Shark Navigator DLX model NV70


Avg. rating = 90/100 

The Shark Navigator DLX (model NV70) is a reasonably inexpensive bagless upright vacuum cleaner.  It does not come with a lot of bells and whistles but it does have a HEPA filter, a sealed system, and a large dust canister. Owners also report that the NV70 has powerful suction and is quite easy and cheap to maintain.  However, the power cord and wand are a bit short and the cleaner head is rather narrow.  The vacuum color is gold, or what Shark refers to as “champagne”.



Quick Specs
Type Upright
Bagged/Bagless Bagless
Best for... Hard Floors & Carpet
Pet Hair Features No
Approx. Weight 15.2 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration Yes
Power Cord Length 25 ft
Motor Driven Brushbar Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Consumer Ratings
Many owner ratings for the NV70 can be found on a host of popular online retail outlets and we have compiled them in the table below.  In all we found some 2386 ratings and when a weighted average was applied it resulted in an overall score for the vacuum of 90.2 out of 100 (or about 4.5 stars out of 5).  This is a very good score.  You can compare this to the score or other upright vacuums in our Upright Vacuum Ratings table, or you may wish to view ratings for all the vacuums on our site in the Vacuum Cleaner Finder.
Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon 4.3 stars out of 5 928
Wayfair 4.7 stars out of 5 832
Best Buy 4.7 stars out of 5 313
Overstock 4.6 stars out of 5 115
Kohl's 4.1 stars out of 5 90
Walmart 4.6 stars out of 5 76
Home Depot 4.4 stars out of 5 29
Staples 4.5 stars out of 5 3
Shark Navigator DLXWhat Are Owners Saying?
A thorough review of owner comments has provided the following list of vacuum pros and cons.
- Large dust canister
- Easy-to-empty dust canister
- Strong suction
- Simple maintenance
- Effective on pet hair
- Capable on carpet and bare floors
- Has suction release vent (to lower suction)
- Has brushroll on/off controls
- Lifetime belt
- Short wand
- Hose uses compression fit to attach to vacuum
- Some feel it is a bit heavy
- Edge cleaning is weak
- Narrow cleaner head
- Shortish power cord
One of the most common statements about the NV70 is that it has very powerful suction.  People seem surprised at just how much suction the unit generates.  As a result, pickup on carpet and bare floors is generally quite good.  Owners also highlight that the vacuum performs admirably on pet hair.
Movement is both good and bad.  Some folks are not happy with the weight of the vacuum and report that it feels bulky and awkward due to the weight.  However there are also quite a few people who like the maneuverability of the machine highlighting how easy it is to steer the cleaner head around furniture because of the swivel steering. 
Shark NV70 Swivel SteeringOwners like the maintenance aspect of the NV70.  The filters can all be rinsed in water, the belt lasts the lifetime of the vacuum, and there are no bags to buy.  The dust canister is also reportedly very easy to detach, empty, and reattach.  All-in-all it is fairly inexpensive to operate.
Some folks like the narrow cleaning head while others do not.  The narrow cleaner head is an asset when vacuuming in tight, cramped areas but some people report having to go back and forth many times to cover an area.
Probably the most frustrating issue for NV70 owners is the short wand.  In a standing position the wand will not reach the floor.  Many people feel that it is simply too short to be practical.  The hose itself is reasonably long but is often difficult to stretch out and this can result in pulling the vacuum over when using the hose/wand. 
Another issue owners have with the hose is that it doesn’t lock into place where it is attached to the vacuum.  The hose is connected to the vacuum using compression fit – so it has to be pushed on, and in some cases folks find that it falls off while they are vacuuming. 
There are also comments about a shortish power cord, somewhat weak edge cleaning capabilities, and disappointment at it having no headlights. 
You can read more NV70 owner comments on Amazon.
What the NV70 Doesn’t Have
Shark vacuum cleaners are currently popular for quite a few reasons, one of which is their innovations.  Popular innovations/features that the NV70 does not have include:
This technology allows you to “lift-away” the dust canister motor assembly of the vacuum and carry it in one hand while using the hose/wand/tools in the other.  This is a great feature and allows for a level of handheld cleaning even with an upright vacuum.  Some popular Lift Away vacuums include:
This technology uses 2 brushrolls in the vacuum cleaner head.  There is a soft roller at the very front of the cleaner head and a more traditional bristled brushroll in the middle of the cleaner head.  This configuration provides cleaning right up to the front of the cleaner head, it enables the cleaner head to pick up larger sized debris, and it also “polishes” hard flooring (often removing stuck-on dust).  This is present on many Shark vacuums such:

Zero-M Technology is fairly recent and it uses a special brushroll and comb arrangement to stop hair from tangling in the brushroll.  This is especially useful in households with pets.  Examples with this technology include:

