairs for example).

The neck of the upright has a swivel feature that allows the nozzle to change direction when you twist your wrist.  Most people like this feature as it makes the vacuum more maneuverable but some (only a few) feel it makes it a bit harder to control – especially on hard floors.

The vacuum is a bit heavy compared to most other uprights.  It weighs in at 16.9 lbs.  Some uprights are heavier but not many.  A light upright would be in the neighbourhood of 8 to 12 lbs or so.  You can view our list of lightweight vacuums if you would like to compare.

The dust canister is made of clear plastic so one can quickly determine when it needs to be emptied.  The canister door swings open from the bottom which allows you to empty it over a rubbish bin without getting your hands dirty.  It has a capacity of 1.0 liters and owners report that it is easy and straightforward to detach it from the vacuum, empty it and reattach it.

Additional vacuum features include a collapsible handle for easier storage, a soft bumper to ensure no scuffing or scraping of walls or furniture, and a 27 foot power cord (which is a reasonable length although we prefer to see 30+ feet with an upright).  There is no automatic cord rewind – most uprights don’t have this popular feature but some do. 

The 2763 has a cleaning path width of 12 inches.  This is fairly narrow for a full size upright.  A narrow nozzle head may make for additional work when cleaning large areas but it also helps when maneuvering around lots of furniture and getting into tighter, narrower areas - so it not necessarily a bad thing.  It depends on the kind of cleaning you are doing.

The vacuum carries a lengthy 5 year limited parts and labor warranty.

Essentially a commercial but still a good overview of features.

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