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Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

The Red Velvet (model S6270) is part of Miele'’s latest series of canister vacuum cleaners, the S6 series.  The Red Velvet is rather unique with its soft red velvet finish on the canister surface.  The vacuum is best suited for smooth flooring and low pile carpet as the brushes in the nozzle are air-driven.  It also includes an AirClean filter, several attachments, a stainless steel telescopic wand, suction controls and a 7-year warranty on the motor and vacuum casing.  Consumer ratings, while few, are very good.

First - a few words about the host of Miele canisters on the market today.  Miele is often releasing new vacuum series and retiring others. Presently their canister stable includes the S2’s, the S5’s, the S6’s and the S8’s. The S6 vacuums were released in late 2011 while the most recent series is the S8’s. The S2's are the most affordable canisters (as low as $299), and the S8’s are the priciest with top end models going for as much as $1500.

With 4 series of canister vacuums and many models within each series, there are a tremendous number of vacuums to choose from. In fact there are so many that potential buyers are often confused. In our opinion before buying a Miele canister it is best to first ask yourself a few questions:

1) What kind of cleaning do I intend to do?
Bare floors only? Bare floors and low pile carpet? Bare floors and medium/high pile carpet? This is a very important consideration as Miele canisters are coupled with all manner of bare floor and carpet tools. You want to ensure your model will do the job for your flooring.

2) What level of filtration would I like?
Basic? HEPA? You can also get each level of filtration with activated carbon for odor removal – which can be a nice feature if you have pets. And some canisters (like the S5’s, S6’s and S8’s) have a special sealed system that ensures unfiltered air doesn’t leak out through the vacuum body.

3) How quiet do I want the vacuum to be?
Most Miele canister series are quiet but some have additional sound insulation for even quieter operation. According to Miele’s website the S6’s and S8’s use the new low noise vortex motor.

4) Do I want controls on the vacuum handle?
Some premium S5 and S8 models have suction controls, a standby button, brushbar on/off controls, etc on the handle. Other series and models may not have all of these features, and controls are on the canister body.

5) Is bag size an issue to me?
Larger bags do not have to be replaced as frequently. The S6’s have smaller bags than the S2, S5, S8’s.

6) Is on-board attachment storage important to me?
The S5 and S8 models have an attachment storage compartment in the canister itself. The S2’s and S6’s allow you to clip the attachments to the hose. A number of consumers report that attachments clipped to the hose sometimes get in the way.

There are quite a few more features to be considered but those highlighted above should help you more quickly narrow down the series and models that best match your needs.

Now, moving ahead with our overview of the Miele Red Velvet.  A quick review of online consumer input provided the following ratings:

Ratings Updated March 2016
 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4 stars out of 5  7
 Abt  4.6 stars out of 5  11
 John Lewis  5 stars out of 5  1
 Mr Vac & Mrs Sew  5 stars out of 5  1


While consumer input is limited for this relatively new vacuum, a few common likes and dislikes were found and are provided below:

- Very powerful
- Good on both carpet and bare floors
- Great looking, quality finish
- Lightweight
- Quiet

- Some folks feel it is a bit expensive

You can read customer reviews on Amazon here if you wish.

Miele’s Red Velvet is powered by the new 1200 watt vortex motor.  The motor is still made in Germany but is now quieter and lighter than previous versions.  Power output (1200 watts) continues to be the same as the older motor.  Like all Miele canisters the Red Velvet has suction controls.  The controls are located on the canister body and a rotary dial provides 6 settings (basically controls motor output between 200 and 1200 watts).  The settings are as follows:

• Curtains & fabrics
• Upholstery & cushions
• Carpets & area rugs
• Lightly soiled carpets
• Bare floors
• Quiet, energy-efficient vacuuming

Vacuum Suction Controls
Suction Controls

Filtration consists of a pre-motor filter, an AirClean filter and Miele’s 9-ply FilterBags (vacuum bags).  The pre-motor filter is usually changed every 5 vacuum bags or so.  A new pre-motor filter is provided in each 5-pack of Miele FilterBags (provided you are buying the genuine article from Miele).  All filters and bags are located in the dust bag compartment and are easy to access and change.

