Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright Vacuum


Avg. consumer rating = 82/100 

The Eureka Airspeed Gold is a relatively inexpensive bagless upright vacuum that provides strong suction through Eureka'’s Airspeed technology.  It comes with a number of attachments and is also getting good reviews from owners.  Consumers like the unit'’s powerful suction and easy-empty dirt canister but the vacuum is a bit heavy and several owners note that the filters need to be cleaned frequently.

Consumer ratings were found on a number of reputable sites and indicate that, for the most part, owners are happy with their purchase (see table below).  - However we have done an "Update" at the bottom of this article that you will want to read -.   You can compare this to other vacuums in our Vacuum Cleaner Ratings table or in the Upright Vacuum Ratings table.

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.1 stars out of 5  15
 Best Buy  4.2 stars out of 5  9
 Kohls  4.8 stars out of 5  13
 Lowes  4.7 stars out of 5  6
 Sears  5 stars out of 5  1

Also, a review of consumer comments provides some insights into common Eureka Airspeed Gold likes and dislikes:

- Strong suction
- Very easy to empty to the dust canister
- Turbo attachment works well
- Effective on both carpet and bare floors
- Good edge cleaning
- Wand is easy to use
- Long power cord
- Not too expensive
- Fairly easy to maneuver

- Filters need to be cleaned frequently
- Filters require periodic replacement
- Heavy
- Instruction manual is not very easy to understand
- Lots of plastic used in construction
- No auto cord rewind
- Brushbar cannot be turned off

About the Airspeed models
There are presently several different models of Airspeed vacuum cleaners by Eureka.  These include the Airspeed AS1000A, the Airspeed Pet AS1002A, the Airspeed Gold AS1001A and the Airspeed Gold AS1001AX.  The Gold AS1001A and the Gold AS1001AX are the same machine but the AS1001A is the model available in Canada while the AS1001AX is available elsewhere (like the USA).
All the Airspeed models are remarkably similar with the Gold series having a longer power cord than the other two and also a few more tools.  The Airspeed Pet comes with a special pet power brush and also a pet upholstery brush.

Airspeed technology involves utilizing a short but large diameter air pipe (with few bends) between the floor and the dirt canister.  The exhaust pipe is also larger to accommodate the increased airflow through the machine.  This approach is said to increase vacuum suction and dirt removal.  There is also a switch that allows the user to transfer all the airflow to the extension hose for cleaning with tools/attachments.

The Airspeed Gold Vacuum Cleaner
The Eureka Airspeed Gold is powered by a 12 amp motor and it also uses cyclonic technology (many vacuums are using cyclonic technology these days – this seems to have been made particularly famous by Dyson).  Eureka Whirlwind Cyclonic Technology spins air at very high speeds which causes dirt and debris to be drawn out of the airpath and into the dirt canister.  This approach is said to help maintain strong suction while vacuuming (while the dirt canister is filling) and to also help filters stay cleaner longer (although several owners feel that the filters need to be cleaned rather frequently on this machine).

The Airspeed is designed for both carpet and bare floors and it uses a powered brushbar.  The brushbar on this machine cannot be turned off however and some folks may feel this to be an inconvenience or a problem on some hard flooring.  There is height adjustment to accommodate both bare floors and carpet.

HEPA filtration is standard with the Eureka Airspeed and this will be good news for those suffering from allergies or asthma.  HEPA filtration removes the likes of pollen, dust mites, pet dander and other allergens from the air.  The dirt canister is “bottom-empty” and is reported by consumers to be quite easy to empty.  In addition, the Airspeed Gold comes with a number of tools and attachments:

- extension wand (plastic)
- combination dusting brush and upholstery tool
- stair and upholstery turbo brush
- crevice tool

The vacuum is marketed as lightweight but at 18.5 lbs it really isn’t that lightweight, and some consumers even complain that it is too heavy.  It does have excellent reach however as the result of a lengthy power cord of 32 feet and a 14 foot accessory hose.  The power cord is non-retractable however, to some owner’s disappointment.  It also has a fairly wide cleaning path of 14 inches, edge cleaning capability and it carries a 2 year parts and labor warranty.


UPDATE (March, 2016)

Due to the number of negative comments at the bottom of this page we decided to do an update on consumer ratings for the AirSpeed Gold AS1001A.  Ratings vary widely for this machine but on average are still not too bad - at 82/100.

Ratings Updated March 2016
 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.1 stars out of 5  484
 Walmart  4.4 stars out of 5  114
 Bed Bath & Beyond  2.6 stars out of 5  10
 Macy's  3.6 stars out of 5  5
 Kmart  4 stars out of 5  42


To understand how good a vacuum that rates 82/100 is, it is useful to look at a large list of vacuum ratings and see where machines ranked 82 stand.  Are they above average or below average for example.

It is interesting that almost all vacuums - no matter how bad - rate 50% or more. When I was in high school (which admittedly was some time ago) that was a passing grade.  But I wouldn’t touch a vacuum that rated 50 with a ten foot pole.  But then with the 5 star scale you are actually starting at 1 star (because you cannot give a 0), and 1 star is already 20 out of 100.  In other words if you absolutely hate a machine you still have to give it at least 20. 

