Miele Compact C2 Electro+


Avg. consumer rating = 90/100 

The marine blue Miele Compact C2 Electro+ is a lightweight, bagless canister vacuum that is capable on all manner of flooring - from smooth surfaces to low, medium, and even deep pile carpet.  This is a great all-rounder machine that is manufactured in Germany.  Owners really like the powerful suction, the low noise output, and the top-notch air filtration capabilities.  However, the carpet cleaner head is a little on the bulky side, and the tools, which are attached via a clip to the hose, can sometimes get knocked off.


Quick Specs
Type Canister
Bagged/Bagless Bagged
Best for... Hard Floors & Low/Medium/High Pile Carpet
Pet Hair Features No
Approx. Weight Canister approx 10 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration Yes
Power Cord Length 20 feet
Motor Driven Brushroll Yes
Warranty 1 Year P&L, 7 Years motor/housing


Consumer Ratings
A total of 214 consumer ratings were found online for the Miele C2 Electro+ and when these were averaged they generated a score of 89.9 out of 100 (or about 4.5 stars out of 5).  This is a good score compared to most canisters we have looked at on the site, although there are some Miele units that do score higher.  You may wish to view our full list of canister vacuum ratings or our list of Miele vacuum ratings.

Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon 4.4 stars out of 5 149
Bed Bath & Beyond 4.7 stars out of 5 62
Wayfair 5 stars out of 5 2
Sylvane 5 stars out of 5 1
Miele Compact C2 Electro Plus
What Are Owners Saying?
A thorough review of owner comments has provided the following group of Electro+ likes and dislikes:
- Powerful suction
- Variable suction controls
- Capable on bare floors, rugs, and carpet
- Well-made, solid vacuum
- Manufactured in Germany
- Not too noisy
- Top notch air filtration
- Lightweight canister
- Carpet cleaner head feels heavy
- Hose can be stiff
- Tools do not store in vacuum canister
The suction level is probably the most commonly commented upon aspect of the Electro+. Owners seem a bit surprised at the powerful suction generated by this compact canister vacuum but they are very pleased.  They also like the variable motor speed feature which allows the suction to be decreased or increased. Many vacuums do not have this capability and being able to dial down suction is a real asset when cleaning delicate items like curtains or other lightweight fabrics.
Folks also highlight that this unit feels solid and well-made.  They also point out that it is manufactured in Germany.  Perhaps products made outside of China garner more attention these days.
Owners like the low noise output of this Miele machine.  Folks who have not had a Miele vacuum previously almost seem taken aback at how quiet the vacuum is.  This is, in part, the result of noise insulation.
Owners report that the Electro+ leaves the air in the room/house smelling clean and fresh.  There are also several comments from people that they or members of their household have experienced reduced issues related to allergies or asthma.
Additional positive feedback includes:
- The vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room or up and down stairs
- It is effective at cleaning low, medium and even high pile carpet
- The vacuum canister maneuvers and tracks well behind you
- It feels like a better built canister vacuum than units from other manufacturers

Miele Electro Plus vacuum
There are a few negative comments however.  Some people feel that the telescopic wand and the power brush are heavy and a little cumbersome. Others report that the hose is a bit short, the crevice tool is short, and the power cord is short.  We have noticed than many people are a bit confused by Miele’s “33 foot cleaning radius” specification and mistake it for power cord length.  This vacuum does not have a 33 foot power cord.
There are a few comments that the hose is stiff and that the exhaust filter, despite doing a great job, is not particularly cheap.  Also, the clip that holds the tools and attaches to the hose is not a great tool storage solution.  There is a tendency for the clip to be bumped and fall off, or for tools to fall off the clip itself.  Larger Miele canisters have a tool storage compartment built into the canister – this is a more popular solution.
Finally, we see some grumbling about people mixing up the two buttons on the top of the canister and sometimes pressing the Cord Rewind button when they mean to press the Power button or vice versa.  We’ve seen this comment about many Miele canister vacuums.  This is not a big issue.
You can read more Electro+ owner comments on Amazon.
What’s in the Box?
- Electro+ canister vacuum
- Electrobrush cleaner head (SEB 228)
- Parquet brush cleaner head (SBB Parquet-3)
- Upholstery tool
- Crevice tool
- Dusting brush
- 1 Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Type FJM dustbag
- 1 Miele AirClean filter
The dustbags (sometimes referred to as filterbags) for the Electro+ are “Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bag, Type FJM”.  The dustbags are the first stage of filtration.  They are composed of 3-ply polymer fibers which capture many of the small particles suspended in the air.  As a result they help to keep the pre-motor and post-motor filters clean (they therefore last longer).  The dustbags have a volume of 3.5 liters and an indicator on the canister will tell you when the bag needs to be changed.
The vacuum has two filters.  There is a pre-motor filter and a post-motor filter.  The pre-motor filter is sometimes called a motor protection filter as it removes small particles from the air before it enters the motor.  This filter is a fairly simple white electrostatic pad.  The post-motor filter (which is sometimes called the exhaust filter) is a HEPA AirClean filter (HA 50).  This filter meets HEPA 13 specifications which means it will capture 99.95% of all particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. Miele indicates that this filter needs to be replaced about once per year but there is actually a "Timestrip" on the filter that provides a visual indication of when the filter needs to be replaced.
If you have cats and/or dogs you may wish to upgrade to a filter with odor elimination capabilities.  One such filter is the Active AirClean Exhaust Filter which will fit the Electro+.  This filter has a layer of Activated Charcoal which lies between two Super AirClean filters and it offers excellent odor trapping abilities.
It is also important to note that the Electro+ has a sealed filtration system.  This ensures that all the air entering the vacuum gets passed through the filters before being exhausted from the machine.  Air does not leak out through poor seals or cracks.  This also helps keep the suction from being diminished.  A sealed system is critical to effective air filtration, and many vacuums do not have this.
Variable Suction
The vacuum has 6 stages of suction that can be set via a rotary dial on the canister body.  When you adjust the suction what  you are really doing is changing the motor speed settings which simply modifies the air flow.  The six available settings are as follows:
- curtains and lightweight fabrics
- upholstery and cushions
- thick pile carpets, rugs and runners
- energy saving mode, daily vacuuming with low noise level
- low pile carpets
- hard flooring and intensive cleaning of carpets 

