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In 1909 the company Eureka was founded by Fred Wardell.  Eureka is located in Bloomington Illinois and is under the Electrolux umbrella.  The company focuses predominantly on vacuum cleaners although it also manufactures and sells other domestic and commercial cleaning products.  The company covers the full range of vacuum manufacturing, selling uprights, canisters, stick vacs and handhelds.  They also make accessories like bags, belts and filters, and they make vacuum parts.

Several Eureka machines have made some of our best vacuum lists including:
- Eureka AirSpeed Gold AS1001A (Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $200)
- Eureka 3684F Pet Lover, Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite (Best Vacuums Under $100)

Following is a list of the Eureka vacuum cleaners we have reviewed to date.  We will continue to add to the list as we review new vacuums.  You can see ALL of our reviews in our vacuum cleaner ratings table.

The vacuum cleaner ratings below act as a general guideline with respect to consumer satisfaction for the given machine. The closer the score to 100 the higher rated by consumers.

 Vacuum Cleaner  Date Configuration Vacuum Cleaner Ratings
Eureka 71A / 71B Hand Held Vacuum Feb 22, 2008  Handheld  87
Eureka 4870GZ Boss SmartVac Feb 29, 2008  Upright  79
Eureka-3670G Aug 12, 2009  Canister  84
Eureka-437AZ Dec 3, 2009  Upright  81
Sanitaire-SC3683A Feb 1, 2010  Canister  83
Eureka-3684F-Pet-Lover March 21, 2010  Canister  85
Eureka-C5712A May 26, 2010  Upright  61
Eureka-Comfort-Clean June 21, 2010  Upright  71
Eureka-900A October 9, 2010  Canister  77
Eureka-4870SZ-vacuum-cleaner January 27, 2011  Upright  84
Eureka-Quick-Up-stick-vacs April 21, 2011  Stick  90
Eureka-Airspeed-Gold June 25, 2011  Upright  82
Eureka-Pet-Lover-Deluxe Jan 14, 2012  Upright  84
Eureka-AirSpeed-PET-AS1051A Apr 8, 2012  Upright  83
Eureka-SuctionSeal-AS1104A Jan 12, 2013  Upright  73
Eureka-LightSpeed-4700D Mar 28, 2013  Upright  65
Eureka-AS2013A Feb 21, 2014  Upright  73
Eureka AirSpeed AS3030A July 3, 2016  Upright  84
Eureka RapidClean Pro Jan 19, 2021  Stick  88

We ensure that ratings are available for all vacuums reviewed on the site.  Please note that ratings can change over time as more consumer input becomes available however we have made every effort to find a respectable sample size of consumer ratings where possible.

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