Upright Vacuum Deals

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Upright Vacuum Deals

Unlike a canister vacuum, an upright doesn’t require you to lug the vacuum body behind you when you clean, although some people prefer pulling a vacuum along rather than having to move the entire unit when cleaning.

Uprights do tend to be better/easier than canisters when cleaning large carpeted areas and hallways.  Part of the reason for this is the larger cleaning path width generally found on an upright.  A wide nozzle is something one may wish to look for if they have large open carpeted areas to clean.

Another reason uprights sometimes fare better than their counterpart on carpet is that they often have some kind of powered brushbar in the nozzle.  Many canister machines do not.  Canister vacuums without a brushbar rely entirely on suction and this is often not very effective on carpet – especially medium to high pile carpet.

Uprights generally have longer power cords than canisters but this doesn’t always translate into a greater cleaning reach as the canister has a hose, suction tube and tools.  Although today many uprights also come with a hose which really helps to extend their cleaning reach.  So an upright with a hose will, in many cases, have a longer cleaning reach than a canister.

Also, bagged uprights frequently have larger debris holding capacity than canister vacuums, and – if an auto-retract power cord is a must for you – canisters much more frequently have this feature. 

However uprights can prove difficult when cleaning stairs and with their upright profile it can be difficult getting under furniture.  One often has to resort to using the hose and specialized tools.

Also, if you wish you can view our comprehensive list of upright vacuum ratings.  Or you can see our list of best uprights.

Up-to-the minute upright deals can be found below:



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