Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Handheld Vacuum


Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

Bissell makes some good handhelds that are affordable.  The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser lithium ion cordless vacuum is another one of these.  This bagless purple handheld (grapevine purple with black accents to be exact) sports a powered brushroll tool and is very capable at pulling up pet hair and all manner of embedded debris.  It also comes with a crevice tool and an upholstery tool.  Owners are pleased with the unit’s light weight and strong suction, but there is some grumbling about the long recharge time.


Quick Specs
Type Handheld
Bagged/Bagless Bagless
Best for... Hard Floors & Carpet
Pet Hair Features Yes
Approx. Weight 3.1 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration No
Power Cord Length Cordless
Motor Driven Brushbar Yes
Warranty 1 Year
New vs Old
This Bissell Pet Hair handheld vacuum (model 2390) is an upgrade over the older Bissell Pet Hair handheld vacuum (model 1782).  The big difference is in the battery.  The 2390 uses a 14.4 volt lithium Ion battery while the 1782 uses a 14.4 volt NiMH (nickel metal hydride) battery.  2390 owners seem to be happier with their vacuum than 1782 owners.
Consumer Ratings
We found consumer ratings from two sources and they are provided in the table below.  When averaged they generate an overall vacuum score of 90.2 out of 100.  This is an excellent score and the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser has made our list of the best vacuums for pet hair.
Source Consumer Ratings # Ratings
Amazon 4.5 stars out of 5 402
Target 4.9 stars out of 5 8
You can see the scores for all the handheld vacuums we’ve investigated in our handheld vacuum ratings table.
Bissell pet hair eraser 2390Consumer Insights
Owner comments for the Pet Hair Eraser handheld are mostly positive (as indicated by the high score of 90.2).  Many folks feel the vacuum has exceeded their expectations and is a good machine for the price.  In addition, the vacuum is not only useful for pet hair but also for pickup of all manner of debris, and many folks use it for cleaning their vehicle interior.
Most – but not all – owners report that the 2390 is effective on both cat hair and dog hair.  Similarly, most – but not all – folks report that the vacuum has strong suction for its size.  About 80-90% of comments indicate satisfaction with suction and pet hair pickup. 
People like that this handheld vacuum is lightweight and that it is easy to empty.  In addition, owners report that the vacuum is not too loud (an issue we see with a number of handheld units) and that the tools – especially the powerbrush – work well.  People like using the powerbrush for doing stairs and upholstery.  It is also good at pulling up embedded pet hair.
Probably the most contentious issue with this vacuum is the long recharge time.  Upon receiving your vacuum Bissell suggests charging it for 8 hours.  Additional charging should require less than 8 hours but Bissell unfortunately does not publish detailed run times or recharge times for this machine.  Owners are indicating that the recharge time is about 5 hours.
The vacuum run time has owners split.  Some feel it is sufficient while others say it is too short.  This is often the case with cordless machines – we’ve seen it time and time again.  It depends on your expectations and your cleaning needs.  It also makes a difference if you always place the vacuum back on charge after each use.   We’ve seen run time estimates of 30 minutes, 20 minutes, and even 15 minutes.
There is also another minor issue. Some folks report getting a small static shock from the vacuum (emanates from around the power button).  People have reported this but not too many.
You can read more owner comments on Amazon.
Pros & Cons
A thorough review of owner comments has provided the following Pet Hair Eraser pros and cons:
- Good on pet hair
- Strong suction
- Good for automobile interiors
- Powerbrush works on embedded debris
- Good bang for your buck
- Easy to empty
- Lightweight
- Not too loud
- Long recharge time
- Some say run time is insufficient
- Some say occasionally gives mild static shock
Battery & Battery Life
The 2390 is powered by a 14.4 volt lithium ion battery.  Lithium ion is the battery type of choice for most cordless vacuum manufacturers today.  They are high energy density batteries that require little maintenance.
According to bissell.com the battery life of this vacuum is about 20 minutes.  However most other sources we have found report a battery life of 17 minutes.  Some owners report even lower run times.  Note that the 2390 comes with a powered tool (motorized brush tool) and two non-powered tools (upholstery tool and crevice tool).  It is likely that the powered tool uses more power than the non-powered tools so when using this tool you will get a shorter run time. Manufacturers have a habit of putting their best foot forward when it comes to run times and you sometimes only get half the story.  In our opinion it is likely that the unit only provides 17-20 minutes of run time when you are using a non-powered tool, and this run time will be reduced a fair bit when you start using the powered tool.  The 2390 only has one power setting.
Recharge time is reported to be about 5 hours, but again Bissell has not provided any specifications on this. 
The vacuum has three levels of filtration.  You can see the three levels of filtration in the image below. 
Pet Hair Eraser Filters
When dirty, the filter and the filter cup can both be rinsed in warm water and mild dish soap (rinse them gently).  When they are completely dry they can be placed back in the vacuum.  The Pet Hair Eraser hand vacuum does not come with HEPA level filtration.
Three tools are provided with the hand vac:
1) Motorized brush tool
2) Upholstery tool
3) Crevice tool
The motorized brush tool has a spinning brushroll that is powered by a motor.  Many brush tools have a brushroll powered by the vacuum suction.  The motor powered brushrolls are more powerful and typically do a better job.  This tool is good for removing embedded dirt/debris and pet hair. 

Pet Hair Eraser powered brush tool
Brushrolls get tangled with hair, thread, string, etc and must be cleaned (this is especially problematic if you are dealing with lots of pet hair).  Bissell has intelligently created a system whereby the brushroll can easily be removed and cleaned (you just need a coin or a screwdriver).
The upholstery tool is good for cleaning upholstered furniture and the crevice tool allows you to vacuum in narrow cramped areas.
pet hair eraser upholstery tool
pet hair eraser crevice tool
Dust Canister
The dust canister on this unit has a capacity of 0.7 liters.  It’s not particularly large but this is a small vacuum.  We have not seen any complaints that it needs to be emptied too frequently. 
Weight & Warranty
The 2390 is very lightweight at only 3.1 lbs.  This helps with maneuverability and makes the vacuum easier to pick up and move around.  It carries a 1-year limited warranty and you can read more about the warranty here.
Vacuum Cleaner Manual
The manual is in English and is relatively short.  There isn’t too much detail but most of what you need to know is there.  You can view a copy of it here: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 2390 manual

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