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Dyson vacuum cleaners are the standard bearers of the cleaning and household appliance industry at the moment, and this is not just limited to the United States. The Dyson vacuum outsells most other brands worldwide. There are many reasons for this, not least the popularity of the brand and its fantastically comprehensive functionality. It has won many fans and the majority of households that have had a Dyson in the past have declared that they will never go back to another brand of vacuum cleaner...

The Products
The Dyson product range is extensive. In fact, there is pretty much a product to meet every need that you may have. There are three main ranges that fall under the heading of Dyson products – the upright range, the cylinder range and the handheld range. All of the models that come under these categories have different names, depending on where you are in the world and are expensive regardless of your location. As Dyson is a leading brand and incorporates the leading technology, you should expect to pay more for the products than most other manufacturers charge, including Dyson’s main competitors. [REF Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Reviews]
The DC07 has actually been the most popular model of Dyson since it was first introduced in 2001. It has outsold any other brand in the world over that period of time, but other Dyson products are also catching it up at the moment. The Ball Upright range is especially popular at the moment owing to the fact that they are easier to manoeuvre than most other vacuums on the market.
The Features
Every Dyson model seems to be full of the latest features - likely because of their extensive development department. However, the main feature of the Dyson vacuum is still the innovative cyclone technology that it uses.
The cyclone technology depends on centrifugal force to separate the dust and dirt particles. They are then moved into the transparent casing and collected ready for disposal at your convenience. The latest products actually have a dual cyclone action. This dual cyclone action apparently makes the vacuum more powerful and enhances the cleaning effect. There are a number of vacuums in the Dyson range that also have detachable extras and accessories as well so you can make the most of your cleaning efforts.
Why Buy A Dyson?
The quality of the Dyson is unrivalled. As the company started out with the best technology, it has been able to continue along in that vein with the best possible results. The technology is extremely advanced and yet somehow reliable. It has been said that very few models actually have a warranty that has to be used at all.  This makes them great value for money and excellent in terms of their worth to a home. Of course, the cleaning ability is also high quality. You would do well to take the word of the many consumers that have tried a Dyson vacuum cleaner before making an investment.

Highest Scoring Vacuums
#1 CORDLESS VACUUM:   Dyson V8 Absolute (94/100)
Top Cordless Vacuum
#1 UPRIGHT VACUUM:      Shark NV752 TruePet (94/100)
Top Upright Vacuum
  Also see Shark NV801 (94/100) 
#1 CANISTER VACUUM:    Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor (93/100)
Top Canister Vacuum





0 # Al Kaholik 2015-01-30 16:49
I\'ve had my DC7 since 2006. It was refurbished.
I use it almost every day, with 5 cats, 4 dogs, and a regular farm (goats and birds) we get a lot of dirt.
It still works great, although the brush head wore out (I replaced it, but it needs replacing again).
Otherwise, it\'s been perfect, still very powerful and it has even replaced my shop-vac, since it is more powerful but easier to use.
When I first got it I cleaned the sponge filter weekly. Now I its only about every 3 months.
What I like most is how easy it is to disassemble and remove clogs!
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0 # Gamie 2013-10-04 15:37
I have had my vacuum for 6 yrs. The motor gets hot after about 3 mins. This started about i yr. after I got it. I have to empty the canister and wait a while to continue my job. I have to use it since I paid SO much for it. I would never buy another one.

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0 # Billy C 2011-09-18 03:40
We bought a Dyson based on the hype. We returned it within 2 weeks and got a Sears cannister vac with all the trimmings. It works much better and we saved money.
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0 # Eva 2011-04-04 12:12
I have had my vacuum for about 2 years. The suction is good,but the wand sticks and is difficult to remove. The plastic piece that holds the beater bar in place has broken and falls off. I use the vacuume about twice a week and have not abused this machine. I am very disappointed to have paid so much for a machine that is already falling apart.
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0 # Mariann 2011-03-29 10:34
We have owned a Dyson vacuum for about three years, and the vacuum has been a disappointment the entire time for the following reasons:
1. The attachments are difficult to use because of the solid tube housed inside of the flexible tube thus restricting flexibility.
2. It does not go from upright position to the angled position required for vacuuming carpets/floors.
3. I am sorry such an inferior product continues to get rave reviews.
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