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LG is a South Korean company that started in the 1950's. It now has offices worldwide and annual revenues in the billions of dollars. The company is famous for its appliances, particularly television sets and smartphones. In recent years it started manufacturing vacuum cleaners. The most notable feature of LG vacuums is the Kompressor technology which allows the machine to hold more debris and to dispose of it easier. This technology is described in detail in a number of the reviews below.

LG Kompressor Lightweight PetCare Upright - LuV250C


Avg. consumer rating = 73/100 

The LG LuV250C is a compact bagless upright vacuum cleaner.  It is popular with some owners but not with others.  It is well designed and it has strong suction, a motorized brushbar, a long power cord and an easy-to-empty dirt canister.  It also uses LG’s Kompressor technology which allows the canister to hold up to 3 times more debris.  Some owners comment however that the exhaust air can blow dust away from the nozzle.

LG Kompressor Plus - PetCare LcV900B


Avg. consumer rating = 78/100 

There isn’'t much consumer input on the LG Kompressor Plus PetCare LcV900B canister vacuum but the input that can be found is generally not too bad.  Owners are pleased with the machine's powerful suction, washable filters and easy-to-empty dirt canister.  It also gets good marks for having controls on the handle and being very effective at pulling up pet hair.  It does tend to be a little on the heavy side however.

LG LuV400T

Avg. consumer rating = 75/100 

The LG LuV400T is a very interesting vacuum cleaner with a tremendous range of features and tools.  Some of the more atypical features include vacuum RF controls from the wand and a special dust compacting system that allows you to get up to 3 times more dirt in the canister before emptying is necessary. Consumer ratings are not bad and the vacuum is also Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.  The cost for this machine tends to be similar (or slightly less) than a Dyson.

LG Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum LuV200R

Avg. consumer rating = 65/100 

This is the first LG vacuum cleaner we have reviewed but we had been noticing that the LG Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum was selling well and getting some decent reviews.  It uses Kompressor technology which is an interesting approach to storing and disposing of vacuum waste, and one which many consumers appear to like.  Consumers like the long power cord, the washable filters and the Kompressor technology.  On the downside some consider it a bit heavy.

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