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Shark HV382 Pros Cons

In the following two videos we discuss the pros and cons of the Shark Rocket Complete TruePet with DuoClean – model HV382.  Consumers are quite pleased with this vacuum cleaner and when we averaged consumer ratings from 5 different retail sites we found a score of 4.6 stars out of 5 (or 92 out of 100).  This is a very good score.  You may wish to read our detailed Shark Rocket Complete Review or simply get the quick facts in this article.


This first video below highlights many of the features and characteristics of the Shark Rocket Complete that we really liked.  These include:

•    Comes with a wide range of tools & add-ons
   - TruePet mini-motorized brush (for pet hair and dander removal on stairs and upholstery)
   - Under-appliance wand (adjustable length 36-inch tool for cleaning under appliances)
   - Upholstery tool (for picking up pet hair and debris from upholstery and other fabrics)
   - Duster crevice tool
   - Dusting brush (adjustable bristled head for removing debris and dust on delicate surfaces)
   - Tool clip (can be attached to the wand and will carry one non-motorized tool)
   - Wall mount (also has screws)
   - Carry bag for tools
   - Quick start guide and vacuum cleaner manual
•    Has a low profile nozzle which is great for getting under low furniture like beds, etc.
•    Is lightweight for an upright.  It weighs only 9.4 lbs.
•    Is versatile.  It is a stick vac / upright but the handheld component can be detached and used with or without the wand.
•    Has LED headlights in both the handheld unit and on the nozzle (2 on the nozzle).  These are designed to last the lifetime of the vacuum.
•    Performs well on carpet.  Despite having no height controls on the nozzle the vacuum doesn’t seem to push larger debris forward.  Pickup is also good.
•    Performs well on bare floors.  Despite having both brushrolls “ON” all the time (this is the default for this vacuum) there is no scatter and pickup is fast and quite good.   Note that there are two brushroll speeds on the vacuum.
•    The filters are easy to access and are all washable.
•    Both brushrolls are easy to access, remove, clean and reattach.
•    Has a reasonably long 5-year warranty
•    Has a lengthy 30 foot power cord which is a good size for a compact vacuum like this one.

The following video describes and shows these features in more detail.

What We Like About the Shark Rocket Complete


While we found many things to like about the Shark HV382 there were also some issues and disappointments.  These include:

•    Not all the tools “click fit” onto the wand or onto the handheld unit.  Most of the tools are “friction fit” (sometimes called "compression fit").
•    The handheld component of the vacuum is quite large and bulky.  It feels a little awkward when used as a handheld vacuum (with or without the wand).
•    There is a disc shaped obstruction in the bottom door of the dust canister.  This obstruction has a tendency to trap debris and hair making it necessary for you to have dig it out by hand.
•    While the machine has 3 filters, none of these are HEPA grade.
•    The vacuum has a tendency to pull itself forward on carpet which is fine, but it takes a little more strength to pull it back.  This becomes more pronounced the deeper the carpet pile.
•    It will not rest in the upright position.  If you place the vacuum in the upright position and let it go it will simply fall over.  

The following video describes and shows these features in more detail.

What We Dislike About the Shark Rocket Complete

Despite some of the negative aspects of the Shark Rocket Complete, we like the machine.  It does a good job and is fairly easy to use.  This is reflected to some degree by its average consumer rating of 92/100.

You may wish to see pricing and read more owner comments on Amazon.



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