Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum (NV350)


Avg. consumer rating = 88/100 

The Shark Navigator (model NV22) is a popular and well-liked vacuum cleaner, but there is now a new model under the Navigator name called the NV350 Lift-Away, and it is getting good consumer ratings.  The Lift-Away is similar to the Shark Navigator NV22 in many ways (strong suction, not too expensive, 5-year warranty) but it is also very lightweight and it comes with a detachable canister. 

A review of consumer comments from several quality sources provides the following Navigator Lift-Away likes and dislikes:


- Powerful suction
- Fairly quiet
- Sealed system (for high quality filtration)
- Brushbar can be turned on and off
- Plenty of attachments
- Easy to empty dirt canister
- Works well on different surfaces (carpet and hard)
- Detachable canister is great for doing stairs
- Filters are washable
- Swivel head creates good maneuverability
- Very easy to assemble
- Lengthy 5 year warranty

- Power cord is a little short
- Narrow nozzle width
- Canister piece is a bit bulky when trying to get under furniture
- Limited on-board tool storage
- Lots of plastic in construction

You can read more Navigator Lift-Away customer reviews on Amazon if you wish. 

The Navigator NV350 Lift-Away appears to be getting pretty good consumer ratings, although it should be said that there are limited ratings available as of yet.  Also, several consumers have compared this unit to a Dyson and indicated that (in their opinion) it is a comparable machine for a fraction of the cost.  A review of online sources provides the following consumer ratings for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.4 out of 5  20
 Bed Bath & Beyond  5 out of 5  3
 Target  3 out of 5  2
 Epinions  5 out of 5  1

It is likely that consumers sometimes compare this to a Dyson because of its marketing.  It is described as using “no loss of suction” technology, having replaceable filters, and using HEPA filtration.  These three areas also feature prominent in Dyson vacuum cleaner marketing.  Actually quite a few bagless vacuum cleaners on the market today have these features.  Having said that, it is interesting that a number of consumers appear to like this as much or even more than a Dyson – although the extent to which these folks have experience with a Dyson is not known.

“No Loss of Suction” technology is simply cyclonic suction which uses air spinning at a very high speed to remove debris from the airflow.  This approach is said to help keep the filters cleaner longer, and ensure that there is limited obstruction to airflow thereby maintaining vacuum suction (unlike a bagged machine where the bag slowly fills and begins to limit airflow and therefore suction).  The filters on the Navigator Lift-Away are also washable (like those on a Dyson) so there is no need to buy replacements.

There are only a few vacuums on the market that have a sealed system and the navigator Lift-Away is one of them (fairly common feature on a Miele canister vacuum).  A sealed system ensures that all the air that enters the vacuum is passed through the filters (air does not flow around the filters or escape to the outside through cracks in the vacuum body), an approach that generates high quality exhaust air.  It is particularly useful when coupled with HEPA filtration.
And yes, the Lift-Away also comes with HEPA filtration – a very high level of filtration that removes many allergens from the air.  HEPA filtration is a popular feature for those suffering from allergies or asthma, and the Navigator Lift-Away has actually been certified by the British Allergy Foundation.  HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate air” and it is a level of filtration that removes 99.97% of all particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or greater from the air.  This typically includes pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, etc. Please note that not all Lift-Away models come with a HEPA filter. If HEPA is important to you check carefully before you buy.

It seems that the Navigator NV350’s canister or “lift-away” feature is no gimmick as consumers frequently allude to how well it works.  The canister along with the handle (with or without extension wand) is removed from the main body of the vacuum, and it is then carried around for cleaning areas such as stairs, ceilings, under furniture, etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words and the following video will help show some of the vacuum features and highlights. Bear in mind however that this is a commercial and can be a little annoying with its strong sales pitch.

The Navigator Lift-Away vacuum also comes with several attachments and tools which include:
- Pet hair turbo brush (consumers indicate that this works well)
- Crevice tool (extra long at 24 inches)
- On-board crevice tool
- On-board dusting brush
- Accessory bag (for carrying the tools that do not fit on-board)

The Lift-Away has a motorized brushbar that can be turned on or off, and consumers indicate that the vacuum is very good on both carpets and bare floors.  The cleaning path width is only 11 inches which is a little narrow however.  Although there are comments that some like the narrow nozzle as it makes maneuvering around furniture easier.

As advertised the Shark Navigator Lift Away is quite lightweight.  It weighs in at 12.8 lbs (all together) and the canister itself weighs only 7.5 lbs.  This is indeed fairly light for an upright vacuum.  The unit comes with a 25 foot power cord which is long enough for some consumers while others feel it is a little short.  In our experience a 30+ foot cord is best (if you can get it).  The NV350 Lift-Away also has an automatic power nozzle shut off feature should the brushbar be obstructed.  This saves the vacuum belt and the nozzle motor. 

This is a bagless vacuum cleaner and many consumers point out that the dirt canister is quite easy to empty.  It is a bottom empty canister with a 3 quart capacity.   The Shark Navigator Lift-Away carries a 5 year limited warranty and it only comes in lavender.



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