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Kirby is very different from the majority of companies that manufacture and market vacuum cleaners. In fact, many would say that the company is completely unique. In a world where customer service seems to have gone awry, Kirby still appears to take pride in who they are and what they do. Their "Home Care Systems" have been well known for reliability, quality and performance.  Manufacturing takes place in Cleveland, Ohio and Andrews, Texas and all home care systems are built in America.  But what exactly can their machines provide customers today...

Who is Kirby?
Kirby was founded by Jim Kirby, an incorrigible inventor that refused to give up his dream of making a living out of his ideas. He invented a number of products that are still manufactured today and was awarded over 200 patents in his lifetime, but the most famous of all of Kirby’s inventions was and still is his vacuum cleaning system. Although he had begun designing vacuum products in 1906, he did not begin to manufacture them until after World War I.
In 1925, Kirby introduced the Vacuette Electric to the world. It was an early version of the accessorized vacuum we see today, having a removable handle and a nozzle that could be used to access awkward places.  There have been many models introduced to the Kirby range over the years.

The Products
Unlike other vacuum manufacturers out there, Kirby only manufactures and sells one vacuum cleaner at a time. It is currently the Sentria System and has been since 2006. The Sentria System utilizes all of the latest technology and essentially incorporates two vacuums into the one package. The detachable elements ensure that it can be used as a handheld vacuum as well as an upright one, and there is also a mode to polish wooden floors as well – an all-in-one approach. You can also adjust the height of the vacuum as well to suit your own needs and prevent strain injuries.
Aside from the features listed above, this vacuum cleaner also has a headlight so that you can see where you are cleaning, TechDive so that you do not have to use much force to move the vacuum, and a HEPA 11 filtration system. 

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The Features
Although it is not a feature of the Kirby vacuum cleaner itself, the fact that Kirby products are only available via house call reiterates the fact that the company is still proud of its customer services record.  The house call service is available in the USA and 26 other countries worldwide, including the UK, Australia, South Africa and Russia.
However, as one might expect, the Kirby vacuum cleaners are relatively expensive, costing potentially hundreds of dollars more than similar models that are manufactured at the moment. However, the argument for these vacuum cleaners lies in the extensive list of features.


Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Manuals
We have provided links to the most popular Kirby Vacuum Cleaner manuals here - the Sentria and the Sentria II:

Kirby Sentria Manual
Kirby Sentria II Manual



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