The AirClean filter is not quite as effective as a HEPA filter but is still removes 94% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or greater – a HEPA filter will remove over 99% of these particles.  The AirClean filter can be replaced with an Active HEPA filter or an Active AirClean filter should you wish to upgrade.  The “Active” component of these filters is an activated carbon cassette which helps remove odors from the air.

Miele’s FilterBags also help in the air filtration process as they are composed of 9-layer electrostatically charged material that helps trap microscopic particles. In addition, the bags have spring loaded, self locking collars so dust cannot escape during bag changes.  The correct bag for this machine is the Type FJM, AirClean™ dustbag which has a capacity of 3.7 quarts.  The Red Velvet also has a bag change indicator that gauges vacuum airflow.  It should be pointed out that this indicator can “trip” if the airflow is restricted due to a blockage (so while it generally indicates that a bag change is needed it could also indicate that there is a blockage or partial blockage).

This Miele canister sports sealed system construction.  A sealed system ensures that all the air entering the vacuum gets passed through the filters before it is released back into the room – air does not pass around the filter or leak out through the vacuum body. This ensures cleaner air as well as maximum suction.

The S6 series has the following abilities on different floor surfaces:

- S6290 HomeCare – all bare floors and low-pile carpet
- S6270 Quartz - all bare floors and low-pile carpet
- S6270 Red Velvet - all bare floors and low-pile carpet
- S6290 Jasper - all bare floors and low-pile carpet
- S6270 Onyx - all bare floors and low-pile carpet
- S6270 Topaz - all bare floors and low/medium/high-pile carpet (has an electrically-driven carpet tool)

Red Velvet Floor Tool
Combo Carpet & Smooth Floor Tool

As the above indicates, if you are looking for a machine for medium and high pile carpet then the Red Velvet may not be the best fit.  You may wish to look at the Topaz, or models in other series – there are S2, S5 and S8 models that handle medium to high pile carpet as well. 

The Red Velvet includes the SBD285-3 combination carpet and smooth floor tool.   This tool has a cleaning path width of 11 inches and a swivel head for increased maneuverability.  There is also a foot-operated rocker switch on the nozzle which allows the user to easily switch the tool from smooth floors to carpet mode or back.  This is not a motorized floor tool however and the rollers are air driven.  It is this that limits its effectiveness on deeper pile carpet.

Miele S6270 Red Velvet Attachments
Attachments & VarioClip

Several attachments are included with the Red Velvet:

- Dust brush (soft, natural bristles and a head that rotates up to 90 degrees)
- Upholstery nozzle (includes 2 felt strips for pulling up debris and pet hair)
- Crevice tool (useful for getting into hard to reach areas although there are some comments that it is a bit short)

These can be clicked into place at the end of the crush-proof, 6 foot hose or the end of the stainless steel telescopic wand.   The attachments are carried along with the vacuum by clipping them onto the “Varioclip” which in turn is clipped onto the vacuum hose.  Some Miele canister owners don’t like this approach to carrying attachments and we believe a better solution is to have an attachment storage compartment in the canister – some series have this.

Additional vacuum features include a built-in carrying handle, power on/off foot control, automatic power cord rewind (also via a foot control) and 360 degree rotating castor wheels on steel axles.  The Red Velvet also has a 33 foot operating radius.  This is determined by the length of the hose, handle, telescopic wand and power cord.  In addition, the Red Velvet includes a thermal cutoff switch and indicator.  Should the vacuum motor start to overheat, the thermal cutoff switch will turn the motor off and the indicator will light up.

The vacuum is very lightweight and the canister itself weighs only about 9 lbs.  It is slightly heavier with hose, tools and attachments.  The vacuum is designed for approximately 20 years of residential use (or about 1000 hours).  It also carries a lengthy 7 year warranty on the motor and vacuum casing, and 1 year on the rest of the vacuum.

Vacuum Manual
To learn more about features, operation and maintenance you can check out the vacuum cleaner manual here.



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