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Videos are a great way to "see" how a vacuum works - view different features, learn how to change filters or bags, etc.  These things can be descibed but there is really no substitute to watching it.  We've aggregated the best vacuum videos from around the net here for many different brands and models.

Videos - Vacuum Cleaner Advisor

In the following video we take a good look at the Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet upright vacuum cleaner.



A detailed review of the Dyson DC59 Animal. We test it on carpet, bare floors and pet hair and we look into the machines features and specifications.



In this video we review LG's Luv250C bagless upright vacuum cleaner. This machine is not too heavy (although there are lighter uprights) and it does a fairly good job of cleaning carpet and bare floors. The pet hair tool also works well. The hose seems a little short however.



In this video we take a look at the Dirt Devil AccuCharge Handheld vacuum. We've had this machine for some time and finally got around to reviewing it.



This video is our overview and discussion of the Top 10 Uprights (ads occasionally pop up in these - this is not done by us and we do apologize).


This video is our overview and discussion of the Top 10 Canisters (ads occasionally pop up in these - this is not done by us and we do apologize).



Videos - Dirt Devil

This is a Dirt Devil video that we've added just for fun. It is one of the stranger and more amusing vacuum cleaner advertisements we have seen.



Videos - Dyson

This is a great vacuum video showing the Dyson DC15 and the Ball Technology.  Presented by a Dyson engineer who invented the Ball locomotion approach - how it evolved and how well it works.



This is an ad for Dyson, however it does show the mobility of the Dyson Ball technology. Being an advertisement it, of course, needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This vacuum video is short and sweet however.



This is a fascinating video about the entrepreneur James Dyson and the trials and tribulations he went through to develop and market the Dyson vacuum cleaner. This is a 10 minute video but it is well done and well researched.



Videos - Hoover

This is a video ad for the Hoover UH30010COM. While it is an advertisement it does give a great overview of the UH30010COm which we have reviewed and feel is truly a good vacuum. You may want to check out our Hoover UH30010COM vacuum review.



This is a video ad for the Hoover BH50015 Platinum Collection handheld vacuum. Like the UH30010COM video above it is an advertisement and this one is by the Home Shopping Network however it will give you some idea of what the vacuum looks like, how it works and some if its features. You may want to check out our Hoover BH50015 handheld vacuum review.




Videos - Electrolux

This is a video showing the Electrolux Intensity vacuum cleaner. It is short and just give you an idea what it looks like and how compact it is, as well as how the handle works. You may want to read our Electrolux Intensity vacuum review.



This shows how far electrolux will go to make their machines quiet - or at least how far their marketing department will go.



In this video review Vacuum Cleaner Advisor looks at the Electrolux Ergorapido.



Videos - Robotic Vacuums

This is a video ad for the iRobot 560 Roomba. While it is an advertisement (and has some URL marketing for an outlet in Lichtenstein (yes Lichtenstein) it does give a great overview of the iRobot 560 which we have reviewed.



Ever wonder how a Robotic Vacuum works? This video deconstructs a robotic vacuum and explains all it's "magical" inner workings. It is rather technical but the video is very well done, informative and quite interesting.



Videos - Bissell Vacuums

This is a great video which shows how the Bissell SpotBot works. It shows people working with the unit, adding detergent and cleaning. It is a commercial by HSN so bare that in mind but if you are thinking of getting on of these cleaners this video should prove quite informative.



Other useful and interesting videos

This is a video where three different handhelds are put through their paces. There is a clear winner here.




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