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Avg. consumer rating = 81/100 

The Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum and Steam Mop (model 1543A) is popular and getting great ratings from owners. You can actually vacuum and mop at the same time with this machine.  It has 3 cleaning modes: Steam, Vacuum, Steam & Vacuum.  It is a good choice for households with pets and excels at picking up pet hair and removing paw prints. It doesn’t require any chemicals or detergent and cleanup is fairly easy.  Vacuum suction is not spectacular however and it doesn’t mop tight into corners.



Avg. consumer rating = 97/100 

The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is a rare animal - it is a carpet cleaner with absolutely top-notch consumer ratings.  Many carpet cleaners turn out to be a frustrating experience for owners and we have never before reviewed one that generated an average consumer score in the 90’s.  The Big Green scored a staggering 97.1 out of 100 and owners report that it does a fantastic job of cleaning carpet and upholstery.  It is also very easy and straightforward to use.  On the downside, the Big Green is a bit heavy and it doesn’t come cheap.



Avg. consumer rating = 85/100 

There are a number of Hoover carpet cleaners on the market today and some get good ratings from consumers while others do not.  The FH50220 is one of the machines that is inspiring most consumers, and while it isn’t perfect it is fairly easy to use and it does a good job cleaning carpet.  It also creates a short drying time and is straightforward to maintain.  Some owners are less enthusiastic however and cite the short power cord, loud operation and “non-spinning brush” bug as shortcomings.


Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop

Avg. consumer rating = 88/100 

The Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop - model WH20200 - works well on hard floors, although you should keep it away from unsealed hardwood.  The unit is lightweight and includes a carpet glider apparatus that helps to freshen carpet.  It can be run solely on water or with a combination of water and cleaning solution.  The WH20200 also carries a 2-year limited warranty and can be found for under $100 at some retail outlets.



Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

The F8100900 Hoover Steam Vacuum gets very good consumer reviews.  According to Hoover this Steamvac was “Rated #3 for carpet cleaner ratings and reliability in a 2010 report by a leading consumer magazine”


Bissell 1200B SpotBot

Avg. consumer rating = 87/100 

The Bissell 1200B SpotBot is not a steam cleaner – rather it is a specialized unit for cleaning carpet stains (Bissell categorizes the SpotBot under “Compact Deep Cleaners”).  The Bissell 1200B gets excellent consumer ratings, and reviews indicate that it is very easy to use and can effectively remove all manner of carpet stain.


Hoover F7452-900

Avg. consumer rating = 73/100 

The Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner garners many great ratings from consumers but also gets almost as many poor ratings.  Those that like it say it is probably one the best steam cleaners available and that it does an excellent cleaning job on both carpets and bare floors, while those that do not like it cite problems with leaky water tanks and flimsy plastic parts.  Owner experiences couldn’t differ more for a steam vac.


Avg. consumer rating = 85/100 

A very popular item at this time, the Euro-Pro S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop has received praise from consumers on many websites.  It is a best seller on Amazon and many bucket and mop sceptics appear to have been converted.  Average consumer ratings for this steam mop are about 8.5 out of 10.  It reportedly does a great cleaning job and is considered by most to be very easy to use.  It can also be found discounted on some sites for under $100.


Hoover F7411-900

Avg. consumer rating = 80/100 

When deciding on a steam vacuum many consumers price the cost of having a professional cleaning company come in and do their carpets.  The pricing is often about the same as the price of the Hoover F7411-900 SteamVac Dual V Widepath Carpet Cleaner – if you can get a good deal on the vacuum then it is often less.  Granted that you have to do the work yourself if you own the cleaner but at least you can use it many times.  If you have the desire (and the energy) one of these babies is the way to go, and the Hoover F7411-900 gets pretty good marks from consumers.



Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

The F5914-900 SteamVac is a best-seller on Amazon and over 1000 consumers have rated this machine an average of 9 out of 10 (Dec/09 update).  It is also presently selling at about a 40% discount.  Hoover is part of TTI Floor Care North America.  They have been developing high performance and specialized cleaning machines for both commercial and domestic use since 1908.  The Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac is another in a long  line of Hoover innovative vacuum cleaners. 


Eureka 313A

Avg. consumer rating = 72/100 

In researching this particular item it became obvious that the 313 is pretty new and much of the research available is for previous models of the Enviro Steamer.  This will undoubtedly change over time.  Eureka describe the Enviro Steamer (313) as ideal for people for people who want an eco-friendly cleaning product.


Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer

Avg. consumer rating = 88/100 

An economical carpet cleaner that does a good job for spot cleaning and smaller carpeted areas.  The Bissell 2080 is also lightweight and very easy to assemble and use.  Consumers, while giving the vacuum positive reviews, have indicated that it may have limitations if you intend to use it to clean very large carpeted areas.  Bissell has been making cleaning tools since 1876 and is renowned for it’s carpet-cleaning products.




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