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 Avg. consumer rating = 83/100 

The Miele S7580 Bolero is now known as the Dynamic U1 AutoEco (Miele's new name for this machine).  It is one of the Premium Class vacuums in the S7 upright series.  It is powerful, quiet, maneuverable and loaded with features such as suction control, automatic height adjustment and a special HEPA filter that includes activated carbon for odor removal.  Consumer reviews are few but generally quite good and most owners are pleased with their purchase.  The machine is a little heavy however and, like many Miele vacuum cleaners, it is not cheap.

Consumer ratings found on several sites indicate a reasonable level of satisfaction with the Bolera / Dynamic U1 AutoEco.

Ratings Updated March 2016
 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4 stars out of 5  11
 Consumer Reports  4 stars out of 5  1
 Sylvane  5 stars out of 5  1
 Williams Sonoma  5 stars out of 5  1


Owner likes and dislikes indicated below provide insights into the vacuum.

- Very quiet
- Exhaust air is clean and fresh
- Strong suction
- Long power cord
- Solidly built
- Swivel head works well and vacuum is easy to maneuver
- Vacuum suction can be controlled
- Tools fit on back of vacuum & also work well
- An attractive, sleek looking machine
- Vacuum bags are easy to take out and replace

- A bit heavy
- Expensive

We’ve previously looked at two other Miele S7 uprights - the Miele Cat & Dog and the Miele Twist.  The Twist is the most affordable S7 vacuum and is the base model of the series (note: for those interested in the highly-rated Twist, Miele have recently dropped the price – check it out on Amazon here).  Because the Bolero is at the high end of the S7 scale we will highlight the differences between it and the base level Twist in the table below.

 Bolero  Twist
 Automatic Suction Capability  No
 Electronic Power Controls  Rotary Power Controls
 HEPA Filter  No (but HEPA capable - just not standard)
 Thermal Shutoff Indicator  No
 LED Headlight  No


Please note that both the Twist and the Bolero share many additional features not indicated in the table above - the table simply highlights differences in the two units. If you are investigating the S7's you may also run into the Miele Tango. We would like to point out that the only difference - to the best of our understanding – between the Tango and the Bolero, besides their color, is the filter change indicator light that is present on the Tango and not on the Bolero. The Bolero is easily identified by its deep black color while the Tango is a metallic red. 

The Bolero is a bagged, upright vacuum cleaner and is powered by a 1200 watt suction motor that carries a 7-year warranty.  A motor overheating safety shutoff is provided and this will turn off the motor should it start to overheat, typically due to a vacuum obstruction.  Also, this is a two motor vacuum and an additional motor powers the brushbar in the vacuum nozzle.

The bushbar on this unit can be turned on or off making it an effective vacuum on both carpet and bare floors.  The brushbar on/off switch as well as the vacuum power switch are located conveniently on the vacuum cleaner handle at your fingertips.  Transitioning from carpet to bare floors (and vice-versa) is also made easy with the machine’s automatic height adjustment.  This requires no manual effort whatsoever and the vacuum nozzle automatically adjusts to an optimal cleaning height suitable to the floor surface.

Bolero Wand & Tools
Bolero Wand & Tools

Tools provided with the Bolero include:

- Crevice tool (20 inches long and flexible)
- Upholstery nozzle (good on furniture and curtains)
- Dusting brush (has soft bristles for delicate cleaning)

These 3 tools all store on-board the vacuum cleaner.  There is also a telescopic stainless steel extension wand attached to a 12 foot flexible hose.  The extension wand expands to 3 feet in length and with the 12 foot hose and 39 foot power cord the vacuum has a remarkable 54 feet of cleaning reach.  The Bolero also employs an anti-tipping device when you are using the hose and tools.

Like most Miele vacuum cleaners the Bolero excels with respect to filtration.  It has sealed system construction which ensures that all the air entering the machine gets passed through the filters and that air does not leak out of the vacuum housing.  The Bolero also includes active HEPA filtration.  HEPA filtration removes very, very small particles from the air including the likes of dust mite feces, pet dander, pollens and many other allergens.  The “active” component of this filter uses Generally Activated Carbon which removes odors from the air.  The Miele active HEPA filter lasts for about 50 hours of vacuuming or about 12 months (at 1 hour of vacuuming per week) before replacement is necessary.  The Bolero also has a pre-motor filter (motor protection filter) that requires replacement when dirty. 
Adding to the air quality of the vacuum exhaust are the Miele Type U HyClean bags.  These vacuum bags have a spring-loaded, self-locking collar which ensures that no dust escapes once the bag is removed from the vacuum. In addition, the bags use 9-ply construction resulting in excellent filtration as well as bag toughness. They do not tear or pierce easily even when pitted against nails or glass.  The bags are easy to install and remove and also have a very large capacity of 5.45 quarts so replacement is not too frequent.  A full bag indicator is included with this machine.

The suction on the vacuum can be controlled via an LED display with pushbuttons located on the top of the vacuum body.  There are six suction settings that use 200 to 1200 Watts of power.  There is also an “Automatic” setting that will automatically adjust the vacuum suction to optimal cleaning for the type of surface being vacuumed.  Consumers and testers alike appear to have found the “Automatic” setting effective.  Cleaning of very delicate items like curtains or lamp shades is also possible as the suction on the vacuum can be set to very low levels.

Bolero LED Power Settings Panel
Bolero LED Power Settings Panel


The vacuum has a carry handle that is helpful when moving the unit from place to place or up stairs.  However the machine weighs about 22 lbs and this is not particularly light for an upright.  Despite the weight, consumers don't seem to be reporting that the vacuum is cumbersome or clumsy – as a matter of fact owners comment favorably on the unit’s maneuverability and also feel it is very easy to move with its swivel neck and 360 degree castor wheels.  In addition, the body of the vacuum can lay completely flat to the floor making it easier to get under furniture or beds.

An LED headlight on the front of the nozzle helps to see into dimly lit areas and non-marring rubber wheels ensure that floors are not scraped or scratched.  The Bolero is manufactured in Germany and carries a 7-year warranty on the vacuum motor and casing as well as a 1-year warranty on all non-wearing components.  The vacuum is designed by Miele to have a lifetime of about 20 years or 1000 work hours.

Vacuum Cleaner Manual
To learn more about vacuum maintenance and features you may want to check out the vacuum cleaner manual.


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