Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


Best Shark Vacuum Hardwood Floors

UPDATED JAN 2021: We have been working with and testing vacuums for over 12 years.  During that time we’ve looked at many different brands (Shark, Miele, Dyson, Bissell, Hoover, etc) but we've probably done more detailed reviews of Shark vacuums than any other brand.  We have noticed during this time that some models are better-suited for bare/smooth flooring than others. 

A few years ago Shark introduced a new technology to their cleaner heads - DuoClean Technology - and this took their hardwood floor cleaning to another level. 

What is DuoClean Technology?

Essentially DuoClean Technology means there are 2 brushrolls in the cleaner head - 1 stiff bristled brushroll in the center and 1 soft roller brushroll at the front.  See the image below.

Shark DuoClean Technology 

Shark describes DuoClean Technology as having the ability to:

- Directly engage hard floors.  The soft brushroll removes stuck-on dust.
- Pull in high piles and large debris.  No front wall on the cleaner head helps the soft brushroll pull in both small and large particles.
- Deep clean carpets.  The bristle brushroll and powerful suction remove dirt and stuck-in debris

Shark has created a video of DuoClean Technology at work:


Does it Work?

In the follow video we test the Shark APEX and see that it makes short work of debris (hair, dust, lentils, fruit loops, etc.) on a hard surface. 


In the video below we also investigate large debris pickup on a hard surface (comparing it to a Dyson vacuum).


Another feature of DuoClean Technology is the ability to grab debris right up to the front of the cleaner head because of the rotating soft roller.  This is really nice as many traditional cleaner heads will not do this.

Also, please note that Shark stick vacs with DuoClean have 2 settings:  Hard-Floor and Carpet.  The Shark upright vacuums have 3 settings:  Hard-Floor, Low Pile Carpet, Thick Carpet.  The brushrolls both spin in ALL settings.  They cannot be turned off.  The settings simply adjust the speed of the brushrolls (and in some cases they also ratchet open a suction release valve).

DuoClean Technology – A Few Issues

While there are several upsides to Shark’s DuoClean Technology there are also a few things that you may not like.  Consider the following:

- Can’t turn brushrolls off.  May not be an issue for most folks but if you have very delicate wood flooring or expensive area rugs it could be - we suggest contacting your flooring or rug manufacturer if you are concerned.  We have not had a problem with any of our DuoClean machines and we have yet to hear from anyone telling us about actual hardwood floor scraping are scuffing.  However, we have heard from some folks indicating they do not like to run this on their expensive/delicate area rugs (they want brushrolls off).
- On carpet can sometimes pull the vacuum forward.  Some people like this and some people do not.  The vacuum can sometimes feel self-propelled.  This is not noticeable on hardwood floors however.
- On carpet can make the vacuum difficult to pull back.  This is the result of the two brushrolls pulling the unit forward.  Again, this is not noticeable on hardwood floors.

The Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Shark vacuums with DuoClean Technology perform similary on hardwood floors, although the larger vacuums with more suction ultimately do a slightly better job.  Given this, the best Shark vacuum for hardwood floors may best be determinined by considering you and your home.  Are you comfortable with a large DuoClean vacuum or would you prefer something more compact/lightweight? Are you set on a cordless vacuum (these are becoming more and more popular)?  What size cleaning area do you have?  

To make this as easy as possible we’ve organized the vacuums based on your cleaning area size.  Vacuum weight, size, features are considered in the discussion.  

Shark Vertex AZ2002

#1) Shark Vertex

The Shark Vertex is a full-size upright and is one of the larger and heavier machines in our group of recommended hard floor vacuums. However, it is an excellent choice for those who don’t have an issue with a larger vacuum and have lots of floor space to clean. The technology on this vacuum provides very good pickup on hard flooring and the dust canister is large enough that you won’t find yourself having to empty it too frequently.

Our score for the Vertex was 95/100 making it the highest scoring upright vacuum on our website (at the time of writing). This is no small achievement as we’ve been scoring vacuums for over 12 years.

This vacuum has DuoClean Technology which utilizes two brushrolls in the cleaner head. There is a soft roller brush at the front of the cleaner head and a finned brusholl in the middle of the cleaner head. The soft brushroll really helps with pickup on hard flooring. It actually contacts the floor and pulls up stuck on dust and buffs the surface. The finned brushroll is a relatively new idea (we see it showing up on a number of Shark machines now) and while it looks odd, it is surprising how effective it is on both carpet and bare floors. We’ve done tests and you can see the results in our Shark Vertex Review.

The Vertex also has good air filtration and is a good fit for those with asthma or allergies. There are three filters, one of which is a HEPA level filter. HEPA filters remove very fine particles from the air such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, etc. Shark also states that the unit has a sealed system which ensures that all the air entering the machine gets passed through the filters before being exhausted back into the room (no leakage of unfiltered air).

