Shark Rocket Complete HV382


Avg. consumer rating = 92/100 

The Shark Rocket Complete TruePet with DuoClean (HV382) is an interesting vacuum. In many ways it adheres to typical vacuum design but in some ways it does not. First, it is something of a hybrid between a stick vac and an upright. Second, it has 2 brushrolls in the main nozzle, and comes with an odd looking “under-appliance” wand. Differences aside, does it work? In our testing & analysis the vacuum works quite well. It is versatile, has great suction, includes useful tools, and has a long power cord. But it does have a few drawbacks - there's no HEPA filter and it won't stand on its own.

Quick Specs
Type Upright/Stick
Bagged/Bagless Bagless
Best for... Hard Floors & Carpet
Pet Hair Features Yes
Approx. Weight 9.4 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration No
Power Cord Length 30 feet
Motor Driven Brushbar Yes
Warranty 5 Years


Shark Rocket Vacuum Series
At this time there are several series of Shark Rocket vacuums:
- HV300 series
- HV320 Series
- HV380 Series
- NV480/NV470 Series

The HV380 series can be broken down into several models:
- HV380
- HV380W
- HV381
- HV382
(note – there is also an HV381C but we don’t see this around much)

The HV380 vacuums are all quite similar with differences mainly in the tool set.

Shark Vacuum HV380 Series Tools 

The model we are looking at today is the HV382.  Shark refers to this model as its “most Advanced Rocket®”.  It is described as a lightweight upright vacuum with DuoClean™ Technology.  The HV382 is sometimes referred to as the "Shark Rocket Complete TruePet with DuoClean" to differentiate it from other Shark Rocket Complete models.

The following image shows what comes in the HV382 box (minus the vacuum itself).

Shark Rocket Complete in Box

Consumer Ratings
Consumer ratings are not as widespread for this vacuum as they are for some other Shark vacuums at this time – the machine is quite new.  We’ve done some digging however and come upon 103 ratings.  When averaged these result in a very healthy score of 92/100.  We should note here that we have also considered ratings from the HV380 and the HV381 as the machines are so similar. 

You can compare this score to other machines at the following ratings tables: Upright Vacuum Ratings, Stick Vacuum Ratings, ALL Vacuum Ratings

Source Consumer Rating #Ratings
Amazon 4.5 stars out of 5 59
Bed Bath & Beyond 4.8 stars out of 5 13
Kohl's 4.3 stars out of 5 12
Target (HV381) 4.8 stars out of 5 11
Walmart (HV380) 4.9 stars out of 5 8


Pros & Cons
A thorough review of owner comments as well as our testing and analysis have provided the following pros and cons:

- Powerful suction
- Performs well on carpet and bare floors
- Versatile (upright & handheld)
- Not too loud
- Respectably long power cord
- Washable filters
- Includes plenty of tools

- A bit big for a handheld
- Small dust canister
- Will not stand upright
- No HEPA filter

What Are Owners Saying?
The most talked about feature of this vacuum is its strong suction.  Many owners are impressed with the level of power provided in such a compact unit and report that it pulls up all manner of dust and debris.  Several people have compared it to the suction on their full size vacuum and feel that this smaller Shark unit is actually stronger.  

Most owners report that the Shark Complete with DuoClean is effective at pulling up pet hair.  Although one or two found that the hair gets very easily tangled in the brushroll.  This, in our opinion, is fairly commonplace with most vacuums and is also a function of the length of hair - long pet hair gets tangled much easier than short pet hair.  Shark has also included a handy little hair remover tool that is tucked away under the brushroll panel (see image below).  It’s a nice touch and this vacuum, despite being more of a stick vacuum, has made our list of the best Shark vacuums for pet hair.

Shark HV382 Hair Remover Tool

General comments about the vacuum’s cleaning ability are quite positive with the majority of owners reporting that it is effective on both carpet and bare floors.  

Folks like the machine’s simple and cost effective maintenance which includes washable filters and easy access to both motorized rollers (for cleaning).  The filters too are easy to access.

The unit is manueverable and the swivel steering allows one to change nozzle direction at the twist of the wrist.  The vacuum is also capable of laying almost completely flat which aids tremendously in getting under low furniture.

Shark Rocket Complete Laying Flat

Included with the vacuum is a rather odd tool called the “under-appliance wand”.  This long and narrow tool is designed to get deeply under appliances and pull up dust and dirt (images further down in article).  It is not something we’ve seen before (at least not this extremely long a tool) – although Dyson have something similar (shorter and uses rubber to bend).  The Shark “under-appliance wand” is getting good reviews from owners.

