Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean EL7060A Canister Vacuum


Avg. consumer rating = 66/100 

On paper the Electrolux Ultra Silencer EL7060A sounds impressive.  It comes with many features including a sealed HEPA system, suction control, automatic cord rewind and a 5-year warranty.  It also has powerful suction, is lightweight and is very quiet.  With all of these qualities one would expect this Electrolux canister vacuum to get great consumer ratings – but ratings are lackluster.  Owners allude to a number of issues and while some do like the machine there are a sufficient number of low ratings to make one take notice.

A review of consumer ratings on several quality sites provides the following scores – see table below.  These ratings indicate that not all owners are completely satisfied with their purchase:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  3.4 stars out of 5  15
 Lowe's  3.7 stars out of 5  6
 AJ Madison  3.7 stars out of 5  3
 Sears  2.3 stars out of 5  3
 Costco  4 stars out of 5  1


Owners report the following EL7060A likes and dislikes:

- Very, very quiet
- Powerful suction
- Power head works well
- Lightweight
- Compact
- Retractable power cord

- The hose is short, stiff and kinks easily
- Controls on the handle are easily activated accidentally
- Power cord is short
- Accessories that store under the handle frequently fall off

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean EL7060A is powered by a 12 amp motor.  According to consumers the motor provides powerful vacuum suction.  The motor is also housed in a “double hull” that effectively dampens the motor noise.  This sound dampening appears to work well as most owners report that it is indeed a very quiet vacuum.

The machine uses a 7 foot hose and a number of the less-than-stellar comments are associated to the hose.  It is somewhat short and stiff and some describe it as unwieldy.  It is also prone to kinks that are hard to get out.  In addition, the stiff hose can sometimes pull the canister over when one is vacuuming.  The power cord on this unit is also a little short at 21 feet, a fact noted in several consumer comments.

The EL7060A has a sealed HEPA system.  HEPA filtration helps to remove very, very small particles from the air - such as dust mite feces, mold spores, ragweed and other allergens.    However, in many HEPA capable vacuums it is possible for air entering the vacuum to bypass the HEPA filter either by travelling around the filter or leaking out of the vacuum casing.  Not so with a sealed system.  The sealed system on the EL7060A ensures that all of the air entering the vacuum is passed through the HEPA filter before being exhausted.  HEPA filtration is a popular feature with people who have asthma or allergies.

A number of attachments are provided with the vacuum and these include:
- Deep Clean power head (the main multi-surface cleaning nozzle)
- Bare floor brush
- Dusting brush
- Upholstery tool
- Crevice tool
- Telescopic wand

The Ultra Silencer Deep Clean does not come with a powered handbrush, although Electrolux powerbrushes can be purchased separately online (these tools tend to be useful for cleaning stairs and pulling up pet hair).  Also, only the crevice tool and dusting brush store on board and owners report that these do sometimes come loose and fall off.

Ultra Silencer Fingertip Controls
Ultra Silencer Fingertip Controls

Fingertip controls are provided on the handle of the vacuum.  These are generally a great feature but some consumers indicate that on the EL7060A the placement of the controls is such that they are frequently activated accidently.  The controls include vacuum on/off, brushbar on/off, and suction control. 

The brushbar on/off control is very useful when transitioning between hard surfaces and carpet.  One generally wants the brushbar ON when vacuuming carpet and OFF when dealing with hard floors.  Another feature that is useful for ensuring optimal floor cleaning is height adjustment and the EL7060A has a foot pedal that allows one to change nozzle height from low to medium to high.

Electrolux EL7060A Canister
EL7060A Canister

When the vacuum is turned on it always starts with the brushbar off and with the suction set to maximum.  There are 5 different levels of suction available and the level is displayed (a digital number 1 through 5) in a display window on top of the canister itself.  This display window also has indicator lights that illuminate to tell one when the exhaust filter needs to be changed and when the vacuum bag needs to be changed.  Note that this Electrolux vacuum uses the Electrolux s-bag (these have about a 2 quart capacity).

Other vacuum features include a headlight (located on the Deep Clean power head), a 13-inch wide cleaning path, a carrying handle, and automatic power cord rewind.  The vacuum is quite lightweight at 13.4 lbs  - but this is the canister only.  Some sources place the vacuum weight at 23 lbs, likely with all the peripherals. The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean EL7060A carries a 5-year warranty.

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