Shark Rocket Pro - Pros & Cons

Shark Rocket - Pros & Cons 
A detailed list of the pros and cons of the Shark Rocket Pro cordless vacuum cleaner.  Videos that walk through each "pro" and "con" are also provided.  See the good and the bad before you buy.
Shark Rocket Models
There are three groups of Shark rocket cordless vacuums – the Rockets, the Rocket Pros, and the Rocket Pet Pros.  There are different models within each group and these are differentiated by type of brushroll, type of wand (flexible or normal), headlights (some have them some don’t), level of filtration, and fixed or removable battery.  More specifically:
1) Shark Rocket Cordless - standard bristled brushroll
2) Shark Rocket Pro Cordless - self-cleaning brushroll, some models have flexible wand and LED headlights
3) Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless - self-cleaning brushroll, LED headlights, removable battery, sealed body & HEPA filter
Different models may also have different tool sets.
We have the Shark Rocket Pro model IZ140C
This unit has the self-cleaning brushroll but no LED headlights and no flexible wand.
What’s Included with the IZ140C?
With this model you get the handheld unit (the battery is built-in and the filters are in the unit), the wand, the cleaner head with self cleaning brushroll, a charger, a crevice tool, a dusting brush (with swivel head), a quick start guide, and a manual.
So what do we like and dislike about our Rocket Pro?  We’ve highlighted the Pros and Cons below:
- Both a Stick Vac and a Handheld Vacuum
You can detach the wand and cleaner head and just use the handheld component of this machine.   The tools are also designed to fit on the end of the handheld unit or the end of the wand (for extra cleaning reach). The handheld is also handy for tackling above floor cleaning and for even doing vehicle interiors.
- Slim, Low Profile, Compact
This is a fairly slim vacuum and it is compact.  It’s a good fit for smaller homes and it is easy to store (although you will have to lean it against something).  It also has a low cleaner head profile which helps it get under low furniture.
- Steers and Maneuvers Well
We find that the Rocket Pro steers and maneuvers well.  The cleaner head turns easily when you move your arm and twist your wrist.  The vacuum also weighs only 7.3 lbs which helps with overall maneuverability.
- Rinsable Filters
The vacuum has three filters (2 pre-motor and 1 post-motor).  The filters are easy to access and can all be rinsed in water and re-used – thus reducing consumables and costs.
- Tools Feel Solid and Attach Securely
Two tools are provided with your Rocket Pro IZ140C – a crevice tool and an upholstery tool.  Both feel robust and solid – nothing flimsy here.  Also, the tools attach securely (snap into place) and can only be removed by depressing a button.  This is better than the compression fit approach.
- Cleaning Performance on Low Pile Carpet
We ran a cleaning test on our low pile carpet.  We placed a carefully measured (weighed) amount of chili flakes, flax seeds, and split green peas in a 5 foot long line and ran the vacuum over it in about a 10 second pass.  We performed this test with the Shark Rocket Pro, the Shark IONFlex IF252 (pretty much the same vacuum as the Shark F80), and the Dyson V8. Percentage pickup for the Rocket Pro was fantastic and the best of the bunch.  You can see the actual tests in our video below.
- Cleaning Performance on Tile
We ran the same test (same approach as our carpet test) on our tile floor.  Again, the Rocket Pro did a very good job.  We find it impressive that our Rocket Pro cleaner head with its finned brushroll is so effective on both carpet and bare flooring. (note that not all Shark Rocket have the finned brushroll)
- Cleaning Performance on Hair
We placed long black human hair and short white pet hair on our carpet and tested the Rocket Pro and the Dyson V7 Motorhead.  Both machines did a reasonably good job at picking up the pet hair but the Rocket Pro Zero-M Technology really helped limit hair tangle on the brushroll.  The V7 ended up with much more hair tangled on the brushroll (see video below).
Our video on the PROS of the Shark Rocket Pro

- Handheld Unit is a Bit Bulky and Heavy
While it’s nice that the vacuum has a handheld component, we find the handheld component a bit large and a little bit heavy.  You may find it difficult to wield inside a smaller vehicle (for example) because of its size.  It’s also a little heavier than some of the other handhelds we are used to – like the handheld component of the Dyson V7.  The weight of the Shark Rocket handheld component can also be felt when you are using the entire stick vacuum.  It makes the vacuum feel a little top-heavy.
- Cannot Stand on Its Own
The Shark Rocket will not stand upright on its own.  You have to lean it against something or place it on the floor when you are not using it. It’s not uncommon for stick vacs to not stand on their own but some come with a wall mount as a storage solution.  The Rocket does not come with a wall mount either.
- No On-Board Storage for Tools
The vacuum includes a crevice tool and an upholstery tool but there is no place to store them on-board.  If you want to use a tool when you are vacuuming you will have to fetch it from wherever you store it.  It seems like it would have been very easy to provide a simple tool clip.
- Must Remove Wand to Empty Dust Canister  
The dust canister itself is fairly easy to empty but to open it you must first detach the handheld unit from the rest of the vacuum (detach the wand).  Some machines allow you to empty the dust canister with the vacuum fully assembled, but others, like this Rocket and the Dyson V10/V11, do not. 
- A Bit Loud for a Cordless Vacuum
We have quite a few cordless vacuums and this Rocket Pro is one of the loudest.  We used a digital noise level meter and performed a noise test on a number of vacuum cleaners (Tineco S12, Shark IONFlex, Dyson V8, Shark Rocket Pro).  We found that the Rocket Pro was the loudest of the bunch - in both low power and boost power modes.  You can see more details about this test in the video below.
- We Experienced some Clogging
We were vacuuming up pine needles (left over from our Christmas tree) and the Rocket Pro started to make a strange sound and stopped picking up the needles.  Upon examining the machine we saw that the opening leading from the cleaner head to the wand was clogged with needles.  It seems that this opening is rather narrow.  We then tested the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V7 on the same needles and they picked everything up without incident.
- Wear and Tear on Brushroll Fins
We haven’t had the Rocket Pro for too long (a few months at the time of this writing) so we were surprised to see some of the brushroll fins shredding a bit.  So far this has not affected cleaning performance (at least not to the extent that we can notice it).  The more concerning issue is will this continue? We don’t know at this point in time.
- Run Times in Low Power Less than Specified
We performed run time tests on carpet and bare flooring in both low and boost power modes.  We found the run times in boost power mode to be longer than those indicated by the manufacturer, which was nice.  However we were disappointed with the run times in low power mode which is the mode we use most often when vacuuming.  On both carpet and bare floors the Rocket Pro run times in low power mode were less than those specified by the manufacturer.
- Edge Cleaning is Average at Best
The Rocket Pro is fairly average at edge cleaning.  It is not worse than most of the other cordless vacuums we have – it is just that many cordless machines seem to be rather average at edge cleaning and the Rocket Pro is no exception.  In the video below we run an edge cleaning test and you can see the average edge cleaning performance of the Shark Rocket Pro, the Dyson V8, and the Shark IONFlex.
Our video on the CONS of the Shark Rocket Pro

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