The finned brushroll, in addition to working well on both hard flooring and carpet, also helps to reduce hair/string/thread tangle. This ability makes it a great choice for homes with pets. We tested the vacuum on a combination of pet hair and human hair and it did a very good job of keeping hair from wrapping in the brushroll. Tangled brushrolls can be a pain to clean.

The Shark Vertex (we have model AZ2002) is also currently #1 in our list of Best Upright Vacuums, #1 in our list of Best Bagless Vacuums, and #1 in our list of Best Vacuums for Pet Hair. This vacuum is receiving very high scores from many owners and you may want to check out Vertex owner comments on Amazon.

You can also see Vertex deals at Shark.com 

 shark vacuums

Get a Great Deal on the Vertex Upright at Shark.com

Shark APEX Vacuum

#2) Shark APEX

Another great machine for hard floors is the Shark APEX.  This is a DuoClean machine (2 brushrolls) with a good size dust canister and quality air filtration.  Like the Vertex, this is a full size upright and it is a bit hefty (it is actually heavier than the Vertex), but it is good fit for larger homes. Consider models AX952, AX951, AX950.The Shark APEX is the largest of the recommended hard floor vacuums and also the heaviest.

The Shark APEX was rated 90/100 on Vacuum Cleaner Advisor and we also like that the unit has a HEPA filter and a sealed system which ensures that all the air entering the vacuum gets filtered before it is exhausted from the machine. 

The APEX is also very quiet for an upright vacuum and our noise level tests have shown it to be less noisy than almost all of our other vacuums (including other Shark uprights).   Our cleaning tests have shown that the APEX is very effective at pulling up large and small debris on both carpet and hard flooring.

Another great feature on the APEX is its overall versatility.  This vacuum is good for floor cleaning and also for above-the-floor cleaning (using hose, wand and tools).  In addition, it comes with the popular Powered-Lift-Away mode which provides the ability to walk with the dust-canister/motor assembly in one hand and tools/hose/wand in the other.  Reach is only limited by the length of the power cord and this setup allows you access to places the upright can’t go.  The APEX AX952 even includes a motorized pet hair tool which fits on-board the vacuum and is great for stairs and upholstery.

If you are interested in the Shark APEX you may want to check out our very detailed Shark APEX AX952 review in which we run the machine through many tests.  We also provide – in the review – a host of videos so you can see the machine operating and view the vacuum features. 

You can also check out owner comments on Amazon

Also, the APEX AX models are getting hard to find. If you like the APEX and can't find an AX model then another good choice is the newer APEX Zero-M discussed below.

Shark APEX Zero-M

#3) Shark APEX Zero-M

The APEX Zero-M upright vacuum (we have model AZ1002) is almost the same machine as the APEX AX952 (above), however the AZ1002 not only comes with DuoClean Technology, it also includes Zero-M Technology. Zero-M Technology helps to keep hair from tangling in the brushroll while still ensuring good hair pickup. Effectively this means more hair sent to the dust canister for disposal and less hair to manually remove from the brushroll.  Note that the Vertex also has a tangle-free brushroll.

Like the AX952, the AZ1002 has DuoClean technology which helps with debris pickup - both large and small - on hard surfaces. It’s also a great fit for homes with pets (limited hair wrap on brushroll).

The AZ1002 is a full size bagless upright that weighs about 16 lbs. It has a respectably long 30 ft power cord and it comes with both HEPA-level filtration and a sealed system (which ensures that all the air entering the vacuum gets passed through the filters before being exhausted from the machine).

We like that the AZ1002 includes a tool with a motorized brushroll. This tool is very good at pulling up pet hair from upholstery, a set of stairs, or pretty much anywhere. The tools can also be stored on-board the vacuum so it is easily accessible when you need it.

We’ve tested the AZ1002 on low pile carpet and hard floors, and we’ve tested noise levels and edge cleaning. The vacuum performs well – BUT – if you don’t need the self-cleaning brushroll then we prefer the APEX AX952. It’s just a little bit better in some areas. If you have a home with pets then it’s a different story – the AZ1002 comes into its own in homes with lots of hair.

You can check out our detailed Shark APEX Zero-M review. Also, this is a very popular upright and there are thousands of ratings for this particular machine on Amazon. You may want to read owner reviews on Amazon.

See APEX deals at Shark.com

Shark Rotator NV801

Shark Rotator with DuoClean

The Shark Rotator with DuoClean is a compact upright so it is lighter and smaller than the APEX models described above.  It is a good fit for those who want a slightly lighter upright and have a medium sized area to vacuum.  This series of vacuums has good filtration and is designed for those with asthma or allergies.   Consider models NV800, NV800W, NV801, NV803 (please note that the NV801 and the NV803 are the same machine, they are just sold at different retail outlets).

