Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Upright Vacuum


Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Upright Vacuum (model UH30310) is a bagged upright that comes with a few extra tools for vacuuming up pet hair.  Consumers report that this machine is indeed very good at picking up pet hair, and they also like the long power cord, the light weight and the fact that it is not too expensive.  However some folks wish that the vacuum came with more than one wand and it does have a lot of plastic in its construction.

Consumer ratings are provided in the table below.  Ratings are fairly good. 

Ratings Updated April 2016
 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.2 stars out of 5  687
 Best Buy  4.3 stars out of 5  43
 Walmart  4.1 stars out of 5  143
 Bed Bath & Beyond  4 stars out of 5  92

A review of consumer comments from several quality websites indicates the following common UH30310 likes and dislikes: 

- Excels at pet hair removal - Pet hair tools work well
- Lightweight and easy to maneuver
- Attachments fit on machine well
- Respectable suction (most say it is good, some wished it was stronger)
- Clean-Drop Bag system is a good idea – keeps dust and debris away from user.
- Not too expensive
- Long power cord
- Very easy to assemble

- Hose doesn’t extend fully that easily
- Doesn’t bend down to the horizontal and can be tricky getting under low furniture
- Lots of plastic construction
- Only one extension wand

The UH30310, like many of the Hoover vacuum cleaners, is powered by a 12 amp motor.  It also uses Hoover’s Windtunnel Technology.  According to Hoover engineers, Windtunnel Technology is a system that lifts and traps dirt very efficiently (using three distinct air channels) without any scattering.  A more detailed explanation of Windtunnel Technology is hard to find.  

HEPA level filtration is available with the Hoover Pet Upright and is built into the vacuum cleaner bag (the UH30310 uses an Activated Carbon HEPA Media Bag).  HEPA filtration removes 99.97 of all particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more and this includes the likes of pollen, dust mites, ragweed and other allergens.  The UH30310 vacuum cleaner bag also uses activated carbon which absorbs pet odors.  Consumers (mostly related to Miele vacuums) have indicated that activated carbon is a fairly effective means of removing pet odors and producing clean smelling vacuum exhausted air.

Whether one likes bagless or bagged machines seems to simply be a matter of preference for most owners.  Those that like the bagless approach highlight the fact that they don’t have to buy and dispose of bags, while those who favour bagged machines indicate that bags ensure you do not have to deal with the mess of emptying a dirt canister.  The Hoover UH30310 has taken the bagged approach a step further – you don’t even have to handle the bag.   Hoover has created a Clean-Drop Bag system which allows release of the bag directly into the trash at the touch of a button so there is no dust or mess (Hoovers markets this as “touch free bag disposal”).  You can see how this works in the vacuum video section below.  The vacuum also has a full bag indicator at the top of the machine to alert you when a bag change is needed.

The brushbar on the Hoover Pet Upright is motorized and can be turned on and off via a button.  This allows for easy transition between carpet and bare floors.  Some uprights do not allow the brushbar to be turned off and this can be problematic for certain bare floor cleaning.  Also, accessing the brushroll (and the belt) is managed on the UH30310 by simply flipping two levers.

The vacuum comes with two pet hair specific tools including the Pet Hand Tool and the Pet Upholstery Tool.  According to consumers the air powered Pet Hand Tool is quite good at picking up pet hair and it is also good at cleaning stairs.  The Pet upholstery tool  uses rubber wipers to “grab” pet hair and it excels at removing the hair from upholstery, drapes, etc.  An extension wand is also provided with the UH30310, however several owners comment that they wish the vacuum came with more than one extension wand – preferably a second, longer wand.  There is also a 12 foot stretch hose and a crevice tool that allows access into corners and tight areas.

This machine weighs in at about 15 lbs.  15 lbs is not too heavy and is a reasonable weight to move back and forth and to haul up and down stairs.  A number of consumers have commented on the machine’s light weight and maneuverability.

The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Upright Vacuum has several other features including a lengthy 30 foot power cord (a good length), a 14 inch wide cleaning path (about average) and edge cleaning that helps you vacuum up tight against the baseboards.  The unit also has 5 height adjustment settings for different floor types and varied lengths of carpet, a headlight which illuminates dark areas and under furniture, and a no-scuff bumper.  Vacuum dimensions are (in inches) 17 x 12.4 x 32.5 and it carries a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

Vacuum Manual
If you want to learn more about the Hoover WindTunnel T-series UH30310 you may want to scan the Hoover T-Series Pet Upright Vacuum manual.

Vacuum Video
Hoover has a series of videos related to the UH30310 and they can be seen here.  These are quite good and show and explain many of the vacuum cleaner features.  If you are considering this machine you may wish to view these.



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