Who are Dyson?


Dyson is one of the best-known vacuum cleaner brands in the world and is arguably one of the leading companies in the cleaning and home care markets today. Its products can be viewed in numerous stores, both online and offline, and many households have at least one in their arsenal against dirt and germs. Those that do not yet have one want one and this will no doubt ensure the success of the brand into the future, but where has Dyson come from and who exactly are they...

The Origins Of Dyson
James Dyson was a determined individual that had been inventing new products and items since his childhood. However, he had never quite found the one that would launch his name into the consumer marketplace. His breakthrough came in 1978 when he founded Dyson and began to design vacuum cleaners using the fundamentals of physics in order to make the products far more effective than his competitors. Based in the Cotswolds in England, Dyson visited a sawmill and became intrigued by the tool that was used too clear up the sawdust at the end of the day. He resolved to look further into the tool and use it in his own home. [REF Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2008]
After building his very own cyclone tool, Dyson noted that the centrifugal force that the tool utilized could be put to use in the form of a vacuum cleaner and patented his earliest design as a result. He also noted that the force would reduce the need for a bag, something that all other vacuum cleaners incorporated at that time.  The bag reduced the efficiency of the vacuum and so the first ever bag-free vacuum was born!
However, the Dyson did not appear on the shelves until 1993. Dyson had created 5,127 prototypes by 1984 and could not get a major company interested. None of them agreed to license the innovative technology and so Dyson was left out in the cold.  Not content to let his ideas die, he marketed the first Dyson vacuum cleaner, the DC01, himself and enjoyed a measure of success. From that point on, the company went from strength to strength and is unrivalled in the marketplace today.
Modern Day Dyson
The Dyson vacuum cleaner is the biggest selling vacuum cleaner in the world today. There are a number of models that come in a variety of shapes and sizes so there is something for everyone, no matter what your wants and needs. The company is still based in the UK, Wiltshire to be more precise, but the products are sold worldwide. The technology that is incorporated in the Dyson is still innovative and, although many have tried to replicate the vacuum design and functionality, nobody yet seems to have been able to replicate the level of quality that each and every Dyson provides.  As a result, it stands alone in the marketplace and continues to improve in terms of the models introduced. It will undoubtedly remain the biggest brand of vacuum cleaner for years to come.

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