Additional popular features highlighted by consumers include:
- LED headlights
- Fairly quiet operation
- 5-year warranty

While the machine has plenty of fans, there are still some issues that concern owners – one being the weight of the machine.  The Shark Rocket Complete is considered lightweight by some folks and a bit heavy by others.  This appears to be a matter of expectations.  The HV382 is a compact vacuum cleaner and some people are expecting something more along the lines of a stick vac, while others see the unit as more of an upright.  As an upright this machine is lightweight, and as a stick vac it is on the heavy side.  

By far the most common complaint about the HV382 is the unit’s inability to stand on its own.  It will not stand upright.  This isn’t such an odd thing for a stick vac (consider the popular Dyson V6/V8 for example) but as an upright it comes as something of a surprise.   Shark has provided a few “features” that try to minimize this issue and we describe these later in the article.

Another concern for some folks is the weight of the handheld unit.  As a handheld vacuum it is on the heavy side.  If you going to be doing a lot of above-the-floor cleaning you may need to use both hands as holding this with one hand can be tough on the wrist – especially if you are using it with the wand and tools.  Owners have also commented that the handheld unit is a bit large and unwieldy for car interiors.

Shark Rocket Complete TruePet Handheld Unit

You may want to check out more Shark HV382 consumer comments on Amazon.

Details, Testing & Specifications
Upon unpacking the Shark Rocket Complete the first thing we noticed was the rather odd cleaning head with two different roller brushes - the smaller, soft front brushroll and the traditional stiff-bristled, main brushroll (both are motorized).  See image below:

Shark DuoClean Dual Brushes

Our first thought was why 2 brushes?  Shark calls this “DuoClean Technology” and write that it is designed to impart Triple Particle Cleaning.  What is Triple Particle cleaning?  Our understanding is that it removes large, small and stuck-on particles from bare floors and carpet and operates as follows:

- the soft brushroll pulls in large particles
- the main brushroll removes embedded fine dirt
- the soft brushroll removes stuck-on dust and large particles
- particles delivered by the soft brushroll are accelerated in the suction channel by the main brushroll

We don’t know about all the technical jargon here but the bigger question is how well does it all work?  To find out we ran the following tests:

BARE FLOORS - fine dust, medium particles, large particles, long pet hair

It worked very well on bare floors.  We thought the front roller may cause some scatter but there was none to speak of.  It pulled up everything and it required very few passes of the vacuum.   With respect to picking up stuck-on dust, we weren’t able to tell how well this works, although in theory the front brushroll should definitely help with this kind of thing (if this is an issue for you).

LOW-PILE CARPET - fine dust, medium particles, large particles, long pet hair

It did a good job on carpet as well, removing all the debris (although the debris was not “ground-in”).  We were also pleased that despite having no height controls the nozzle did not push larger debris forward and it removed everything.  We have many vacuums where the nozzle (if it has no height controls) will push larger debris around on carpet.

We did notice however that the nozzle really had a tendency to claw itself forward.  It feels almost self-propelled.  This is fine on the forward stroke of the vacuum but it fights you a bit on the backstroke, and in some cases the back wheels of the nozzle will be pulled right up off the carpet in an effort to pull the machine back.  This is not overwhelming but it is noticeable and it can be a bit tiresome over time.

MEDIUM-PILE CARPET – ground-in long pet hair

We used the mini-motorized tool on the end of the handheld unit for this test.  We ground long white dog hair into medium pile carpet (there's more hair here than it looks like).  This tool is motorized and it has stiff bristles – it had no problem pulling up the pet hair and it didn’t stall at any time. 

This HV382 has cleaning settings which can, at first, be a bit confusing.  A switch on top of the handheld unit has three settings:
0 = OFF
I = Bare Floors & Area Rugs
II = High Pile Carpets
While setting “0” may be obvious, settings I and II have nothing to do with suction power or turning the brushrolls on or off.  Rather, setting “I” sets the machine’s 2 brushrolls to SPIN SLOWLY, and setting “II” sets the 2 brushrolls to SPIN RAPIDLY.  Both settings have the same suction power.

HV382 Controls

On most vacuums you will occasionally have to remove debris wrapped around the brushroll.  The HV382 has been designed to provide very easy access to both brushrolls.  The main brushroll can be accessed through the top of the nozzle by an easy-to-remove panel – this works really well yet isn’t something we’ve run into on many other brands.  The smaller, soft brushroll is also easy to access as it sits right at the front of the nozzle.  Both brushrolls are also designed to be easy to remove and re-insert should you have to do more extensive cleaning.  