To borrow an idea from one of our friendly neighbor sites, it may help to consider vacuum scoring along the lines of the following:

< 75 questionable
75 to 80 average
80 to 90 good
> 90 excellent




# gina 2018-02-11 17:25
I have had mine for three years, I have not had to replace a belt yet. Agree filters need cleaned with every use, which is annoying. My biggest complaint is I cannot find replacement filters
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Courtney 2016-04-04 19:33
Junk! TWICE I have bought this vacuum and this on will not turn on!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Dave 2016-03-13 19:11
In all for the money, it is a very good vacuum, replacing a Rainbow vacuum. Less plastic would be an improvement. Only issue is trying to remove the brush from the upholstery tool. You can't but you can buy a new one for $15 online.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Melissa 2015-07-06 13:26
I have never had a problem with mine in the five years that I have had it!!! The top is tricky to reattach, but you only have to line the lid up right. Not that difficult! I have recommended to multiple family and they love it just as much as I do!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Mary Beth 2013-07-16 09:35
Agree on the belts breaking quite often on this model. I bought it in November 2012 and have changed 4 belts in 8 months. Last weekend it died! Will never buy another Eureka!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-1 # Andrew 2013-07-13 10:57
Unit is built with cheap plastic parts that break and cannot be replaced - threw the whole thing away...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Mindy 2013-06-19 23:33
I have had mine for over a year and I LOVE IT! Probably the best I have ever had, and I have 3 kids,3 dogs a cat....and a Husband! haha Very well made and if someone thinks it\'s to heavy, maybe go to the gym and get a workout on your arms or something, my 11 year old uses it just fine. As far as putting it back together, my 3 year old helps me and can get it together, even quicker than myself. The parts I have finally replaced which are the belt and filter, cost me under 10 bucks, not bad for only replacing it once in over a year and I am just doing it for maintenance!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Michelle 2013-05-06 13:55
I\'ve had mine for a little over a year and have nothing negative to say about it. If it doesn\'t seem to be vacuuming, I find I usually have forgotten to switch the suction mode, but other than that, this is a great vacuum!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # David Loman 2013-04-20 17:14
I believed the Eureka advertisements and bought this horrid machine. I would advise anyone and everyone to look elsewhere before buying the Eureka Airspeed vacuum. It is loud, breaks belts often, poor suction, have to clean the canisters every time it\'s used, does a terriable job on hardwood floors and the beater bar does not turn off. Never again will I buy a Eureka product. I cannot believe there wod be any positive reviews anywhere for this vacuum.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Sheila 2013-01-26 13:49
Oh yeah! The brushes do not turn off when you use the hand tool. I found this out the hard way when it sucked up the cord and damaged it. It also weighs about 18 pounds.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # geno 2012-05-31 13:21
i bought this vac from walmart to replace a sears kenmore that still works good. i just thought that the new one would be better. well, i was wrong. the new vac stays in the closet while i use the older, vastly superior one. the eureka is very loud, plus i don\'t like the non-retractible power cord. i\'ll use the old sears model till she dies, then i\'ll have to use the eureka.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+2 # Jennifer 2012-04-19 12:46
I went to vacuum and it will not turn on at all. Is there a restart button to the vacuum cleaner?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # April 2016-01-17 16:24
I picked this out as a gift for years of service. I am sure glad I didn't have to pay for it because the canister is hard to put back, the tool bar on the back keeps falling out over and over again, & now it won't even turn on. When it works it is great but spend more time trying to get the canister back on & now since it won't turn on not sure what to do & sad thing is its not that old & used once a wk.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+2 # Jim 2012-12-24 21:05
the one I bought a couple of years ago has stopped a few times. I have to go inside and move a lot of stuff around, and maybe it will start.
It died last night, and after sitting 24 hours, and a thorough cleaning, it\'s still dead.
My next cleaning step is to clean it out of my house and get a paper bag Hoover., I don\'t need stuff that doesn\'t work, abd this surely falls into that catagory.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+2 # Angela 2012-03-29 07:07
I agree the cannister is tricky--think I have now figured that out. Line the little symbol up with the yellow latch. BUT, my problem is it won\'t turn on--if it were still clogged after reheating wouldn\'t it at least try? If the belt were broken or the filters needed changing(I\'ve cleaned them) wouldn\'t it at least try to turn on?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # Melissa 2012-03-16 05:26
I\'ve used this vacuum twice and am already dreading getting it out again today...very difficult to get back together once the canister has been removed. My hands were covered with dust after pulling the filter out and took several attempts to get the canister to clip back , thought I was going to break it.......it does clean well but if I can\'t empty it and put back together????
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+2 # ashlee 2012-03-08 15:49
why does it randomly not suck anything up!? it happens all the time for no apparent reason, I\'ve emptied the canister and everything, yet it has a hard time with suction
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Need help 2011-12-12 13:25
After I accidentally tried to vacuum up a towel (don\'t ask), the brush does not spin. Did I break a belt, and if so, how do I get to the belt? The instructions have something to be desired.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Sean 2012-06-25 07:15
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Nathan 2012-02-23 15:25
They send a replacement belt with it when you buy it if It didnt call the company and they will send you one for free
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # D 2012-01-23 22:07
Oh this happened to me after the 3rd time i used the vacuum and I just fixed it. Yes you broke the belt on the brush, the vacuum should of come with an extra belt that you need to simply put in for the broken one. Unscrew the 4 screws of the cover of the brush and you\'ll see the broken belt.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+3 # Elizabeth Morrids 2011-11-29 09:07
It is hard to attach the dust catcher back to the machine when you empty it, am i doing something wrong?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+3 # Carrie 2011-12-14 20:46
Yes it is extremely hard to reattach!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
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