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Avg. consumer rating = 84/100 

This modern looking Hoover upright is very maneuverable and lightweight.  It is also bagless and has cleanable filters.  Owners generally like the UH72400 finding it easy to assemble and to move up and down stairs.   On the downside the unit has a smallish dust canister so emptying is frequent, and it does not come with an air powered hand tool – a popular tool that upright owners often use for cleaning stairs and upholstery.

This is a very similar vacuum to the Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright – model UH70400.  However the UH72400 is slightly heavier and it includes Hoover’s new steerable technology which allows one to easily turn the vacuum with the wrist – you simply twist the vacuum handle in the direction you want to go.  Owners report this functionality works rather well.  The UH72400 is newer and also more expensive than the UH70400.

Consumer ratings are generally quite good if a bit limited at this time.  It should also be noted that some folks have had issues as can seen by some of the lower ratings. 

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.5 stars out of 5  20
 Walmart  3 stars out of 5  2
 Target  2.5 stars out of 5  2


- Low profile nozzle makes it easy to get under low furniture
- Works well on both bare floors and carpet
- Not too heavy
- Maneuverable and steers easily
- Long power cord
- Sturdy construction
- Cleanable filters
- Very easy to assemble

- Smallish dust canister
- No turbo brush tool
- Have to attach the hose when you want to use it
- Edge cleaning is average

You can read some owner reviews for the UH72400 on Amazon here if you wish.

Most consumers generally seem pleased with the level of suction generated by the Hoover WindTunnel Air but there are some who feel it is lacking.  In response Hoover has created a short 30 second video to address what they feel may be the issue – essentially switching from vacuum mode to attachment mode.  See below:

The vacuum is powered by an 11 amp motor and it has multi-cyclonic technology.  This technology uses a group of cyclones that spin air very rapidly and essentially “throw” the dust and debris out of the air path and into the dust canister.  This approach helps to keep filters clean (for longer than a vacuum with just simple filtration) and it also ensures no loss of suction over time.  It is the same kind of technology used in Dyson vacuum cleaners – although some Dyson machines may have additional refinements.

The WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright is not too heavy and it weighs in at 13 lbs.  This is lighter than most uprights – although there are lighter machines out there (take the Hoover Commercial Elite for example).  It is also not particularly large or bulky which probably helps in terms of the unit’s easy maneuverability.  Some owners report that it is an especially good fit for folks with an apartment or condo.  The small footprint also makes for manageable storage in compact areas.

Easily Steerable
Easily Steerable

The vacuum nozzle has a fairly narrow cleaning path width of 11.5 inches.  This is perhaps just slightly wider than most stick vacs.  A narrow nozzle head may make for additional work when cleaning large areas but it also makes it easier to get into tight areas.  The mobility of the UH72400 is further enhanced with the easy steering technology that allows one to direct the vacuum head just by twisting your wrist.  It does work well as reported by consumers.  In addition, the vacuum body and handle recline horizontally to allow one to better reach under furniture, beds, etc.

The nozzle is designed as part of Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 technology which “lifts and removes deep embedded dirt with three channels of suction”.  There is very little else said about this “technology” and the extent to which is really helps the vacuum do its job is simply not known.  Vacuum cleaner manufacturers have a habit of adding the word “technology” to the simplest upgrades/modifications/configurations in a vacuum and it is sometimes hard to tell whether this is purely marketing noise or if they have truly implemented something that makes a substantial difference.  It doesn’t help when they are vague.

While the vacuum is advertised as having height adjustment, the height cannot be adjusted manually.  Rather this unit has automatic height adjustment and the nozzle will adjust automatically depending on the surface being vacuumed.  This can sometimes be an issue with some machines, especially in the case of deep pile carpet where the nozzle may remain too low and become difficult to push.

Crevice Tool
Crevice Tool

The brushbar is motorized and there is also a brushbar on/off button.  The on/off capability helps when transferring from carpet to bare floors or vice versa.  Many people like to turn the brushbar off on bare floors.  The brushbar will also automatically stop rotating in the event of an overload or a jam.  The front of the nozzle is clear and this may help one to see if there is a brushbar obstruction.

The vacuum has two filters.  A cyclonic filter and a HEPA filter.  Both can be cleaned manually.  With the cyclonic filter it is suggested that it be cleaned by simply brushing it over a dustbin using the vacuum’s dusting brush.  The HEPA filter can be cleaned by tapping on it – to remove dust and debris - above a dustbin.  It should not be washed or rinsed.  You can read more filter maintenance details in the vacuum manual to which we provide a link at the bottom of this review. According to Hoover the filter should last the length of the vacuum warranty – which in this case is 5 years.

Dusting Brush
Dusting Brush

Tools are limited with this particular machine and it includes only a combination dusting brush and crevice tool (a common tool on many vacuums today) and an extension wand (plastic).  The tools store on-board the vacuum and can be attached to the end of the 11 foot see-through hose creating a full 14 feet of cleaning reach.  The power cord is a respectable 30 feet in length which adds significantly to the overall reach of the unit.

The WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright does not have a headlight or suction controls but it has a few additional features.  A no-scuff bumper around the perimeter of the nozzle ensures furniture and walls are not damaged when vacuuming, and a bottom empty dust canister conveniently allows one to dispose of the debris at the push of a button.  Also, as previously mentioned, the vacuum carries a 5-year warranty which is quite lengthy for a unit at this price point.

You can see the Hoover WindTunnel Air vacuum manual here if you like.  It isn’t too detailed but it has some good maintenance and troubleshooting information.  It also contains information on the warranty.

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