Electrolux EL7055B Twin Clean Bagless Canister Vacuum Review



Avg. consumer rating = 61/100 

The Electrolux EL7055B Twin Clean is a bagless, canister vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning filter system.  It is not getting great ratings from owners, but it comes with several tools and is purported by Electrolux to be effective on bare floors, hardwood, stairs, carpets & rugs.  Consumers feel it is better on carpet than on bare floors however.

Quality sites where consumer ratings were found are highlighted in the table below.

Ratings Updated April 2016
 Source  Consumer Rating  #Ratings
 Amazon  3 stars out of 5  90
 Best Buy  5 stars out of 5  1
 Abt  4.5 stars out of 5  2


Consumers agree that this vacuum is very good on carpet.  It has a 12 amp motor – for it’s cyclonic suction - and another motor that drives the brushbar (roll brush).  The motor-driven brushbar helps remove dirt from deep within a carpet.  The brushbar can be turned off with the flick of a switch allowing the vacuum to clean bare floors with no scratching or scuffing.  There are also three position height adjustments to allow for transition between carpet and other kinds of flooring.

The Electrolux Twin Clean also has a fairly unique feature –- self cleaning HEPA filters.  The unit has two self cleaning HEPA filters – one on standby and one in the airpath.  A “cleanfilter” light illuminates to indicate that the HEPA filter being used needs cleaning.  Then, with the flip of the filter cartridge and 360 degree turn of the filter, the dirty filter is cleaned and replaced by the clean filter.  This process can be repeated over and over.  This is a difficult concept to visualize and the Electrolux EL7055B manual may provide a better description (excerpt below):

1) When the filter light flashes, turn off the cleaner, leaving the canister plugged in.

2) Open the tinted cover by lifting the release catch.

3) Lift up the filter holder and turn it a half turn so that the filters change places with each other, and put the filters back into the vacuum cleaner. The clean filter is now the active filter and the dirty filter is ready to be cleaned.

4) Turn the left filter (the dirty filter) clockwise until the filter light begins to flash and the vacuum cleaner starts. As you turn, the filter is cleaned. After you have made a full turn, the vacuum cleaner turns off and the filter light stops flashing. You can now close the cover. The filter is now clean, but is inactive. The filter on the right is doing the work.

Other features of the EL7055B include a 14 inch wide cleaning path (average but at least not too small), several attachments which store on the handle (dust brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush and bare floor brush), a 7 foot hose, a telescopic wand, and a 21 foot retractable power cord (retractable is nice but 21 feet is a little short).  In addition this vacuum cleaner has a headlight (a nice feature), a 0.3 gallon dust cup that consumers indicate is quite easy to remove, empty and replace.  The Electrolux Twin Clean is not a light machine however, weighing in at 25.4 lbs.  It is covered by a two-year warranty.  

A review of consumer comments indicates the following Electrolux Twin Clean likes and dislikes:

- Flat powerhead is good for getting under furniture
- Compact/solid
- Ergonomically friendly
- Great on carpet
- Push button controls on handle
- Strong suction
- Retractable power cord
- Easy to empty dirt container

- Fairly expensive
- Powerhead can be a bit noisy
- Only average on bare floors
- Power head only turns in one direction
- The vacuum can short out if left plugged in after use (comments only appeared on one site and hard to substantiate,– but there were several).



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