Miele Electro+ Controls
Even though the vacuum has a low noise level setting (one of the 6 settings above) it is fairly quiet in all modes.  The Electro+ has a sound-optimized motor and also integrated insulation which helps dampen noise.
Cleaner Heads
Two cleaner heads are provided with the Electro+:
1) Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228.  This tool is one of the main items that differentiates this vacuum from many other Miele canisters.  It is designed to handle area rugs and all different levels of carpet.  This is a motorized cleaner head and it has a powered brushroll with 2 rows of stiff bristles driven by a cogged belt.  Motorized units tend to do the best job on carpet.  The SEB 228 also has 5 different height settings which allow it to accomodate different pile carpet (low/medium/high). The brushroll on this cleaner head can be turned ON and OFF which can be handy if you only wish to do a small amount of smooth flooring.  A swivel neck ads to the unit’s maneuverability.  However, as mentioned above, some folks find this cleaner head a bit on the heavy side.  It does house a motor and electronics. 

Miele Electro Plus Powerbrush
2) Small Parquet Floorhead SBB Parquet-3.  This is the cleaner head you want to use when you have a significant amount of smooth flooring to clean.  It is good for tile, wood, stone, and other smooth surfaces.  The head swivels a full 90 degrees in either direction and it has a very low profile which helps it reach under low furniture. 

Miele SBB Parquet 3 floor brush
The cleaner heads attach to the stainless steel electro telescopic wand. This wand can be adjusted to match your height and it also collapses to make storage easier.  Either cleaner head can also be hooked into the back of the canister when taking a break or parking the vacuum.  The cleaner head will stay in an upright position so you don't have to lay it on the floor. It’s a handy feature.
Cleaning Reach
The vacuum has a 33 foot operating radius.  Operating radius is the popular specification reported by Miele and some people mistake this for power cord length.  Operating radius includes the full reach of the vacuum from where it is plugged into the wall to the end of the cleaner head.  The power cord on this vacuum is closer to 20 feet in length.  The power cord is also “automatic rewind” and is activated by a button on the canister body.
Miele Vario ClipTools
Three standard tools come with the vacuum:
- Upholstery tool
- 6 inch crevice tool
- Dusting brush
The 3 tools fit onto a clip which in turn attaches to the vacuum hose (see image to left).  Miele calls this the “vario clip”.  It is frankly a bit of an inelegant solution but this is a compact vacuum and thus has no built-in storage.
Other Features
This is a lightweight vacuum and the canister weighs in at about 10 lbs or so.  The canister also moves very well and easily tracks behind you as you vacuum.  There are three caster wheels on the underside of the canister which swivel a full 360° and are gentle on hardwood floors.
The warranty provides for 1-year on parts & labor and 7-years on the motor & casing. You can also read more about the Miele Vacuum warranty.
Vacuum Cleaner Manual
The manual is provided in English, French and Spanish.  It covers an introduction to the vacuum, basic operations and features, maintenance, FAQ, after-sales service, warranty, etc.  It is important to note that the beginning of the manual carries the statement “USE OF NON-MIELE COMPONENTS MAY VOID THE WARRANTY.”  You can view the manual here: Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Manual

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