Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

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Lightweight Vacuum CleanersPeople often visit our site and search for lightweight vacuums.  We have reviewed many lightweight machines but specifications, like weight, are often buried in our articles making it difficult to quickly find what you are looking for.  We'’ve dug through our reviews to uncover the best rated lightweight vacuums.  We hope the information is helpful.

Searches for lightweight vacuums are likely predominantly focused on uprights.  A heavy upright is more of a burden to use than a heavy canister as you have to move the entire vacuum when cleaning -– the bulk of it is not pulled along behind you as it is with a canister.

Following is a list of lightweight uprights that have achieved respectable consumer ratings.  Click on the links to see our detailed reviews.

 Model  Approx. Weight (lbs)
 Dyson DC50 Animal  11.6
 Oreck XL Insight  9
 Oreck 2100 RHS  8.2
 Hoover Commercial Elite C1404  11.5
 Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV350  12.8
 Hoover UH30010COM  12
 Oreck Magnesium  7.7
 Dirt Devil Dynamite M084650  8.8
 Oreck-U2000R  9
 Hoover Air Cordless  10
 Hoover Sprint QuickVac  12.8
 Bissell Powerglide 1534  11


Prices in the above list range from about $60 to close to $400.  Also, some of these units are very Plane Jane while others have a host of features and tools/attachments.  It would be worth your while to review them in some detail before making any purchasing decision.


Lightweight canister vacuums with respectable ratings from owners are compiled in the table below.  Please consider that weight for canister vacuums is sometimes quoted as “canister only” and the entire unit may weigh more with hose, nozzle, etc. Click on the links to see our detailed reviews.

 Model  Approx. Weight (lbs)
 Electrolux Ergospace Green  13
 Electrolux UltraActive Deepclean  12.5
 Dyson DC26  12.3
 Eureka 3684F Pet Lover  8.6
 Hoover Commercial Portapower  8.3
 Eureka 3670G Boss  8.2
 Most Miele Canisters  9-13
 Electrolux UltraFlex EL4335A  11.6
 Bissell Zing 4122  8
 Eureka AirExcel 990A  8
 Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert  9.1


Prices in the above canister list range from about $50 for the Bissell to over $1000 for a top-end Miele canister vacuum.

With respect to both uprights and canisters one should consider that some vacuums are lightweight because they are not very large or “heavy duty” (although many of the vacuums listed here are indeed full size).  As previously mentioned we would suggest you read the reviews carefully before deciding to buy.

You may also wish to consider our list of the Best Stick Vacuums if you need something even more lightweight.  But remember that stick vacs are often not built for large area cleaning.

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner you should try our NEW easy-to-use Vacuum Cleaner Finder tool. It has a comprehensive list of vacuum cleaner ratings for all brands. You can find the best bagless vacuum, the best cordless, the best Shark or Dyson. Sort by consumer ratings or filter by price. Vacuum Cleaner Finder does all of these things.

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