In terms of basic maintenance, the 3 filters on the DuoClean are easy to access and are rinsable in water.  There are two pre-motor filters (one felt and one foam) that can be accessed through the top of the handheld unit.  The post motor filter is found near the power cord and it usually only needs to be rinsed about every 12 months or so (see video below for filter locations).  None of these are HEPA level however.   You can read more about HEPA filters in our “About HEPA Filters” article if you wish.

The dust cup on this vacuum holds 1.0 dry quart to the max fill line.  It’s small for an upright but a reasonable size for a stick vac.  As this machine is something of a hybrid we find the dust canister about the size expected, and while it does have to be emptied frequently, we kind of expect this to be the case given the size of the vacuum.  The dust canister has a typical bottom-empty design and works fairly well, although the raised flat disc at the bottom of the canister does have a tendency to get hair and debris caught up in it.  See following video:

As an upright, this machine is ultra-light – it weighs 9.4 lbs (avg upright weight is probably 14-15 lbs).  As such, it is quite maneuverable and we like how easy it is to change nozzle direction, although the bulk of the handheld unit may tire some users over a long period of time, especially if you are used to a very light stick vac.

We also noticed that the brushroll will continue to spin when the vacuum is stood vertically (the wand perpendicular to the floor nozzle).  Most uprights we have reviewed shut the brushroll off when the machine is stood vertically.  Perhaps Shark figured that this was not an issue given that the vacuum cannot stand vertically on its own without the operator at the helm.

The vacuum converts quickly and easily to a handheld machine and the tools fit on the end of the handheld unit or on the end of the extension wand.  

With the exception of the mini-motorized brush, the tools are friction fit – meaning they don’t snap on.  Snap-on tools all around would have been nice but this does not affect performance in any way and we have not found any tools falling off during vacuuming.  

Tools and attachments included with the HV382:
- TruePet mini-motorized brush (for pet hair and dander removal on stairs and upholstery)
- Under-appliance wand (adjustable length 36-inch tool for cleaning under and behind appliances)
- Upholstery tool (for picking up pet hair and debris from upholstery and other fabrics)
- Duster crevice tool
- Dusting brush (adjustable bristled head for removing debris and dust on delicate surfaces)

We also tested the under appliance wand and found that it works fairly well. Although admittedly it is hard to see what has really happened under these appliances after cleaning – stoves, fridges and the like don’t move easily.  Suction at the end of the wand is quite good though so it is definitely picking up material.  The tool is a little long and unwieldy but the length helps it get deep under appliances.   

Under Appliance Wand


Under Appliance Wand 2

The accessories can be stored in an accessory bag that Shark was good enough to include.  Two accessories can also be stored on-board the vacuum for convenient access.  They attach to the vacuum using the provided accessory storage clip.  There is also a wall mounting bracket should you wish to hang the vacuum when you store it.

That brings us to probably the most contentious issue with the Shark Rocket Complete.  It’s inability to stand upright without removing the handheld unit (it makes the machine too top heavy).  This has driven a number of owners a bit mad.  When not in use this vacuum can be stored in 3 ways:
1) With the handheld unit removed and mounted on a hook at the nozzle end of the wand
2) Leaned against a wall or corner
3) Wall mounted

Storing the Shark Rocket Complete

But you cannot simply leave it in the upright position – it will fall over.

This doesn’t bother us much when we have finished our vacuuming.  However when we have to stop in the middle of vacuuming – maybe to pick something up, or talk to someone or for whatever reason – it can be a pain.   We end up laying the vacuum awkwardly on the floor or on some piece of furniture where it may or may not be stable.  We have white walls so leaning it against the wall doesn’t feel like a good option, although Shark has provided small rubber pads on the bottom of the dust cup to prevent scratching when leaning.
It’s hard to decide what to make of this.  As an upright we have not run into a vacuum that won’t stand on its own before.  But as a stick vacuum this is not entirely uncommon.  In our opinion this vacuum operates a little more like a very lightweight upright so we feel its inability to stand on its own is a bit odd and something of a drawback.

The HV382 also includes LED headlights both on the handheld unit and on the main nozzle.  These are designed to last the lifetime of the vacuum and turn on whenever the vacuum is on (there is no on/off capability).   Additional vacuum features include a 30 foot power cord (plenty long for such a compact vacuum), an 8.5 inch wide cleaning path (on par with a stick vac) and a 5-year limited warranty (quite lengthy at this price point).

Vacuum Cleaner Manual
The Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean is not a particularly complex machine and as such the manual is simple and straightforward.  It has plenty of graphics that are fairly good at getting the point across.  You can check out the manual here if you like: Shark Rocket Complete manual.


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