Shark Vertex Cordless - Pros & Cons


Shark vertex cordless pros and cons

The Shark Vertex Cordless vacuum (model IZ462H) is a very interesting and very popular machine. Shark has thrown a host of technology at this unit and it shows. It has two brushrolls, a flexible wand, headlights, a self-cleaning brushroll, a sealed body, and more. We analyzed the different vacuum features and also ran the Vertex through a host of cleaning tests. We were impressed in many ways but there were a few areas that fell a little short.


- Swappable battery: The battery on the Vertex IZ460H series is swappable, meaning that it can quickly be removed (by pressing a button) and quickly re-attached (by simply sliding it back on).

- Tools fit securely: The tools all “click” into place on the end of the handheld or the wand. This is a secure fit and you have to press a button to release the tool. They will not fall off when in use.  This, in our opinion, is a better approach than "friction fit" in which tools are pushed on and pulled off.

- Three charging lights: There are three charging lights built into the side of the battery. These tell you how much charge is left on the battery and are very handy when charging or when using the vacuum.  You can simply glance at the lights and know instantly approximately how much charge remains.

- At-your-fingertips controls: The controls on the vacuum are simple and easy to use. They are also very easy to access with your hand near the grip.

- Good run time on hard floors: In our tests we found run times on our tile floor to be almost 37 minutes in standard power mode (on a fully charged battery) and almost 18 minutes in boost power mode.  But of these times were longer than the suggested times published by the manufacturer.

- Handheld is not too heavy: Despite the overall stick vacuum being a little on the heavy side, we found the handheld unit to be a reasonable weight at 3.71 lbs.  Using the handheld did not tire our hand or arm.

- MultiFLEX wand: The wand will pivot at the center. When bent at a 90 degree angle you can get under low furniture without having to stoop over much. When bent at a 180 degree angle the unit is able to stand on its own (which it cannot do otherwise) and this is a good configuration for storage.

- Swivel cleaner head: The vacuum is easy to turn. By simply twisting your wrist the cleaner head can be steered.

- Low profile cleaner head: We measured the top of the cleaner head to be about 3 inches.  A low profile cleaner head is helpful when trying to vacuum under low furniture.

- Sealed system technology: This ensures that all of the air entering the vacuum gets passed through the filters. No unfiltered air escapes through poor seals.  This is an important feature (especially when coupled with a HEPA filter which the Vertex has) for households with asthma/allergy sufferers.

- Rinsable filters: The unit has 2 pre-motor filters and 1 post-motor filter (HEPA). All of these are rinsable in water and can be re-used.  This cuts back on consumables and ultimately costs.

- Great pickup on carpet: In our carpet test the Vertex picked up virtually all of the debris (at least what we could see visually).  We also made a comparison to the Dyson V10 pickup on carpet and the Vertex was superior.

- Very good pickup on bare floors: In our bare floor test (tile) the Vertex did a very good job of picking up debris. We have had this experience before with DuoClean Technology and it still does not disappoint on bare floors.

- Self-cleaning brushroll works: We performed a hair test and found that the bulk of the hair ended up in the dust canister (where it should be) and there was minimal tangle on the brushroll. While there was still some hair on the brushroll, we can definitely say that there was less than we have seen on other machines without this feature.



- Only one battery: While the swappable battery feature is great, the vacuum only comes with one battery. This negates the main advantage of having a swappable battery.  If you want another you will have to buy it.

- A little heavy: At about 9 lbs this is the heaviest cordless stick vacuum we’ve reviewed and worked with. However, it is still much lighter than most uprights.

- A little loud: Our noise level tests showed the Vertex cordless to be one of the louder cordless stick vacs. It is not as loud as some but it is louder than most. Much of the noise comes from the cleaner head with the two spinning brushrolls. Fortunately the unit is quieter on hard flooring than it is on carpet.

- Average edge cleaning: In our edge cleaning test the Vertex did not clean up tight against our baseboards. It left about an inch wide strip of unvacuumed area. In order to clean up tight against an edge one may have to use the crevice tool.

- Average run time on carpet: In our run time test on carpet we only got 20 minutes. We expected a little more as the manufacturer suggested the Vertex should get about 23 minutes. However we did the test on medium pile carpet so it is possible that you would get a longer run time on lower pile carpet.

- Smallish dust canister: The dust canister on this vacuum is a little bit small. If you are doing larger area cleaning you will find yourself having to empty it frequently.  But it's ok for smaller area cleaning.

- Pulls forward on carpet: This is a bit nit-picky as the “pulling” isn’t dramatic but you can feel it. Some folks may actually like this, but it does result in the unit being a little harder to pull back (fighting against the two spinning brushrolls).

In the following video we walk through all of the machine features and we show the many tests that we’ve done. If you are in the market for one of these units the video is definitely worth a watch.


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