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Oreck started about 50 years ago and cut its teeth manufacturing upright vacuums for the hotel industry. As many commercial vacuums at the time were heavy, their competitive approach was to provide lightweight, powerful and durable machines. The company now has a wide range of products including both bagged and bagless vacuums as well as air purifiers, steam mops, etc. which are sold in the US, Canada and Europe. Oreck was recently acquired by TTI Floor Care who already own Hoover and Dirt Devil.

Top 5 Rated Oreck Vacuum Cleaners - 2017

Model Type Avg Rating / 100
Oreck U2000R-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum 92
Oreck 2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum 91
Oreck XL Insight Upright Vacuum 89
Oreck XL Classic Limited Edition Upright Vacuum 89
Oreck Magnesium Upright Vacuum 83

In the above table an effort has been made to highlight machines currently available

Oreck XL Classic Limited Edition

Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

The Oreck XL Classic Limited Edition (UK2200) upright vacuum cleaner is getting pretty solid reviews and ratings from owners.  This bagged, “no frills” machine is very lightweight and easy to move and maneuver.  It is also reasonably priced and it performs well on carpet and bare floors.  However there is no hose and no tools or attachments, and some folks struggle with moving it on deeper pile carpet.  In addition, the power cord is also a little on the short side.

Oreck XL Canister Vacuum

Avg. consumer rating = 82/100 

The Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 is a compact, bagged canister vacuum that is meant to be carried.  The machine is well liked for its over-the-shoulder carry strap, light weight, host of cleaning tools, lengthy cleaning reach, and solid suction.  However, some folks have issues with the unit’s short, somewhat inflexible hose and the loose fit between the hose and the extension wand.  Some owners really love this vacuum while others are not impressed.  Overall consumer ratings are fairly average.

Oreck Quest MC1000


Avg. consumer rating = 68/100 

We’'ve looked at several Oreck upright vacuums in the past and we’'ve run into some pretty good machines - some even made our list of best upright vacuums.  So we wanted to see what Oreck was doing with respect to canister vacuums.  The Oreck Quest MC1000 is unfortunately quite underwhelming.  Consumer ratings are low and many owners feel the machine is cheaply made and not well designed.

Oreck U2000R-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum


Avg. consumer rating = 92/100 

This is a no-frills upright vacuum designed to clean large areas of both carpet and bare floors.  It is a commercial unit but is frequently used by owners for residential cleaning as well.  It is very lightweight and quite powerful.  In addition the U2000R-1 has an ”industrial” length 40 foot power cord, but like many commercial machines it is loud.  Most owners feel the vacuum provides very good value for your dollar.

Oreck Touch Upright Vacuum


Avg. consumer rating = 55/100 

Oreck is famous for its simple yet effective bagged vacuum cleaners.  The Oreck Touch, however, deviates from this formula as it is bagless.  This move is somewhat understandable given the recent popularity of bagless machines.  But the move hasn't been particularly successful.  The touch has very powerful suction and its large wheels, swivel neck and weight distribution make it highly maneuverable, but a number of owners report that the unit is heavy and the dust canister a little small.

Oreck Magnesium Review


Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

The Oreck Magnesium gets fair reviews.  On average it does not rank as highly with consumers as some of Oreck'’s XL units however.  The Magnesium is well-liked for its extreme light weight, powerful suction and easy maneuverability.  Detractors point out the need for frequent maintenance, noisy operation, and the unit’s inability to get into tight areas.

Oreck XL Insight Vacuum Cleaner


Avg. consumer rating = 89/100 

The Oreck Insight upright vacuum (model U7010ECS) gets very solid ratings from owners and is noted for being exceptionally lightweight and powerful.  It is a bare bones machine however and while it includes HEPA filtration it comes with little else.  It is bagged and performs well on low pile carpet and bare floors but is difficult to push on deep pile carpet.

Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum 2100RHS


Avg. consumer rating = 91/100 

The Oreck XL 2100RHS is an upright that is getting good owner reviews and if you like no-frills machines that deliver then this one is worth looking at.  Consumer ratings are excellent and the vacuum is extremely lightweight, easy to maneuver, and it comes with a very long industrial power cord.  We’re not sure how much longer we will see this unit on the market however, as it can no longer be found on the Oreck website – but perhaps appearance on the website is not indicative of product continuity.

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