The Shark Rotator with DuoClean has a HEPA filter and also what Shark calls Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.  This combination ensures that the air entering the vacuum is filtered to a very high level before being released back into the room. 

These vacuums weigh, on average, about 1.5 lbs less than the full size APEX vacuums.  As a result they are a little smaller and more compact.  This means the dust canister is also smaller which results in more frequent emptying.  It’s not a big deal with a medium sized home but with a larger home it could be in issue.  The cleaner head is also smaller than that on the full-size APEX which means more passes of the vacuum to clean a given area.  But it’s great for smaller areas – very manueverable and gets into tight places.

The power cord length is not compromised and is a full 30 feet which provides a good cleaning reach.  And the Rotator comes with the very popular Lift Away feature which allows you to detach the dust-canister/motor assembly and carry it while using the tools/hose/wand with the other hand.

A Pet Power Brush is provided with the NV800/NV801/NV803 and it works fairly well.  However this tool is not motorized (like the one that comes with the APEX AX952).  Our tests show that the motorized tool requires less maintenance to keep running optimally.

We’ve written a very detailed Shark Rotator NV801 review and you may want to check it out should you be interested in this vacuum.  We’ve done several cleaning tests and also include videos in the review highlighting the vacuums features and performance.

You can check out NV801 owner comments on Amazon

Shark Rocket HV382

#1) Shark Rocket with DuoClean

The Shark Rocket with DuoClean is more a stick vacuum than an upright so it is much lighter than the APEX vacuums or the Shark Rotator.  It has a small dust canister and does not have the high level of filtration that you get with the uprights.  However it may still be a good choice for those with a small hardwood floor area to clean who really want a lightweight vacuum.  Consider models HV380, HV380W, HV381, HV382

At about 9 lbs the Rocket is a little heftier than some other stick vacs so some folks classify it somewhere in-between and upright and a stick vacuum.  Like all Shark vacuums this unit is bagless.  It is also corded and it sports a respectably long power cord allowing for a good cleaning reach.

This is a two-in-one vacuum as it converts easily into a handheld vacuum, and tools can be placed directly on the end of the handheld unit.  It does not have a HEPA filter but the filters it does have are washable.

It comes with different sets of tools, depending on the model.  We have the HV382 and it includes:
- TruePet mini-motorized brush
- Under-appliance wand
- Upholstery tool
- Duster crevice tool
- Dusting brush

Cleaning performance on both carpet and hard flooring is good.  However this vacuum will not stand upright on its own – something several owners have complained about.

The vacuum is manueverable and the swivel steering makes it easy to change nozzle direction at the twist of the wrist.  The vacuum is also capable of laying almost completely flat which helps tremendously when trying to get under low furniture. Of course, like all DuoClean machines, this vacuum is also designed for carpet.

We’ve done a very detailed Shark Rocket Complete HV382 review and you may want to check it out if this vacuum is of interest.  You can also check out owner comments on Amazon

Shark IONFlex Cordless Vacuum

#2) Shark ION F80 Corldless

The Shark ION F80 (or Shark IONFlex) is similar to the Shark Rocket above except it is cordless.  It is a good choice for people with a small cleaning area who don’t want something too heavy and don’t like to be tethered by a cord.  However, like the Shark Rocket this vacuum doesn’t have robust filtration.  Consider any of the IF200 series. 

The ION F80 rated 78 out of 100 on Vacuum Cleaner Advisor and this is a lower figure than all other Sharks vacuums in this article.  Folks who don’t like this cordless vacuum have pointed to its weight, its inability to stand on its own, its small dust canister, its battery life, the tendency for the vacuum to pull itself forward, and its cost.

On the flip side the ION F80 is popular for its ability to clean both carpet and bare floors, its intuitive vacuum controls, and its powerful suction (for a cordless).  Much like many cordless vacuums this unit’s rating depends on who you talk to – people have many different expectations from a cordless.

We have the Shark IONFlex 2X IF252.  The 2X in the model number refers to the fact that the vacuum comes with 2 batteries.  This is an excellent feature and one we wish we saw on more cordless machines.  When one battery is being used the other is charging, and they are designed to swap out almost effortlessly.  The Dyson sticks vacs could learn from this feature.

The ION F80 also comes with a very unique feature called MultiFLEX Technology.  This allows the wand to bend in the middle a full 180 degrees. We don’t find this to be particularly useful but we have spoken with some other owners who really like it.

We published a lengthy review of this Shark vacuum recently and if you are interested in this vacuum you will want to take a look. 

