Rainbow Vacuums - An Overview


The Rainbow vacuum cleaner has been a staple of the American home for the last seventy years and has a wide variety of functions and features.   Their cleaning systems use water-based filtration to trap dirt and the company uses the catch phrase "Wet dust can't fly" in its marketing materials.  The company does not make a wide range of cleaning systems and instead provides only one at any given time.

Who Is Rainbow?
Rainbow is actually the brand name of the vacuum cleaner that is made by a company that is commonly known as Rexair LLC. Rexair was founded in 1929 in Troy, Michigan. Leslie H Green was the man responsible for the company but was not the individual that designed the first company vacuum cleaner.  Instead, that honour went to John W Newcombe. He actually designed the first ever bagless vacuum cleaner, which was initially marketed by the company but later modified in order to incorporate a unique water filtration system. However, the Rainbow brand still did not hit the market for some years to come.
It was 1955 before the Rainbow brand was introduced and four years later J V Sanders bought and revolutionized the company. The business format he adopted is still in place now and keeps Rainbow popular among the general public. He was actually a salesman by trade and introduced a program of door to door sales. Many people in the industry view this as unsolicited direct marketing, but the company itself claims that the "appointments only" system that they advertise has been in place for some years and continues to provide happy customers.
The Products
There is only one Rainbow product on the market at the moment - the Rainbow cleaning system itself, which is commonly known as the Rainbow vacuum by the public at large. The Rainbow system incorporates the water filtration system that was patented in the 1950s. It is an effective and efficient system that can be used throughout the home and has been proven to effectively get at dirt and grime.  The system itself is rather bulky and also fairly expensive in comparison to other products on the market, but the company justifies the price by indicating that the vacuum can do the kind of job that would require several other vacuums.
The Features
The features of the Rainbow cleaning system are actually unique at the moment because the product offers the total cleaning package for your home. It incorporates air cleaning, carpets, wet floors, bard floors, mattresses, upholstery and cushions so you do not need multiple vacuuming devices.
The system is designed to last for years and is extremely durable and hard-wearing. If you consider the cost out over the years it may be a fraction of the money that you would pay for multiple cleaning systems during the same period of time. However you do have to purchase carpet shampoo to ensure that deep cleaning is at its optimum.



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