Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum Review



Avg. consumer rating = 81/100 

The Eureka 437AZ is an inexpensive and lightweight upright vacuum that many consumers feel is a good buy - it typically retails for less than 80 USD.  It has great suction but is fairly small and according to those who purchased the vacuum, is preferred for smaller areas and not large house-wide cleaning jobs.  The vacuum could be considered a hybrid of a conventional upright and a stick vacuum.

How are consumers rating this machine?  Ratings vary, but – on average – are fairly good.  Ratings from several quality sites are provided in the table below:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  3.9 stars out of 5  138
 Walmart  4.16 stars out of 5  85
 Sears  4.5 stars out of 5  24
 Epinions  3.5 stars out of 5  5

A review of consumer comments from sites across the web indicates the following Eureka 437AZ Optima consumer likes and dislikes:

- Very lightweight
- Inexpensive
- Powerful suction
- Works well on all surfaces
- Compact and easy to store
- Power Paw attachment gets favorable reviews

- Filter needs frequent cleaning (every 1 or 2 uses) and it can be a messy affair
- Many consumers indicate they wouldn’t use for whole house (better for smaller areas)
- Short power cord
- A little loud

Vacuum Cleaner Features
The 437AZ is powered by a 12 amp motor (the maximum amperage permitted for UL approval of an upright vacuum cleaner is 12.0 Amps).  Most consumers feel that the suction on this unit is quite good.   The vacuum actually has dual motors with one being used for suction and the other being used exclusively for the brushroll (which can be turned on and off making for effective transition from carpet to hard floors). 

The Eureka 437AZ is a bagless vacuum cleaner.  The debate between bagged and bagless machines is a long-standing one, and at the end of the day it comes down to consumer preference.  Some like bagless while others swear by bagged.  Bagless vacuum cleaners use a "dirt container" that is filled, emptied and re-used, as opposed to a disposable bag.  It is typically easier to dispose of collected dirt and debris with a bagged vacuum cleaner, however these require the purchasing and "throwing away" of bags.  With a bagless vacuum cleaner it can be more of a chore to empty the dirt container (while keeping yourself and surroundings clean), however you do not have to purchase or toss away bags.  It should be noted however that bagless vacuums often have filters that need to be maintained or replaced and they rely on seals to prevent the dirt-container from leaking.

The 437AZ Optima also comes with HEPA filtration.  A feature that is very popular with those suffering from allergies or asthma.  HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and is a filter that removes 99.97% of all airborne particulates of 0.3 microns or larger (like many pollens and allergens) that pass through it.  There are actually higher grade filters such as ULPA which stands for Ultra-Low Penetration Air and is a filter that removes 99.999% of particles 0.12 microns or larger - although these are not commonly used in vacuum cleaners (they do appear in a few however).

This vacuum only has a 20 foot power cord and this has caused some grumbling amongst consumers.  Most consumers appear to like 30+ foot power cords thus the cord on the 437AZ is considered a little short.  It also has a cleaning path of only 12 inches which is considered a little narrow, although some folks actually like this as it provides the ability to get in-between furniture better than typical wide-path units.

This is called a “lightweight” vacuum and it weighs in at 11.8 lbs – indeed reasonably light.  The looped handle has 13 adjustable height positions allowing for users of all heights to feel comfortable when vacuuming.  The 437AZ Optima also comes with a headlight (a nice feature) and several on-board tools including the following:

  • Power Paw tool – a handheld attachment with a brushroll that is especially effective at cleaning pet hair from stairs, upholstery, automobiles, etc.
  • Dusting brush – a soft brush to allow vacuuming of dust off delicate items
  • Crevice-tool/extension-wand – provides access to hard to reach areas

The 437AZ has suction control that allows the user to direct power flow from the floor nozzle to the deluxe clear stretch-hose.  It is also a small vacuum measuring (W X L X H) 13”X15”X44.5”.  It has a one-year parts and labor warranty.  An excerpt from the warranty is as follows (this is provided for information purposes and you should read the entire warranty if interested):

Warranty Excerpt...

Eureka Limited Warranty applies to both New and Refurbished Eureka Vacuums.

What This Warranty Covers
Your Eureka cleaner is warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship in normal household use FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR. The warranty is granted only to the original purchaser and members of his or her immediate household. The warranty is subject to the following provisions.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover
Parts of the cleaner that require replacement under normal use such as: disposable dust bags, filters, drive belts, light bulbs, brush roll bristles, brush roll, impellers and cleaning. Damages or malfunctions caused by negligence, abuse or use not in accordance with the Owner's Guide. Defects or damages caused by unauthorized service or the use of other than Genuine Eureka parts.

EHCPNA will, at its option, repair or replace a defective cleaner or cleaner part that is covered by this warranty. As a matter of warranty policy, EHCPNA will not refund the consumer's purchase price.  Etc.”




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