You can also check out ION F80 owner comments on Amazon if you wish. 

Shark APEX Zero-M

3) Shark Rocket Pro Cordless

The Rocket Pro is a cordless stick vacuum and it surprised us with it cleaning ability. It provided very good pickup on both our low pile carpet and our hard flooring (tile). Actually, pickup on our hard floor was better than some DuoClean machines. The Rocket Pro has a bladed brushroll and it really seems to work well. In addition, this brushroll does not seem to gather pet hair, which is another nice feature.

A switch on the vacuum handle has three settings:
1)vacuum power off
2)bare floors and area rugs

While this is not a DuoClean machine the brushroll still spins in both settings 2 and 3 above, although it spins slower in setting 2.

This is a 2-in-1 vacuum so it operates as both a stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum. Removing the wand and cleaner head allows you to attach tools directly to the handheld portion of the machine. You can also remove just the cleaner head and attach tools to the end of the wand if you need extra reach. The tools click securely into place and work well. An upholstery tool and an 8 inch crevice tool are provided.

As this is a cordless unit you do have to consider run times and recharge times. We ran run time tests on a hardwood floor and found that it provided 24 minutes 42 seconds of run time in standard power mode and 12 minutes 30 seconds in boost power mode. These times are a bit short in our opinion but if you have a smaller home they may be sufficient. A full battery recharge takes about 3.5 hours (a respectable time).

The Rocket Pro does not come with a HEPA filter but all the filters can be rinsed and reused so this helps to keep operating costs down. The vacuum is a little on the loud side and the dust canister is small. But the small size of the unit helps keep the weight down and the Rocket Pro weighs in at about 7.3 lbs – much lighter than most uprights.

There can be some confusion between this cordless vacuum and the corded Shark Rocket machines (like the corded Shark Rocket above). We suggest you read our Shark Rocket Pro review to better understand the different models. The review also has videos that show cleaning tests.

See Rocket Pro deals at Shark.com

Shark Pet Pro

#4) Shark APEX UpLight

The APEX Uplight is a lightweight vacuum that falls somewhere between an upright and a stick vacuum. Shark packed this small vacuum with a host of features such as DuoClean Technology, Zero-M Technology (self cleaning brushroll and special cleaner head that limits brushroll hair tangling), Lift-Away capability, a HEPA filter, a sealed system, headlights, etc. The vacuum is capable on carpet and hard flooring.

This is a corded vacuum and it isn’t very large so it is best for smaller homes but could possibly be used for a medium sized home as well. The Uplight weighs 10.7 lbs – pretty much in the middle between a stick vacuum and an upright.

One unique feature is that there are extendable wheels behind the cleaner head that pop-out when the machine is fully upright – so it can stand on its own. When the vacuum is tilted back for vacuuming the wheels retract. The feature works and it is handy to be able to leave the vacuum standing in an upright position. Many stick vacuums have to be leaned against something or laid on the floor when you pause/finish your work.

The vacuum is corded and we were pleasantly surprised that the power cord was a full 30 ft. This was unexpected for such a small machine. We have always felt that a power cord should be a minimum of 30 ft long as shorter cords often don’t provide the reach you require without having to hunt for the next power outlet.

The Uplight comes with a 2-in-1 tool (stiff bristle brush and upholstery tool) and a duster/crevice tool that is about 10 inches long. Shark also provides an accessory holder that you can attach to the vacuum wand and it allows you to carry both tools with you while you vacuum.

The vacuum has some great features and it does a good job on hard flooring, however we would encourage you to read our detailed Shark APEX Uplight review as there are some things about the vacuum which could use improvement.

You may also want to check out our short article that lists APEX Uplight pros & cons and in this article we provide videos of what we like and what we don’t like.

See APEX UpLight deals at Shark.com


Looking for a Different Shark Vacuum?

We recently published an article that highlights the Best Shark Pet Vacuum.  If you have pets and hardwood floors, AND you are not concerned about potential floor scratching from the spinning bristled brushrolls, then you will want to check out this article (and if you are concerned about scratching then see #5 in that list).  If you have carpet and pets then this article is a must-see.

We've also written a comprehensive Shark vs Dyson article in which we compare the two brands.  In addition, we pit the top machines from each company against one another.

Finally, you can see all of our Shark vacuum reviews where we analyse, test and compare vacuums.

Nigel Russco Vacuum AdvisorNigel Russco has been reviewing and testing vacuums for over 14 years. He is a professional engineer and uses his review platforms to help consumers determine which vacuum cleaners are the best for their cleaning needs. Follow Nigel on facebook or view his vacuum review videos on the Vacuum Cleaner Advisor YouTube Channel.


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