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Best Vacuum Brand

We’ve been publishing scores for vacuum cleaners of all kinds and brands for approximately 10 years now. Each year we analyze all of our data in order to provide insights into the best vacuum brands.  To date we have produced over 200 vacuum reviews and gathered price and consumer ratings data in each and every review.  This data, as of November 2017, includes over 160,000 consumer ratings.  The data has been “crunched” and put into several insightful charts.

What can we draw from these charts?  Well, we don’t want to make any hard conclusions here as our data is not exhaustive (we have not reviewed every vacuum from every manufacturer), but clearly a combination of a high rating and a low cost is good. For the most part the charts speak for themselves.  You should also consider that some brands have better ratings for certain types of vacuums - like Miele and canisters.  The data below average all vacuum types per brand.

Best Vacuum Brand

Average Cost - Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Variance - Vacuum Cleaner Brands

You will notice the chart above is titled "Variance".  We added this because we thought it might be useful.  We are not mathematicians so I hope we got this right – we believe this chart will show you how closely grouped together ratings are for each brand.  The lower the number the more closely grouped together they are.   Why does this matter?  Well consider the following two charts of ratings:

Hoover versus Shark Vacuum Cleaner Ratings

We can see that Hoover ratings vary greatly while Shark ratings less so.  So these charts indicate you will likely have a better chance of getting a Shark vacuum that is close to its average rating than a Hoover vacuum.  So a good combination here is a low variance combined with a high rating (a low variance with a low rating just means there is a good chance the vacuum you buy will also have a low rating). 

Now, just to throw a little twist into things, when looking at the cost and ratings charts above you might say something like “I’m looking for a canister vacuum and I see Miele and Dyson ratings are similar but Dysons are less expensive – so maybe I will buy a Dyson canister vacuum”.  However you should consider the chart below.  The data suggest that Dyson makes a more highly rated upright and stick vac while Miele makes a more highly rated canister. (We did not do an upright/canister/stick ratings breakdown for other brands).

Miele vs Dyson Comparison of Consumer Ratings

It is worth remembering that while all of this data and these charts are interesting and hopefully useful, the information is meant to be for discussion purposes and we cannot guarantee that using it will provide you with the "best vacuum".

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-1 # Sandra Novakovich 2014-07-04 12:41
I bought a Mielie Callisto canister 2 1/2yrs ago and would never have another. I spent close to $1000.00. It is heavy,awkward and the tools are inadequate. But the worst part is the bag is too big for the compartment. So it registers full when it[\'s not even half full.Wish Electrolux ws still made in
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+2 # Vacuum Person 2012-09-26 15:50
I noticed you left out rainbow, electrolux, Filter Queen, and many others. I was surprised by you leaving out Filter Queen they can run perfectly after 30+ years and have many attachments.
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-1 # Debra 2012-04-21 05:01
How does the Kirby fair against the Shark?
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