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Dyson v10 Pros Cons

The Cyclone V10 is the latest cordless stick vacuum from Dyson and it is proving to be quite popular.  Its recent predecessors are the V6, V7, and V8 (there were also other Dyson stick vacs prior to these).  In this article we discuss the pros and cons of the Dyson V10.

There are 3 models of V10: The Motorhead, the Animal, and the Absolute.  The Animal and Absolute are essentially the same vacuum but differ in terms of attachments.  The Motorhead has a different set of attachments as well as a smaller dust canister.

MOTORHEAD: Torque drive cleaner head, crevice tool, combo tool, docking station, charging unit.  Has 0.14 gallon dust canister
ANIMAL: Torque drive cleaner head, soft dust brush, mini motorhead head, crevice tool, combo tool, docking station, charging unit.  Has 0.20 gallon dust canister
ABSOLUTE: Torque drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, soft dust brush, mini motorhead head, crevice tool, combo tool, docking station, charging unit. Has 0.20 gallon dust canister


  • MAX Power:  On MAX power the V10 produces a staggering 151 air watts of suction.  We found this to be more than enough to effectively pick up dust/debris on our carpet and bare floors (tile).  This is more suction than any of the previous Dyson stick vacuums (V6/V7/V8).  It is 51% more suction in MAX mode than the V6 and V7, and 31% more suction in MAX mode than the V8.
  • Torque Drive Cleaner Head:  Dyson claims “The Torque Drive Cleaner Head is our most powerful Cleaner Head yet. It can remove 25% more dust and dirt than our previous V8 model's Direct Drive Cleaner Head.” We also note that the cleaner head has 2 gaps on the bottom of the front.  These can be opened or closed manually via a slider (it has 3 levels: fully open, mid-way, fully closed).  When fully opened the openings allow larger debris to get under the nozzle.  When closed they maximize suction under the nozzle.  None of the other Dyson stick vacuums come with this cleaner head.
  • Large Dust Canister: The dust canister is larger than that on any previous Dyson cordless stick vacuum.  The V6 dust canister capacity is 0.11 gallons, the V7/V8 are 0.14 gallons, and the V10 Absolute/Animal are 0.20 gallons (although the V10 Motorhead is 0.14 gallons).
  • Not Too Loud:  We tested decibel output from the V10 against that of the V6/V7/V8.  All tests were in low power mode and we found that the V10 was just slightly louder than the V8 (which is rather quiet).  The V10 was quieter than the V6 and V7.
  • Soft Roller Cleaner Head:  The Absolute model comes with both the torque drive cleaner head and the soft roller cleaner head.  The soft roller cleaner head works much better on hard surfaces than the torque drive cleaner head.  It reduces scatter and is much more effective at picking up large debris.  It is also very soft so there is less risk of surface scratches.
  • Recharge Time: Recharge time on the V10 is 3.5 hours (from a fully depleted battery to a fully charged battery).  This is on par with the V6 and V7 but is quicker than the V8 which takes 5 hours.
  • Weight:  While the V10 Absolute/Animal weigh more than the V6/V7/V8 (the V10 Motorhead is somewhere between the V7 and V8), they are still under 6 lbs.  Any vacuum under 6 lbs is typically considered lightweight.
  • Maneuverability:  The V10 moves very easily and the head turns with a twist of the wrist.  Also, the low weight helps with being able to push and pull the vacuum easily.
  • Versatility:  Not only can you use this for traditional upright cleaning of carpet and bare floors, but you can remove the wand and the vacuum becomes a handheld unit which is great for all sorts of typical handheld vacuum cleaning - including vehicle interiors.  You can also keep the wand attached and - using something like the crevice tool or dusting brush - do overhead cleaning.
  • Filtration:  Filtration on the V10 is excellent.  It has a HEPA level filter and a sealed system.  This means that all the air entering the vacuum is forced through the filter and only properly cleaned air is exhausted from the machine.  The HEPA filter is also rinsable in water which helps to save on consumables (this is also a bagless vacuum which again helps reduce consumables).
  • Tools “Click-fit”: The tools provided do not “compression fit” on the vacuum.  Rather they click into place and can only be separated by pressing a button.  This provides a secure fit and also reduces the chances of tools falling off or cracking.

Following is a video in which we highlight, describe and discuss many of the V10 PROS:


  • No Swappable Battery: None of the Dyson stick vacuums allow you to easily swap out the battery.  What many owners would like to see is a battery that can quickly and easily be removed so a depleted battery can be replaced with a fresh battery so you can continue vacuuming.  The battery can be removed but it requires removing screws and is really not designed for “swapping”.
  • Power Trigger: Some folks feel their finger gets tired holding the power trigger.  Dyson has designed the vacuum so the power is only ON when the trigger is depressed.  When you stop pressing the trigger the power turns off.  There is no means to switch the vacuum ON and leave it ON without holding the trigger down.  The is the same for all Dyson stick vacs.
  • Large Handheld Unit:  The handheld portion of the Absolute/Animal versions of the V10 is fairly large.  So-much-so that it may be awkward using it in tight quarters like some vehicle interiors.  The Motorhead handheld component is smaller (as are the handheld components of the V6/V7/V8).
  • Run Time:  Run time on the V10 is actually quite good for a cordless vacuum, however as a result of advertisements some people expect that it will provide a full 60 minutes of run time with the powered cleaner head.  This is not the case.  You will get 60 minutes only in Low Power Mode with a non-powered cleaner head (like a crevice tool or dusting brush).
  • Short MAX Mode:  Run time in MAX mode is rather short and official literature states you will get somewhere between 5 and 6 minutes with a powered cleaner head..
  • Weight:  Yes, this is a light vacuum, but the V10 Absolute and Animal models are the heaviest of all the Dyson stick vacuums.  The V6 is the lightest.
  • Low Power Mode:  You do get a full 35 minutes of run time with a powered cleaner head in Low power mode, however the suction in Low power mode is the lowest of all the Dyson stick vacuums.  In Low power mode:
    V10 = 15.8 Air Watts
    V8 = 28 Air Watts
    V7 = 21 Air Watts
    V6 = 28 Air Watts
  • Cleaning Ability: It has great cleaning ability but is it better than the V8 which is a less expensive vacuum?  Our simple tests did not reveal much difference in low and medium power modes.   You may want to read our V10 review.
  • Cost: The V10 is a pricey vacuum cleaner and is more expensive than all the other Dyson stick vacuums.  You can see the latest V10 price on Amazon if you wish.

Following is a video in which we highlight, describe and discuss many of the V10 CONS:

Our Opinion
In our opinion this really is a great vacuum but it is costly.  One may wish to consider the V8 at this time.  Prices for the V8 are dropping due to the advent of the V10, and the V8 is still a great vacuum (see V8 on Amazon). 

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