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Avg. consumer rating = 73/100 

The Eureka SuctionSeal - model AS1104A  - is a bagless upright that uses special moving plates under the nozzle to increase suction. Owners generally agree that this approach works and that the vacuum generates powerful suction at the floor surface.  The AS1104A can be found online for about $160, making it a reasonably priced upright.  Consumer ratings are ok,– but not stellar. Owners like the pet power tool, the low profile nozzle and the ability to clean right up to baseboards. However it is somewhat heavy and can be difficult to maneuver and carry.

There are presently 3 SuctionSeal vacuums.  The AS1101A, the AS1104A and the AS1104AX.  They are all very similar and in this review we are focused on the AS1104A.  These vacuums are marketed as using many different technologies: SuctionSeal technology, AirSpeed Technology, Cyclonic technology, etc.  This can get a bit confusing but most of these are not rocket science.

SuctionSeal technology involves 2 plates (or bars) that are on the underside of the nozzle – one in front of the brushbar opening and one behind.  These plates move up and down (on springs) with the floor surface thus allowing the nozzle to create a better seal with the floor and increasing suction in that area.  This also has the added effect of limiting scatter which can be problematic for some uprights on bare floors.  AirSpeed technology ensures increased airflow through the vacuum via larger, smoother intake and exhaust air pipes.  And Cyclonic technology is the approach that generates suction on most bagless machines.  It uses air spun at very high speeds to throw the dust and debris out of the airpath and into the dust canister – this technology ensures no loss of suction while you vacuum and also helps to keep the filters clean.

The brushbar on the AS1104A can be turned on and off which is an important feature when changing between bare floor cleaning and carpet cleaning.  It is controlled via a footswitch (see the video at the bottom of the page).  One typically turns the brushbar ON when vacuuming carpet and OFF when dealing with bare floors.  The vacuum also has 7 different nozzle height settings.  This is useful for ensuring effective cleaning when dealing with different lengths and types of carpet (a great overview of these can be found on Wikipedia here).  Also, with the SuctionSeal feature it can sometimes be difficult to push this machine on carpet and the ability to adjust the nozzle height is helpful. 

SuctionSeal Nozzle
Low Profile Nozzle

The nozzle has a very low profile and this allows the vacuum to more easily get under low furniture.  This fact has been highlighted by many owners.  The nozzle width itself is 14 inches which is about average for an upright and provides a respectable cleaning area per pass.

Consumers give the vacuum average to good ratings, although we have reviewed better rated Eureka uprights (see Eureka vacuum reviews).  The AS1104A gets an average consumer rating of 80/100 and the detailed ratings can be seen in the table below. 

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  3.6 stars out of 5  288
 Best Buy  3.9 stars out of 5  25
 Sears  4.0 stars out of 5  9
 Lowe's  4.6 stars out of 5  7


Following is a list of common vacuum likes and dislikes as described by owners.

- Cleans up to baseboards
- Attachments work well
- Low profile nozzle makes getting under furniture easy
- Washable filter
- Strong suction
- Works well on pet hair
- Not too expensive

- Heavy and not that easy to maneuver
- Power cord is connected to bottom of machine
- Tips over easily (hose attached near top of machine)
- Some plastic parts appear a bit fragile
- Attached tools sometime fall off
- A bit loud
- Some owners report that the auto-rewind cord doesn’t always work

The Eureka SuctionSeal is powered by a 12 amp motor and it comes with several tools and attachments:

- Pet Power Paw: turbo driven tool with plastic teeth and a rubber “grabbing” strip.  It is useful for pulling up pet hair on carpet, stairs or upholstery.
- Dusting Brush
- Wand (made from plastic)
- Crevice Tool

Airpath Selector
Airpath Selector

The vacuum has a control switch (called an airpath selector) on the side that redirects suction from the floor to the hose.  This is necessary when you want to use the above tools.  Unlike most vacuums, the suction on the AS1104A  is not automatically redirected when you release the wand.
Like many vacuums today, the SuctionSeal comes with HEPA filtration.  This level of filtration will remove up to 99.97% of all particles with a diameter greater than 0.3 microns.  HEPA filtration is popular with those suffering from asthma or allergies.  The HEPA filter in the SuctionSeal also has a rather unique feature – it contains a charcoal insert.  This insert will absorb odors and help to keep the vacuum exhaust smelling fresh.  This is particularly useful in households with pets.  The HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 6 months or so.

Another uncommon feature on this upright is the automatic power cord rewind.  This is a popular feature on any full size vacuum but it is more commonly found on canister vacuums.  The power cord rewind on the SuctionSeal is not perfect however and a number of owners report that it does not always fully retract.  It sometimes needs to be carefully hand-fed to get it to fully return.

The power cord on this unit is 27 feet long and while this is a respectable length we usually prefer an upright with a minimum 30 foot power cord.   The hose and wand on this machine provide an additional 12 feet of reach so the Eureka SuctionSeal has a full 39 feet of cleaning reach.  For some reason many websites indicate that this vacuum has a 39 foot hose but this is obviously not the case.

The dust canister is the usual easy-to-empty style found on many bagless machines today and the bottom releases at the flip of a switch.  There is also a dust canister filter that can be washed.  It is advised that the filter be kept relatively clean as this helps maintain vacuum suction.

A common complaint amongst SuctionSeal owners is the vacuum weight.  The vacuum weighs in at a rather hefty 20.7 lbs and this makes the machine difficult to move up stairs and, to some degree, to maneuver.  The vacuum also has soft, non-marring wheels which help to ensure that bare floors, especially hardwoods, do not get scratched.  It is UL listed and carries a 3-year limited warranty which is fairly lengthy at this price point.

Vacuum Video
This video is a commercial but it does show some of the vacuum features and is worth a quick look.

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