Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Plus


Avg. consumer rating = 85/100 

This model, EL2055B, is a cordless 2-in-1 stick and handheld vacuum cleaner.  Consumer ratings are good and the vacuum sports over 20 minutes of run time with a 4 hour recharge time.  The vacuum is lightweight and quite maneuverable.  It also has the ability to stand upright so you don’t have to find a place to lean it (often a bit of an annoyance with stick vacs).  The dust canister on the EL2055B is quite small however and it requires frequent emptying.  A number of owners also lament the fact that this model does not include a charging base.



Quick Specs
Type Stick Vac
Bagged/Bagless Bagless
Best for... Hard Floors
Pet Hair Features No
Approx. Weight 5.6 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration No
Power Cord Length Cordless
Motor Driven Brushbar Yes
Warranty 2 Years


Consumer Ratings
Consumer ratings were found on a number of online retail sites and these are shown in the table below.  When averaged these generate a score of 85.2 out of 100.  This is a fairly good score.  We’ve looked at two other Electrolux Ergorapido models in the past (the EL1030A and the EL1012A) and both of these scored 78/100 so the EL20155B appears to be an improvement.  You can compare stick vacuum scores in our list of stick vacuum ratings.

Source Consumer Ratings #Ratings
Amazon 4.2 stars out of 5 586
Best Buy 4.5 stars out of 5 154
Kohl's 4.5 stars out of 5 14
Target 4 stars out of 5 12
HSN 3 stars out of 5 1


Consumer Insights
A thorough review of owner comments provided the following likes and dislikes:

- Lightweight
- Cordless and convenient
- Is both a stick vac and a handheld vacuum
- Easy to maneuver
- Works well on hard surfaces

- Small dust canister
- Filter needs frequent cleaning
- Doesn't come with a charging base
- Not great on carpet

One issue that seems to have owners a little upset is the lack of a charging base.  Several other Ergorapido models come with a charging base.   With the EL2055B you have to take the end of the charger and plug it into the bottom of the vacuum yourself in order to recharge the unit.  Oddly enough many folks also have difficulty finding the charging port in the vacuum the first time. It looks like the insert for a screw and is not labelled.

Another contentious issue is the small size of the dust canister.  Owners report being frustrated that they have to empty it frequently.  Although we would point out that this is a stick vacuum and these units are not known for having large dust canisters.  

We’ve also seen a number of comments highlighting the need to frequently clean the vacuum filter.  Some owners feel that the filter gets dirty very easily and this may compromise the suction.

EL2055B Standup FeatureAnother issue, and one that seems to appear on some units and not others, is the charging adapter not properly charging the battery.  Some people report that after a few months the battery does not hold a charge - but this may actually be the result of the charger not doing its job.  There is some discussion that this could be a defect – but it should be said that many (most) owners do not run into this issue.

One thing that owners like is the vacuum’s ability to stand upright (image to right).  This is a simple convenience but something almost everyone appreciates.  This works best on hard surfaces however and the machine may be a bit unstable on carpet.

Consumers are pleased with the vacuum’s cleaning abilities on hard surfaces like hardwood, linoleum, tile, etc.  It is quite effective on removing dust, debris, pet hair, etc.  However, its performance on carpet is limited.  As a result most owners use it on hard surfaces and area rugs.  If it is used on carpet it is most effective on low pile carpet.

Like many stick vacuums people like how lightweight the EL2055B is (especially when compared to a full size vacuum).  Being cordless it is also very convenient (no plugging and unplugging) and is handy for quick pickups and smaller cleaning jobs.
Details & Specifications
The Lithium Ion Plus is powered by a 10.8 volt lithium ion battery.  This provides the unit with 21 minutes of battery power (on normal speed).  When the battery is fully drawn down it takes about 4 hours to recharge it back to maximum.

The vacuum is recharged using the charging adapter.  There is a charging indicator light located on the front of the handheld unit.  When charging this light will illuminate, and when the light begins to blink it means that the battery is fully charged and the unit is in standby mode.

Power on/off is located on the vacuum handle as is the vacuum speed control.  The vacuum has 2 speeds: normal and high.

Two filters are located inside the dust canister.  There is an inner filter and an outer filter.  Electrolux suggests cleaning the inner filter after every vacuuming session (this is perhaps why some owners feel filter cleaning is onerous).  It is also recommended that the dust container and outer filter be cleaned about every 5th vacuuming session.  Both filters (inner and outer) are rinsable in warm water.  These are standard filters and not HEPA filters.

The dust canister capacity on this vacuum is 0.4 quarts (about 0.1 gallons) which is quite small but about the same as the Dyson V6 series which are 0.11 gallons.  

A crevice tool and dusting brush are provided and store on the back of the handle.  These can be attached to the handheld unit (see image below) and are useful for getting into tight areas (crevice tool) and for delicate vacuuming (brush).


The EL2055B has a motorized brushroll and, according to Electrolux, is designed for bare surfaces, area rugs and low pile carpet.  There are no brushroll on/off controls however.  Given this you may want to make sure there is nothing jammed in the brushroll or nozzle wheels that could scratch a hard surface – especially hardwood floors.  There is actually a brushroll release button on the machine that allows you to easily take out the brushroll and clean it.

The swivel head nozzle provides easy maneuverability.  Most owners are impressed with this although a few find it makes cleaning stairs a little tricky.  The nozzle has a cleaning path width of 10.75 inches which is about average for a stick vacuum (narrow for a full size upright).  Adding to the machine’s maneuverability is the vacuum’s light weight at 5.6 lbs.  

The vacuum also comes with soft non-marring wheels, a self standing feature, and it carries a 2 year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Vacuum Cleaner Manual
The vacuum cleaner manual for the Electrolux EL2055B is rather sparse on information but you can find it here: Electrolux EL2055B Ergorapido Lithium Ion Plus Manual



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