Hoover F7452-900 MaxExtract Steam Vac

Hoover F7452-900
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Avg. consumer rating = 73/100 

The Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner garners many great ratings from consumers but also gets almost as many poor ratings.  Those that like it say it is probably one the best steam cleaners available and that it does an excellent cleaning job on both carpets and bare floors, while those that do not like it cite problems with leaky water tanks and flimsy plastic parts.  Owner experiences couldn’t differ more for a steam vac.

Consumer ratings for the F7452-900 have been found at several quality sites and they indicate that there are issues with this steam vac.  Figures indicate that while some owners are happy with their purchase others are not.

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  3.9 stars out of 5  318
 Best Buy  3.3 stars out of 5  48
 Epinions  2.5 stars out of 5  42
 Target  3.3 stars out of 5  33
 Buy.com  4.65 stars out of 5  2

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Owner comments yield the following common MaxExtract likes and dislikes:

- Strong suction
- Floors dry quite quickly after use
- leaves both carpet and bare floors very clean
- cleaning solution is in a separate container
- separate clean and dirty water tanks
- clean water rinse button is a nice feature

- some owners report leaking around water tanks
- heavy
- shaft that drives the brushes is plastic and there are reports of it breaking

The Hoover F7452-900 is powered by a 12 amp motor and is capable of cleaning both carpet and hard surfaces - carpet, hardwood, tile, upholstery (thus the terminology “All-Terrain” in the name).  It has a 13 inch wide removable cleaning nozzle and is capable of generating equivalent suction across the entire width of the nozzle.   On carpet special brushes scrub all sides of the carpet fibers to ensure that all dirt is removed.  The brushes are also easily removed for maintenance or cleaning.

The Hoover F7452-900 comes with two tanks – a clean water tank and a dirty water tank.  Each tank has a capacity of 128oz (1 US gallon).  A detergent container is attached to the clean water tank and an automatic detergent mixing system mixes detergent and water to create an optimum cleaning solution.  It should be noted that you have to add hot tap water to the clean water tank - the tank does not heat the water.  Most owners have no issue with this although some recommend that you do not add water that is too hot (boiling) as it may create issues with the tank structure and seals.

There are a few cleaning settings on the All Terrain including a “WASH – AutoRinse” setting and a “RINSE” setting.  WASH-AutoRinse applies both water and detergent to the floor/carpet on the forward stroke and only clean rinse water on the back stroke.  This approach ensures limited detergent residue is left behind.  The RINSE setting applies only clean rinse water on both forward and back strokes.

The steam cleaner comes with floor cleaning accessories including a hard-floor squeegee (removes any detergent residue left after cleaning), a SpinScrub handtool (good for spot cleaning, as well as stairs and upholstery), and a removable tool caddy.  When attachments are in use the main SpinScrub brushes stop spinning to ensure no unnecessary carpet wear. 

The MaxExtract steam vac moves on soft, non-marring wheels and also has edge cleaners to get tight up to baseboards (although some consumers indicate that it is better to get into corners and up to edges using the handtool).   There are also 3 different height settings on the cleaner which allow one to ensure the brushes are at an optimal cleaning height from the floor.  The Hoover F7452-900 is UL listed.  The Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) is a nonprofit, independent product safety certification organization in the US.
The machine sports an 8 foot attachment hose, a 30 foot power cord and a carrying handle.  It is quite heavy at about 30 lbs and is not the kind of machine that is easily carried up and down stairs for example.  It is backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty.  In addition, Floor-to-Floor and Ultra Detergent cleaning solutions are included.  Some assembly of the unit is required but this can be done rather easily with just a screwdriver.

Steam Vac Manual
If you want more product detail you may wish to view the Hoover MaxExtract Manual.


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