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There are any number of vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world at the present moment. All of them have varying degrees of success in terms of their sales figures each year. However, very few of them can boast to be up there with the best. Eureka are one of those manufacturers that can make this statement.  Before we look into the products though, it is a good idea to review the company...

Eureka was founded in 1909, thus making it one of the oldest vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies in the United States, or indeed the world for that matter. Founded by Fred Wardell, its one sole purpose was to build and market vacuum cleaners at an affordable price so every household could actually own one. Wardell’s marketing idea paid off because the company was actually the biggest manufacturer or vacuum cleaners in the United States in the 1920s. As a direct result of their success, Wardell decided to branch out and add various products to the range. However, as Eureka was selling a third of all vacuums in America at that time, this remained the priority.
In 1961, Eureka became famous for another accomplishment. It actually built the first electric car, but only lasted a further thirteen years on its own before being bought out by Electrolux. Its name became the Eureka Company but the brand name stuck and Eureka vacuum cleaners are still prominent in the United States, as well as 44 other countries worldwide.
The Products
As Electrolux Home Products North America now market the vacuum cleaners, the Eureka branding has become extremely important and the products offered reflect that. There are several ranges, including the upright, the cylinder, the lightweight, the central vac and the extractor. All of them are extremely different and so offer the consumer a huge choice of product. You can choose the one that best fits your wants and needs from the ranges, but the lightweight and extractor ranges are the most popular at the moment.
The pricing of the products is extremely competitive for what the Eureka vacuum cleaners offer. The pricing is on the expensive side in comparison with similar models but the brand name ensures the quality of the vacuum itself. The brand does offer value for money if you can afford it, and the cleaning is often better in Eureka models than most other brands out there, which is what has kept the brand popular year after year.
The Features

Let us examine the features of the most popular of the ranges to give you an idea exactly what you can expect from a Eureka vacuum cleaner. The extractor series uses a deep clean technology that is extremely innovative and really works your carpets deep down. It cleans the carpet from all sides, and this is just an example of a specific features. The majority of them are easy to handle and use. They are easy to manoeuvre, especially the lightweight range and can be incredibly powerful. Many of them also come with a number of attachments so you can deep clean your home from top to bottom.

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