Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless Upright (UH70400)


Avg. consumer rating = 79/100 

Consumer ratings for the Hoover Windtunnel Air UH70400 run the gamut from 5 stars to 1 star.  For some owners the unit'’s respectable suction, easy-to-empty dust canister, light weight and maneuverability make it a great fit for their cleaning needs.  But others cite problems with removing and reattaching the hose, limited ability on pet hair, and small vacuum size as issues. This is indeed a fairly compact and light vacuum cleaner and this combination often has both pros and cons.

A review of owner comments indicates the following Windtunnel Air likes and dislikes:

- Lightweight
- Dust canister is easy to empty
- Long power cord
- Useful for quick cleanups
- Not too loud
- Maneuverable
- Small and easy to store

- Not great on carpet
- Rather small and best for cleaning smaller areas
- Some folks say it is not particularly good at pet hair removal
- Small dust canister
- Attaching and detaching the vacuum hose can be tricky

Consumer ratings pulled from several quality online sources provide the following Hoover UH70400 scores:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  3.8 stars out of 5  55
 Walmart  4.3 stars out of 5  26
 Best Buy  3.9 stars out of 5  9
 Macy's  3 stars out of 5  3
 Abt  4.5 stars out of 5  2
 J&R  5 stars out of 5  2
 Sears  4 stars out of 5  1


These figures when averaged yield an overall score of 0.79 (or 79 out of a possible 100).  When compared against other uprights that we have reviewed this is a little low.  You may wish to view our list of Upright Vacuum Ratings.

The UH70400 uses Hoover’s Windtunnel Technology.  This is a system that uses several air channels to lift and trap dirt very efficiently while ensuring limited scatter (at least according to Hoover engineers this is what it does - a more detailed explanation of Windtunnel technology is hard to find). The vacuum has cyclonic suction which helps keep filters cleaner longer and ensures little-to-no loss of suction while you vacuum.  The Windtunnel Air is powered by an 11 amp motor.

The vacuum is designed to work on both carpet and bare floors and it has a motorized brushbar with on/off controls.  In most cases one would want the brushbar off when vacuuming bare floors and the brushbar on when vacuuming carpet.  Also, the brushroll on the Hoover Windtunnel Air UH70400 will automatically shut off if the vacuum cleaner is placed in the upright position.

Hoover indicates that the vacuum is best suited for short pile carpet, area rugs and bare floors.  There are some consumer comments however indicating that the machine is really best on bare floors and that it does not excel on carpet (although it is only fair to point out that there are other consumers who report that it works fine on carpet).

HEPA filtration is standard on the vacuum and the filter is cleanable and reusable thus saving money over time.  According to the vacuum manual the filters should be cleaned about every 2 months.  Also, Hoover report that the HEPA filter should be good for the length of the vacuum warranty which, in this case, is 2 years.  After the 2 year period it should be replaced.

Owners report that the vacuum is very light and easy on the back.  It weighs a lightweight 12 lbs which, in our experience, is very light indeed for an upright (somewhere in between a typical upright and a stick vacuum).  As a result of its light weight it is easy to lift and also to maneuver.  The handle height can also be adjusted to make the vacuum more ergonomically suitable to the person vacuuming.

Tools and attachments are provided but they are rather limited and include:
- 3-in-1 combination tool that has an extension wand, crevice tool and upholstery brush.
- Additional stair hose that can be attached to the machine’s stretch hose to provide a full 12 feet of cleaning reach.

Hoover UH70400 Handle
Hoover UH70400 Reclining Handle

In addition, the vacuum includes a rubber bumper on the nozzle to ensure no scuffs on walls or furniture, a lengthy 30 foot power cord, and conveniently located power and brushbar controls where the handle meets the body of the vacuum.  The handle and body of the UH70400 are also able to recline horizontally to allow the machine to easily get under low furniture.

The vacuum requires limited assembly and a carry handle on the machine makes it easier to move from place to place or up and down stairs.  The Hoover Windtunnel Air UH70400 carries a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty.

Vacuum Cleaner Manual
More details can be found in the Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless Upright UH70400 manual. 

Vacuum Cleaner Video
A picture is indeed worth a thousand words and the videos here provide information on vacuum cleaner assembly, operation and maintenance.

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