Bagless Technology
The NV70 is a bagless vacuum that uses cyclonic technology.  This is the most common technology used in bagless vacuums today and it involves rapidly spinning incoming air in a cyclone such that dust/debris are thrown out and into the dust canister (more or less).  This approach typically helps keep your filters cleaner and also doesn’t result in reduced suction over time (as takes place when filling the bag of a bagged vacuum).
The NV70 includes something Shark call “Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology”.  What this means is that the vacuum comes with both a HEPA filter and a sealed system.  A HEPA filter is capable of removing very, very small particles from the air.  It will actually remove the likes of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, etc.  This is all very well and good, however in many vacuums the air can bypass this filter or it can even leak out of poor seals or cracks in the vacuum body before even reaching the filter.  Shark solves this problem by coupling the filter with something called a sealed system.  A sealed system is exactly what it sounds like – no unfiltered air leaks out.  All air must go through the filter and only filtered air is exhausted from the machine.
There are three filters to maintain on the NV70.  Two pre-motor filters and one post-motor filter (the HEPA filter).  The two pre-motor filters can be found just under the dust canister.  One of these is foam and the other is felt.  Both can be rinsed in warm water and Shark suggests doing this about once per month.  When they are completely dry (about 24 hrs) they can be placed back in the vacuum.
The HEPA filter can be found under the panel on the lower front of the vacuum.  This filter can also be rinsed when needed.  Shark suggests that you only need to clean this filter about once per year.
Two (and sometimes three) tools are provided with the NV70.  Shark state that the unit includes:
- Upholstery Tool
- 5.5 inch Crevice Tool
Shark NV70 Upholstery Tool
Shark NV70 Crevice Tool
However we have noticed that most retail outlets (and some owners) report that the vacuum also includes:
- Wide Pet Upholstery Tool
Shark NV70 Wide Pet Tool
Dust Canister
The dust canister on this vacuum is very large.  It has a capacity of about 3.5 dry quarts.  You can compare that to the size of some other Navigator model canisters below:
 Model  Dust Canister Capacity
 Navigator NV70  3.5 dry quarts
 Navigator NV360  3.0 dry quarts
 Navigator NV42  2.6 dry quarts
 Navigator Zero-M  2.2 dry quarts
 Navigator NV105  1.8 dry quarts
This is a bottom empty dust canister and you simply press a button and the bottom opens to allow the dirt/debris to fall out.
The NV70 is perhaps a little above average weight at 15.2 lbs.  The weights of several other Navigators are provided below for comparison purposes:
 Model  Weight
 Navigator NV70  15.2 lbs
 Navigator NV360  16.0 lbs
 Navigator NV42  15.1 lbs
 Navigator Zero-M  13.4 lbs
 Navigator NV105  10.6 lbs
Carpet & Bare Floors
The brushroll in the cleaner head of the vacuum can be turned ON or OFF.  There is a power/surface switch at the top of the vacuum body.  This switch has three settings: Vacuum Power OFF, Bare Floor (brushroll OFF), Carpet (brushroll ON).  This is a good feature as some vacuums do not allow you to turn the brushroll off and this can be a disadvantage when cleaning bare surfaces.  Also, the brushroll will automatically turn itself off if it encounters an obstruction – this feature helps save your motor and/or belt.
Cleaner Head
The cleaner head on the vacuum is rather narrow at only 9.25 inches wide.  This is both a pro and a con in our book.  A narrow cleaner head does allow you to get into cramped areas and is often easier to maneuver, however in larger open areas it results in the need to do many passes to cover the area.  Whether or not you like this is probably a function of your cleaning area.  The vacuum also has swivel steering which helps with maneuverability.
Suction Control
Some vacuums allow you to control the suction at the nozzle by changing the vacuum motor speed.  The NV70 isn’t one of them but it does have a suction control slider which is an inexpensive but reasonably effective means to lower vacuum suction.  The slider open and closes an opening (you do this manually) and essentially allows you to bleed off suction if you want to.  This is a very handy feature especially if you are vacuuming something delicate like some drapery or upholstery.  You can keep the slider closed for maximum suction.
Cleaning Reach
The power cord is 25 feet in length.  This is, in our opinion, a little short.  Most owners prefer power cords to be at least 30 feet long.  Of course every home is different but power cords under 30 feet seem to cause grumbling with folks complaining that they have to constantly seek out a new power outlet when moving about doing their vacuuming.
Shark Navigator Cleaning Reach
The hose expands when pulled (stretch hose) but folks still report that the unit has a tendency to be pulled over when using the hose and wand.  This would indicate that its effective length is still a bit short.  Also, the wand on the NV70 is quite short.
Belt & Wheels
Other features on the NV70 include a lifetime belt (you should never have to replace the belt), and rubber wheels (to ensure no marring of delicate floors).
The NV70 carries a 1-year limited manufacturer's parts and labor warranty
Vacuum Cleaner Manual
The manual for this vacuum is rather short and doesn’t have too much detail.  This is often the case with less expensive machines.  It does cover assembly, cleaning, emptying the dust canister, filter maintenance, cleaning the brushroll, troubleshooting, and the warranty. You can view the manual here: Shark Navigator DLX NV70 manual

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