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Hoover FloorMate FH40010B

Avg. consumer rating = 77/100 

This Hoover machine has been designed to vacuum, wash and dry floors.  It’s an ambitious idea that Hoover almost pulls off - almost.  Owners give this unit fairly average ratings and while some feel it does a good job washing floors a number also highlight shortcomings in its vacuuming/washing/drying capabilities.  It is reasonably priced however and can often be found for between $100 and $150.


Avg. consumer rating = 79/100 

Dyson touts the new Hard DC56 as the first machine that uses a wet-wipe and vacuums at the same time. There may be a reason for this - it is hard to get this configuration to be effective. Overall we'd have to say that this machine has been something of a disappointment to consumers, and even to some die-hard Dyson fans. It is expensive, leaves streaks and the vacuum component, when used with the wipe plate, is a bit weak. All is not lost however as the machine is useful for light cleaning of smaller areas, and the handheld component works well.


Avg. consumer rating = 82/100 

This is an interesting vacuum cleaner.  A review of hundreds of comments seems to indicate that you either love this machine or you hate it.  This is a tricky review – and it could be that consumer’s expectations of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner are quite varied.   We see comments that it is too loud, followed by comments that it is fairly quiet, and several buyers feel that it does an excellent cleaning job while others are not as convinced.  It may also be (and we have read this too on occasion) that it requires a little practice to learn to use properly and one has to get the settings just right.  Having said that, there are clearly more consumers that like the vacuum as seen by the scores in Consumer Rating Table.




# Denise Vaugeois 2018-11-30 18:40
I purchased a floor mate, and I loved it, the floors looked and felt clean! Problem, it started leaking at 6 months, most products have a one year warranty, however Hoover won't warranty their product. Don't waste your money on Hoover
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0 # nate 2011-02-07 09:04
the concept is there and its a great tool to have but it didnt dry my floors completly dry as promised and i have kids that run around all day long.so it wasnt the solution for me.
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0 # Lori Foster 2010-01-17 10:39
The Floormate is a great concept, but it has some flaws. It doesn\'t always do a great job, dirty floors have to be done multiply times. The brushes are too short to really scrub well. Plastic parts break and it has to be cleaned after every use or it gets GROSS. I do use this in my business, it sure beats mopping, but it could be a better product. I hAVE purchased at least six in the last 10 years.
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