Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV292 Handheld Vacuum


Avg. rating = 92/100 

Many consumers have weighed in on the Shark Rocket HV292 and the results are encouraging.  Reviews are very good and the average rating is 92.3 out of 100, making it the highest rated handheld vacuum on our site (tied with the more expensive Dyson Mattress).  The HV292 is corded so there is no need to charge it, and there is no limit to the run time.  It includes several tools, one of which has a motorized brushroll which is great for picking up pet hair, cleaning upholstery, and doing carpeted stairs.  Owners are using this in their homes, RVs, and cars.  However it does not come with a HEPA filter.

Quick Specs
Type Handheld
Bagged/Bagless Bagless
Best for... Hard Floors & Carpet
Pet Hair Features Yes
Approx. Weight 3.7 lbs
HEPA Level Filtration No
Power Cord Length 15 ft
Motor Driven Brushbar Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Consumer Ratings
Over 1500 owner ratings were found (from a number of different sources) for the Rocket HV292.  These can be seen in the table below.  When a weighted average is applied the ratings generate a vacuum score of 92.3 out of 100 which is very good.  You may wish to see other handheld vacuum scores.  You can also see ratings for all the vacuums on our site in the Vacuum Review Finder.
Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon 4.6 stars out of 5 1054
Bed Bath & Beyond 4.6 stars out of 5 161
Wayfair 4.7 stars out of 5 171
Walmart 4.7 stars out of 5 68
Best Buy 4.5 stars out of 5 30
Home Depot 4.5 stars out of 5 17
Shark Rocket HV292 Crevice ToolWhat Are Owners Saying?
A thorough review of owner comments has provided the following insights:
- Feels solid and well made
- Powerful suction
- Includes motorized tool (for deep cleaning)
- Great for carpeted stairs
- Effective on pet hair
- Dust canister is easy to empty
- Washable filters
- No HEPA filter
- Manual states “The use of an extension cord is not recommended”
- Some folks (a minority) report weak suction
- Large – may be cumbersome in tight quarters (like small vehicles)
The length of the power cord is a bit of a mixed bag with owners.  Some people report that it is very long while others say it is too short.  It depends on your cleaning needs and expectations – and, to some extent, the placement and number of power outlets in the areas you clean.  A number of folks report using an extension cord if they find the attached power cord is too short.  However, we did find the following comment in the manual “The use of an extension cord is not recommended”.  Shark does not elaborate on this statement.
Some owners also report that the handheld is quite light while others say that it is heavier than they expected.  Some of this may depend on what tools are being used.  The vacuum weighs more when using the motorized tool (it has a motor and is much heavier than the two non-motorized tools).
Shark Rocket Handheld Motorized Tool
With respect to suction power, the majority of people seem very pleased and report that the HV292 is powerful.  However, there are a few instances of owners stating that the suction is weak.  It’s not clear what is going on here.  Whether these folks have a defective vacuum, whether there is a clog or filter issue, or whether their power expectations are simply higher than others.  But, again, these complaints are in the minority.
Everyone likes the motorized tool and it is great for doing carpeted stairs, cleaning upholstery, picking up pet hair and doing all sorts of other deep cleaning.  A motorized brushroll is an important feature for effective cleaning and many handhelds do not come with one.
Owners also like that the dust canister is very easy to empty and that there are no consumables.  This is a bagless vacuum (so no bags to buy) and the filters are all rinsable in water (so no filters to buy).
What’s In the Box?
- Shark Rocket handheld vacuum
- 12 inch crevice tool
- Dusting brush tool
- TruePet motorized brush tool
- Flexible stretch hose
- 15 foot power cord
Shark HV292 What's In Box
The stretch hose does not carry power so the motorized brush tool cannot be attached to the end of the hose.  It must be attached directly to the handheld.  However the two non-motorized tools (12 inch crevice tool, dusting brush tool) can be attached directly to the handheld or on the end of the stretch hose.
The vacuum has 2 rinsable pre-motor filters (one foam, one felt).  These are easy to access.  Shark suggests cleaning these about once per month.  There is also 1 post-motor filter.  It too is rinsable and should be cleaned about once per year.
Some handhelds have a HEPA filter but some do not.  Unfortunately the HV292 is one of the ones that does not.  If you or someone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies a HEPA filter can be a nice feature. 

Aside: You can get a handheld AND a stick vacuum at the same time with a Shark Rocket stick vac. One of the more affordable units is the popular HV302. It is under $200, has a 25 ft power cord, and owners love it. BUT you will not get a motorized pet tool with it. Also, Shark seems to be changing the tools provided with their vacuums frequently so it is best to check carefully to see what is included before making a purchase. Check out our HV302 review.

Dust Canister
The dust canister is very easy to empty - a button opens the bottom door.  This is a popular design mostly because it is simple and fairly effective, although, like many bagless units, you may sometimes have to stick your hand into the canister and pull out stuck debris.
The dust canister capacity is 0.42 quarts.  This is not large but is not too small.  By comparison the popular Dyson V7 Trigger handheld vacuum has a dust canister capacity of about 0.6 quarts.  The much smaller and lighter Shark ION W1 cordless handheld only has a capacity of 0.08 quarts
This is not too heavy a handheld vacuum but we’ve seen lighter.  We’ve also seen heavier.  In the table below are the weights of some of the handhelds we’ve reviewed
Shark ION Handheld– 1.4 lbs
Dyson V7 Trigger – 3.04 lbs
Dyson V10 Handheld component – 3.65 lbs
Shark HV292 – 3.7 lbs
Dyson V11 Handheld component – 4.45 lbs
Shark HV292 No Tool
Also, consider that handhelds weigh more when tools are added - especially motorized tools which tend to be heavier than non-motorized tools.
Shark Rocket HV292 with Motorized Tool
The Rocket HV292 carries a very respectable 5-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.  In addition, we have found that the device is both ETL and UL Listed.
Vacuum Cleaner Manual
The manual provided with the HV292 is very short and it really doesn’t have much detail.  We would have liked to see something with more information.  It is written in English, Spanish and French and covers the tools and hose, emptying the dust canister, cleaning the filters, checking for blockages, and the warranty.  You can view a copy of the manual here: Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV292 Manual

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