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Panasonic is a leading brand in the home today. The company designs and manufactures a whole range of products including televisions, DVD players, digital cameras and other modern home appliances.  However, one household appliance that they are little known for is the vacuum cleaner...

Who Are Panasonic?
The journey began in 1918. The original name of the company was Matsushita and it still is the name of the company branch in Japan.  Matsushita sold products under the brand name “National”.  It was a highly organised company with the branding capturing the attention of Japan. It soon became synonymous with quality and technological innovation.
However, when the company decided to branch out into Europe, the United States and Canada, they could not take the brand name of National with them.  These countries already had brand names that were commonly known as National. Thus Panasonic was born and the company has flourished ever since, adding to its product range and perpetuating one of the biggest battles in electronics history with Sony. The Panasonic VHS won out against the Sony Betamax, but where do the vacuum cleaners come in?
The Products
The vacuum cleaner is not a well known Panasonic product when compared to the myriad of entertainment products that they sell, and it has not really made an impact on overall company sales.  There are several upright vacuums and several cylinder vacuums models manufactured. They are all fairly reasonable in terms of price, thus their main advantage is the fact that they are affordable.
They all appear modern but there are fewer sold than most other big vacuum cleaner brands likely because they are not well publicised. The best selling vacuum cleaners that Panasonic have on offer are the bagless cylinder vacuums. They are actually extremely efficient and offer a more versatile alternative to the uprights that cannot reach every nook and cranny in your home!
The Features
Panasonic vacuums have a variety of different features.  For example, you could choose a HEPA air filtration system or an electrostatic one. Many of them are extremely powerful at over 2000W. One of the main features though is the huge capacity for dust. Most of the bagless Panasonic vacuums have a capacity of 2.5 litres for dust but the bagged ones can go in excess of 6 litres, meaning that they require less maintenance than their competitors.

Highest Scoring Vacuums
#1 CORDLESS VACUUM:   Dyson V8 Absolute (94/100)
Top Cordless Vacuum
#1 UPRIGHT VACUUM:      Shark NV752 TruePet (94/100)
Top Upright Vacuum
  Also see Shark NV801 (94/100) 
#1 CANISTER VACUUM:    Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor (93/100)
Top Canister Vacuum





0 # Count Vacula 2016-07-26 21:15
Sadly as of the summer of 2016 it appears Panasonic is about to exit the home appliance market in the US and Canada. No more Panasonic vacuums or any other home appliances. They make a great product but cheap seems to be more important than well made today. The Panasonic Floor Care of America headquarters in Danville KY is scheduled to close in March 2017. The story I read is their tooling will be sold to Cleva, who will become the supplier of Kenmore vacuums. No word yet on whether Cleva will continue to make Panasonic's machines under their own brand names. Just have to wait and see what happens.
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0 # Jeff N 2013-09-17 13:15
My current vacuum is a 10 yr old Panasonic that I have put through some very hard use. I\'ve banged it into walls, flipped it, held it up by the hose, all that and I have had zero problems. Only a few minor issues like the wand is a little short when I have the floor attachment on and I wish the hose was a little longer. Lately though the motor on the head cuts out a little when pulling backwards, works fine when going forward.
I\'ve looked at all the other brands and you can spend a lot more but it\'s hard to finds vacuums that give you what Panasonic does, especially for the price.
So I\'m looking at getting the new MC-CG 983 which is their top canister vac. Panasonics come with the best brush attachments of all the brands out their, in my humble opinion.
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0 # R A Meier 2010-08-29 20:13
Thanks so much for your encouraging words about Panasonic vacuum cleaners. I\'ve 2 or 3 uprights as well as an Electric Broom. I really liked all of them, especially the Elec Broom....in fact, I LOVED it! Had it for 20 years and it suddenly quit. A vac repairman told my husband he couldn\'t get parts to fix it, which I don\'t believe ...and he kept it. Maybe Panasonic still makes them? Haven\'t been to an actual vacuum cleaner store in ages, but I\'ll be there tomorrow!
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