Hoover SH40060 MultiCyclonic Canister Vacuum



Avg. consumer rating = 54/100 

Hoover has a number of cyclonic canister vacuums on the market and the Hoover SH40060 is one of the least expensive.  It is not widely available and you won’t see it for sale on too many online retail websites (but it can be found at the likes of Amazon, Walmart and a few others).  It comes with a lot of features and is noted by owners for having strong suction, washable filters and a powered brushbar.  However it does have some issues.

There is not much written about this machine and this is even true on the manufacturer’s website (Hoover).  However there are a number of consumer ratings and comments which provide excellent insights into popular and unpopular vacuum features and characteristics.  A list of pros and cons is provided below:

- Powerful suction
- Washable filters
- Retractable power cord
- Effective edge cleaning ability
- Easy to empty dirt canister
- HEPA filter
- Powered brushbar with on/off capability
- Adjustable length stainless steel extension wand
- Fairly good at picking up pet hair
- Quiet

- Short power cord
- No swivel feature on the hose
- No nozzle height adjustment
- Relatively large machine (requires room to store)
- Dirt canister is a bit small for some folks

A number of consumer ratings were found and they indicate a rather low level of satisfaction with the Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister.

Ratings Updated March 2016
 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  3.1 stars out of 5  269
 Abt  1.9 stars out of 5  59
 Macy's  2.3 stars out of 5  90
 Consumer Reports  1.7 stars out of 5  3
 Walmart  2.4 stars out of 5  99


The Hoover SH40060 is similar in some ways to a Dyson canister - it is bagless, uses cyclonic suction and has washable filters.  These machines don’t really look the same but have some similar technology.  Cyclonic suction spins air at very high speeds which causes dirt and debris to be drawn out of the airflow and into the dirt canister.  This approach is said to help maintain strong suction while vacuuming (as the dirt canister is filling) and to also help filters stay cleaner longer.

As a bagless vacuum the SH40060 has a dirt canister that has to be manually removed, emptied and reattached to the vacuum.  Consumers like the dirt canister on this unit as it is easy to empty but some owners feel it is a little small and must be emptied more frequently than they would prefer.

Like many vacuum cleaners today the Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister has HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration.  HEPA filters remove 99.97% of all airborne particulates of a diameter 0.3 microns or larger.  This level of filtration provides for cleaner more breathable indoor air and is also used for many applications in the nuclear and biomedical industries.  HEPA filters are especially popular with those suffering from asthma or allergies as they remove the likes of pollen, ragweed, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, etc.  The HEPA filter on the SH40060 is also washable.

The vacuum appears to be at home on both carpet and hard flooring.  It has a nozzle with a motorized brushbar that can be turned on and off (via controls conveniently located at your fingertips).  This is a helpful feature as most folks like to vacuum carpet with the brushbar on and bare surfaces with the brushbar off.  However there is no nozzle height adjustment and some owners feel this doesn’t allow the machine to be set at an optimal cleaning height for some carpet.

The power nozzle on the vacuum has a swivel head and is quite maneuverable.  It also provides very good edge cleaning.  There are many consumer comments related to the nozzle head’s ability to clean right up to the baseboards.

The SH40060 has a dusting brush for doing more delicate vacuuming work and also a telescoping wand that has received good reviews.  In addition, there is an automatic power cord rewind feature activated by a foot switch on the canister body.  This feature is always popular when provided with a vacuum cleaner.  However the power cord on this Hoover is one of the least liked vacuum features due to its short length.  We always indicate that a good length for a full-size domestic vacuum cleaner power cord is 30 feet or more.  The power cord on this Hoover is 17 feet long, definitely falling short of the desired length.  Some owners indicate they have resorted to using an extension cord.

The vacuum is not particularly lightweight at about 20 lbs and it has a cleaning path width of 11 inches.  It has an on/off switch located on the canister body and it carries a rather short 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Vacuum Cleaner Manual
You can read more about this vacuum by browsing through the Hoover SH40060 Manual. 



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